MTV Bosses Respond To Supposed Taylor Swift “Blacklisting”

Published: Tuesday 21st Aug 2018 by David

MTV’s VMA bosses have shared their thoughts on what may be the demise of its relationship with the Pop princess Taylor Swift.

Where? ‘Entertainment Tonight.’

Why? Her absence from a large number of categories the likes of Cardi B, Camila Cabello & Nicki Minaj soared in last night.

What they had to say to fans who blasted them for not showing love to the videos she built for her latest LP ‘Reputation’?

Watch below…

Taylor, who didn’t attend the show, didn’t earn a single award last night and was forced to watch her peers pick up awards her supporters believe she was deserving of.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Barb-wire August 21, 2018

    God don’t like ugly. And Taylor pancake ass is the most ugliest heffa of them all. Glad the b**** is blacklisted.

  2. China August 21, 2018

    They only give awards to PEOPLE WHO SHOW UP. Its a FRAUD and its been that for YEARS: No Drake. No Taylor. No Rihanna. No Beyonce. No ED. They give best Duet to JENNIFER LOPEZ for a FLOP record????? Its pure BULL_Shi_t. Pure Crap.
    footnote: Jennifer Lopez didn’t thank ASHANTI OR CHRISTINA MILIAN who did most of her vocals on a few of her songs……that’s rude.

    • eric August 21, 2018

      In that case, she should also individually thank every one of her dancers and choreographers past and present. Let’s also throw in the cooks, gym managers and fitness trainers who helped her stay in shape. Don’t forget the fashion designers. Who else are we missing?

      • China August 21, 2018

        AND you should thank me for reading your D_ick riding boring as comment

    • erica August 21, 2018

      I agree they just give awards with no real system. Nicki didn’t deserve the hip hop award I mean really?

      • China August 21, 2018

        Nicki – Did not have a radio/chart hit but SHE WAS given an award because she showed up. Simple as that.

    • Rasputia Latimore August 21, 2018

      I think these awards are pre-purchased and the artists who show up are just there to promote their new music. MTV is the past. Social media is where most people watch / comment on music videos and streaming platforms is where you go to listen to music. The need to watch videos on a cable station is long gone.

  3. Section8DaGreat August 21, 2018

    She was not snubbed that song was horrible! Just because she has more money than a lot of people to put together a high budget video does not guarantee her the win.

    • Justme August 21, 2018

      Agree with everything you said.. the song was trash and the video was a cliche.. it wasn’t creative at all. It was high budget but not creative. She just googled everything about herself and did scenes of each rumor.. NEXT!! the other videos were and are original

  4. Francis August 21, 2018

    I don’t like her, but I can’t deny that ‘Look What You Made Do’ has an amazing video, it deserved ‘Best Pop’ or something. Seriously, the direction, the styling, everything was so well thought. Plus, the way the girl turned the whole snake narrative into her favor.

    I must give props to Taylor, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

    • Sandra August 21, 2018

      You don’t like her you love her. That was too gushy and started with the same narrative as “I have black friends”

      • Francis August 21, 2018

        I actually don’t, but as a fan of pop culture, I can’t deny that the video was amazing. Critics don’t always have to be negative 🙂

    • Irving Zarate August 21, 2018

      I hate that overrated white privileged h0, but LWYMMD was a bop video for a flop song.

      • Francis August 22, 2018

        Thank you! ??

  5. Gee August 21, 2018

    The people are over the I’m the innocent victim act. Or the act surprised you won act.

  6. Taboo August 21, 2018

    Dem white men can’t tell the truth even when it comes to cawcajun artist LOL

    ANYWHO the VMA’s were a bore…JLo winning awards for songs that barely charted…Dinero REALLY?

  7. Theman August 21, 2018

    They definitely give awards to people that show up. Camilla artist of the yr. Yeah right… JLo best collabo lol.. Taylor’s video was definitely a dope video. Fan voted awards should be limited. It messes up stuff most times.

  8. Tino August 21, 2018

    What about the ongoing Usher vanguard snub

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