Mariah Carey’s New Album Due In October?

Published: Tuesday 4th Sep 2018 by Rashad

With her return to the Vegas strip via the aptly titled ‘The Butterfly Returns’ residency recently extended due to its popularity (click here to read), fans of pop icon Mariah Carey began worrying her long-awaited new album may have suffered a pushback as a result.

But, if a recent announcement on Amazon is anything to judge by, the project – the follow-up to 2014’s ‘Elusive Chanteuse’ – may be seeing the songbird returning to the charts a lot sooner than previously expected.

Details below:


Fans went into a frenzy today when the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, listed a new title from Carey is currently available for pre-order.  The mystery project, tentatively scheduled for an October 26 release, is unnamed as of time reported.

If the listing will be eventually posted as her official new LP has yet to be determined and, given its price tag and “special edition” billing, may not be likely.  But, considering the hyping the pop diva’s given the effort in every recent interview, it is likely the album will surface before her extended residency ends.

From where we stand, even if it’s solely a special event/compilation album it still serves as indication Mimi’s “on the way” and just giving #Lambs something to tide them over.  Either way, we’re ready!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Butterfly 🦋 Lamb September 4, 2018

    Mimi coming for y’all and this going to be the best

  2. China September 4, 2018

    Child. She needs to Re-release FADED and get back on Radio. She is looking and sounding GREAT lately. She has a hit in the wings…….. Bish – if you not gonna sing MISS YOU MOST AT CHRISTMAS TIME stop milking Xmas girl.

    • Jackx September 4, 2018

      Faded was my ish😍

  3. IG @mixedboy September 4, 2018

    Can’t wait!! 😍

  4. The Truth September 4, 2018

    It’s reportedly an album full of Faded-esque songs … Y’ALL NOT READY FOR THAT LEVEL OF GENIUS!!!!!


    • Teflon Boy September 5, 2018

      I need receipts, don’t tease me like that

  5. H G September 4, 2018

    get better writers, this was difficult to decipher.

  6. JOHNVIDAL September 4, 2018

    I don´t think it will be. I suppose she won´t release while doing shows. I suppose she will do a little bit of promo at least when the album is released, although I know people barely do that nowadays due to nonexistent sales. The important thing at this point is that she releases the better material she CAN whenever it feels right or complete for her.

  7. Rasputia Latimore September 4, 2018

    BS article. Notice the title says “Special Japan Edition” yet it is being sold in the UK. This is just a special version of an already released album known as an import cd. Thus, the higher sticker price. When Mariah is about to release an album the release date always comes directly from Mariah aND her label.

    • Jackx September 4, 2018

      Forreal I heard the single is due in November so this article is lies

    • Pink Tingz September 4, 2018

      I got excited for nothing!

  8. China September 4, 2018

    Why would Mariah release a song at HOLIDAY time when she NEVER does that. She will MILK XMAS for all it’s worth. Selling those 20 year old songs and DOING THE SAME XMAS SHOW THAT HER dumb lambs keeping forking money to see the same Crap. Love her but god honey

  9. Mariah Monroe September 4, 2018

    OMG!!! My heart can’t take it! YAASS QUEEN! 💖💖💖👑👑👑 We Stan a Beautiful, Skinny, Relevant, BookedT, ICONIC, Hitmaking, Relevant LEGEND. xo

  10. Seth September 4, 2018

    I makes me so mad she could put out a masterpiece and radio will sleep on it bc she’s not under 40. I Am Mariah was her best album since Emancipation and didn’t get the love it deserved

  11. M September 4, 2018

    It’s been widely speculated so far that Mariah’s new single is set to drop within days of her wrapping up this current leg of her Vegas residency (which would be on Sept 10th)….mainly because she has a huge headlining spot on the upcoming IHeartRadio Festival in Vegas in a few weeks, which she’ll likely be having new music to perform for the promo. There’s also been rumors swirling that she’ll be one of the first performers confirmed for the upcoming AMA’s! So I think we’re definitely likely to see Mariah release the album before the year’s end!

  12. Clayne September 4, 2018

    I’m looking forward to this! I feel it’s gonna be GOOOOD

  13. Caleb September 6, 2018

    What if it’s a special edition Merry Christmas album rerelease for Japan?

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