Beyonce Gives Away $100,000 Scholarships

Published: Sunday 7th Oct 2018 by David

Beyonce‘s philanthropic efforts know no bounds.

Brilliant news below…

The performer surprised 17-year-old Khairi Perry by giving him a $100,000 scholarship after she and her husband Jay-Z learned that he and his family had been living in rough and tough conditions since his childhood.

Keen to overcome this obstacle, the teen has worked hard to support others in his community and committed to his studies…resulting in a 3.5 Grade Point Average.

He now stands as one of 11 students to receive a $100,000 scholarship from the African-American couple.

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  1. Achooo! October 7, 2018

    Let’s give to the black children. We need to help protect our own

    • Tori October 7, 2018

      She already did, it’s on YouTube. Stop fxcking complaining and stop making everything fxcking about race. She didn’t have to do s*** but complete her fxcking tour but since your so concern about protecting our own, wheres you $100K ?

      • Jj October 7, 2018

        The moment Europeans colonized and enslaved African people, made everything about race. You can kick rocks!

    • Keith October 7, 2018

      While I support their decision to support education for deserving people of all backgrounds, I too wish they had chosen to invest more in the Beyonce Scholars program for HBCUs. Perhaps they will make that an annual, ongoing program. At least they didnt do what Dr. Dre did – which only helped a wealthy institution become more prosperous…

      • Realtalk October 7, 2018

        I wish people in general, would just thank God that he himself has put this upon their hearts to give back in this alsome way and many high profile celebrities in their celebrity status have done nothing In giving back just for appreciation of helping those that are less fortunate. Beyoncé is such and amazing person that get so many hateful darts thrown her way but having God on her side defines just what God promises. Thank the Lord God for Beyoncé and her husband Shawn (Jay Z) in all they do and not having cameras following them for show and being private in most give backs

      • Tori October 7, 2018

        Thank you @Realtalk. It’s nice to see somebody also happy about what the Cater family is doing. I’m just a casual fan of Bey and a new fan of Jay but I can see that the hate was not needed as a simple youtube or Instagram search would have showed they gave to students of color. Students of color and hbcu students are not the ok nly students who need help. I’m glad they had a heart to even share, like you said some artist aren’t giving to any students at all. Some of yall are just…eww! How are yall ungrateful for their blessing?

  2. DanYiel Iman October 7, 2018

    Beyoncé & Jay Z both have given several hundred thousand dollar checks to many students!! That’s Queen S*** ??…

  3. Fancy BISH October 7, 2018

    Beautiful Queen. ? This was heartwarming ❤️

    • YouFatusankoh October 7, 2018

      Beautiful couple god bless protect them and their family for life

  4. Dma October 8, 2018


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