Huge! Lady Gaga Scores Triple Win In UK / Hits #1 With ‘Shallow’ & Remains Atop Of Album Chart & Box Office

Published: Friday 26th Oct 2018 by Sam

Lady Gaga’s career is shining like never before in the UK.

For while ‘A Star Is Born’ is very much a global phenomenon, its collective success in Great Britain, has been unparalleled.

Details on Mother Monster’s triple win – across the singles, album, and box office charts – below…

Powered by digital sales of 40,000 this week alone, the Bradley Cooper assisted ‘Shallow’ (the lead single from ‘Star’s soundtrack) shoots #4-#1 on the Official UK Singles Chart, earning Gaga her fifth Brit chart-topper and her first in eight-years. In achieving the win, she unseated Calvin Harris and Sam Smith’s ‘Promises’ in the process.

Prior to now, her last reign atop of the coveted count was with 2010’s ‘Telephone.’

The incredible feat is rendered all the more impactful given that Gaga also occupies the #1 spot on the Official UK Album Chart with the film’s companion LP. While the Warner Bros production extends its reign on the official UK box office tally too.

A triple slay, if you will!

Musically though, this is actually the third time the diva has pulled off a chart double.

She simultaneously occupied the #1 single and #1 album spots in the UK with ‘Poker Face’ and ‘The Fame’ and again with Beyonce collab ‘Telephone’ and ‘The Fame Monster.’

Other notables about ‘Star’s wins include the fact that the ‘Shallow’ becomes Bradley Cooper’s first #1. Elsewhere, this week also brought with it climbs for other sounds on the project, ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ jumps to #25 and power ballad ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ ascends to #27.


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  1. Theman October 26, 2018

    She’s killing it….

  2. Fancy BISH October 26, 2018

    #ASlayIsBorn ??

    • Sweetnothings78 October 26, 2018

      And more. God I love that woman. So amazing and such an incredible actress too.

  3. Sweetnothings78 October 26, 2018


    All the people (on this site particularly) said she was over… ah naysayers.
    I’m no ‘monster’ by any means but she is one of the greatest talents to ever grace music. Not only music and film but she’s an incredible humanitarian!

    She was in a gay pub in Manchester where I live and she went in sat quietly (on her own) spoke to a couple of people who said she was so lovely in every way. She scribbled on some napkins and brought everyone a drink…and left. The moral of the story is she is one amazing person and perhaps if more people thought like her and thought so positively then MAYBE this world would stand a chance at humanity….

    I hope to god she continues to have the best career as she deserves everything and MORE and MORE.

  4. DanYiel Iman October 26, 2018

    I’ll wait for the movie to hit Netflix!!

    • ??? October 26, 2018

      lmaoooo and nobody cares what youre waiting for lmfaooo

  5. Amma say it real and deliciously October 26, 2018

    Many are not listening to that song. I can tell u for a fact. Don’t be fooled. Powers that be are pushing the song everywhere for it to win an Oscar next yeae. She is talented vocally but she is still a pawn in the hands of evil one. Don’t be blinded by this evil driven success.

    • Theman October 26, 2018

      Nope, people are buying/streaming it. Stop hating….

    • ??? October 26, 2018

      lmaoo mad cuz your fave cant do it? lmfaoooo

    • SMH October 26, 2018

      @Amma stop it, you can’t tell anyone anything “for a fact” so just stop it and admit your mad because Gaga is winning and you’re….not.

  6. Bad_B October 26, 2018

    At the top were she belongs! I know my girl loves it at the top 🙂

  7. Marcel October 26, 2018

    Wait so born this way was never #1?
    Congrats to her she deserves all the success

  8. fierce October 26, 2018

    proud of Gaga.Everybody thought she was over…she was written by almost all of us.u see? U alone can control ur destiny,no matter what people say,just stay focus.Nobody would have done it better! most talented artiste on earth.Sometimes i envy this woman.Truely; #aslayisborn

  9. Theman October 26, 2018

    She was selling millions when people tried to label her a flop. That isn’t a flop. People toss that word around way too frequently. She’s doing great great things. She’s extremely intelligent. And she has broadened her fan base. She’s an actual artist….

    • JOHNVIDAL October 26, 2018

      Even during those supposed lower periods she still had strong first week sales with each release. Proving she had earned a faithful fan base forever. Now with all these diverse quality projects these last few years, she has gaigned (or regaigned, but I´d say gaigned) maintream. But not the mainstream she had during Fame/Born This Way. Now it is a healthier mainstream. The one that appelas to all age groups. The one Adele appeals for example. Basically everybody (potentially). In a way, it´s something Beyonce has still not achieved I would say. Not to mention Rihanna or Katy Perry will never get to this place.

      • Datredd23 October 28, 2018

        Gaga will never be as relevant as Rihanna please stop. Rihanna businesses equal more then a billion dollars alone she’s very fine

  10. JOHNVIDAL October 26, 2018

    My gosh the unexpected slayage is EVERYTHING on all fronts. Few times one can see someone silencing and winning everybody after so many trials at ending her. It´s SO SWEET to witness. When was the last time a singer had so much success in film and also with the respective soundtrack at the same time? If she is not versatile and talented in many ways I don´t know who is atm. Congrats. Basic pop stars fans have been silenced forever 🙂

  11. JOHNVIDAL October 26, 2018

    Bish it´s hilarious how people have only good words when a person is slaying. Probably half of the commetators in this post where among the ones contributing to the hate towards her 4 years ago. Always the same behavious from society. I´m happy to say I didn´t do that.

  12. Latinissima October 26, 2018

    I remember how this site was full of negative comments to her on the Artpop era and then saying she was finished on the Joanne era. ALL WRONG. She has delivered pure talent each and every time and will be an Oscar winner sooner than you think. When laughing at last, laughing louder.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 27, 2018

      I´m also very surprising at the lack of Beyonce fans on all of this, They are usually very vocal, whether positive or negative, but vocal.

  13. Datredd23 October 28, 2018

    Rih please hurry and release music and save the industry please the whole world is waiting kicking and screaming for new music from you !!! Ugh

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