Ciara Delivers Explosive ‘Level Up / Dose’ Medley On ‘Ellen’ [Video]

Published: Friday 26th Oct 2018 by Sam

Ciara is riding the rocket of success with ‘Level Up’ and it made an explosive stop on the Ellen Show today.

Backed by an army of dancers, the stage blazer ignited the stage with a colossal performance of the viral smash and newest single ‘Dose’ – the video for which arrived earlier today.

A high-octane affair, CiCi showed up and showed out! Watch her werk after the jump…

Much like Ellen, we continue to be in awe of Ciara’s showmanship! She’s a force to be reckoned with on-stage and we’re elated that ‘Level Up’ – as a song and movement – is allowing more to be reminded of that.

Incredible performance.

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman October 26, 2018

    Alright now they worked it out! ?

    • Meme October 26, 2018

      You confuse me.

    • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by trash demon FAKE JasMAN da gay TRaShMAN BEGGING to Eat Her Box and Impersonating Her Every Day October 27, 2018

      I liked the performance but the problem with Citra is that she is not connecting with a target audience. She should be using her own style with her fashions and dancing instead if copying Janet. She should release non-charting songs like Dose as buzz singles rather than investing money in songs that won’t chart. Finally, she needs to invest more in better music that let’s people connect with her as an artist rather than songs like Dope and Level Up. We don’t want baby Janet. We want grown woman artist Ciara.

      She fails to bring it and lately she looks tired when she is performing all the time. If she tired after just 4 minutes how will she ever be capable of headlining. Janet could do Ciara’s little routines effortlessly at 50 so why can’t Ciara? Also, why does Ciara got on the same outfit she wears to open for Bruno on Ellen. Seems like she could have changed up her uniform for tv.

  2. Jackx October 26, 2018

    Both of these are kinda weak. I’m afraid this album will be another flop if she doesn’t do something soon. and what’s with the half pants/ shorts look?? ?

  3. cory October 26, 2018

    I guess Janet let you borrow her hair since the “State of the World” tour is over.

    Love her version of the “All for You” outfit as well. Instead of the jacket… she did the pants lol.

    When are these girls going to realize that Janet isn’t dead?

    • China October 26, 2018

      OMB BISH. She is jacking JANET’s ALL for you vibe like crazy. Will these girls every be ORIGINAL???? Love the songs thou

    • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by trash demon FAKE JasMAN da gay TRaShMAN BEGGING to Eat Her Box and Impersonating Her Every Day October 27, 2018

      I agree. The problem here is that the style on Citra is forced. Fans and people still interested want to see Ciara”s own style not Janet”s yester year styles worked again. Who is Ciara? That is the question Ciara needs to address for a comeback.

  4. Beam Me Up Scotty October 26, 2018

    Great performance!

  5. G7Pat October 26, 2018

    Shes killin promo for this…not sure if its the right song tho

  6. Sweetnothings78 October 26, 2018

    Knackered just watching her.

    She is quite possibly one of THEE most beautiful women alive!

  7. g October 26, 2018

    Yall, its ok to like more than one black woman at a time! This was awesome! Glad to see her winning !

  8. Meme October 26, 2018

    So basically the same recycled performance from the award show?

  9. CarterSlay October 26, 2018

    For some reason I feel like she ain’t giving her performances the energy it needs and deserves. LEVEL UP Cici. Love me some Ciara but she seems tired!

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 26, 2018

      @Carter.. – I agree

  10. Keith October 26, 2018

    I want Ciara to win, but again, there is something not quite right about this performance. Perhaps its the songs, the theme, the costuming….I dunno. Next single, please.

    • Ispeakfacts October 26, 2018

      She showcased what she’s great at which was dancing! She lipsynced her vocals to a prerecorded track in the beginning & barely song at all… again… she’s a great dancer but I would never spend any money on seeing someone just dance! This is why Bey is in a class of her own bcuz she’s mastered doing both at the same time & the only person that I’ve seen can come close to her doing both is her bandmate Kelz…

  11. Seeya October 26, 2018

    It’s funny how your faves give mediocre lazy hood dance performances oh and might I add it be the same choreo EVERY TIME just a different outfit and you all eat that s*** up. Beyonce shows are like a Jordan shoe. Same sneaker, different color so don’t give me that bull. And Rihanna has no choice but to be original cause she can’t sing or dance.

  12. Fast_Persuader October 26, 2018

    Level Up: cute social media viral moment. Dose: Good job on the video.
    However, Ciara’s latest live performances? Difficult to watch Ciara without CRINGING!

    She and her dancers slayed the choreo. But I’m always so distracted by which minimal parts she chooses to speak/sing with the backing track.
    What make matters worse, is the annoyingly obvious swagga jacking she does of Janet’s aesthetic, performance style and distinct Janet ‘ism’s’. Stoppit! Ugh.

  13. Jj October 26, 2018

    Dose is a terrible song.

  14. DC October 26, 2018

    To bad it’s not explosive on charts ?

  15. Eve October 30, 2018

    I don’t understand… she’s the rightful heir to Janet Jackson’s crown!

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