Swerve! 6ix9ine’s ‘Dummy Boy’ Set to Snatch #1 From Travis Scott After Nielsen Recount

Published: Tuesday 4th Dec 2018 by Rashad

In news we definitely did not see coming, reports are indicating Nielsen – the company Billboard relies on for sales and statistical data to determine the placements on its weekly charts (i.e. Billboard Hot 100, Billboard 200, etc.) – is in the middle of a recount after discovering a discrepancy that initially led them to declare rapper Travis Scott‘s ‘Sicko Mode’ album the last charting week’s best-seller.

Details inside:

As we reported here, the race to this week’s #1 was tight between Scott’s ‘AstroWorld’ and his nearest competitor, Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s ‘Dummy Boy.’  Billboard reported the final count as 71,000 and 66,000 sold respectively.

Despite 6ix9ine’s project only being available for three tracking days, it immediately dominated sales and streaming charts – a feat that lead to an investigation at Nielsen.  The result?

Drew Bennett at Nielsen [sent an email stating], “Our team has done a deep dive and found the cause of the initial discrepancy. We’ve since then reprocessed the jobs necessary and re-finalized the charts. As a result, 6ix9ine’s “Dummy Boy” will be moving to #1… Our team is working quickly to identify the root cause of this discrepancy to ensure that we get it right the first time.” [source]

As of time reported, Scott’s label home is looking to challenge the reversed ruling. Keep it locked to That Grape Juice for more on this story as it develops!

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  1. B2B December 4, 2018

    That damn Kartrashian curse! Lmao!!!!

  2. DanYiel December 4, 2018

    WELL I don’t know what his music is about…??‍♂️

  3. Whoops ?????‍♀️ December 4, 2018

    Lol. He’s always trying to cut corners and cheat the system (Travis). But he’s not a Kardashian. He can’t be mediocre and get away with it.

    • Whoops ?????‍♀️ December 4, 2018

      At least not forever…

  4. Rico December 4, 2018

    Nicki Minaj is a sore looser. She is behind this and the whole Travis cheating crap. If it was her she wouldn’t care what other peers would say , she would instead be happy and continue to try and s*** on female rap. Nicki focus on your music and leave all these tactics alone.

    • FAF December 4, 2018

      the facts are facts and you u will have to stay mad

    • Karter December 4, 2018

      How TF does this have anything to do with Nicki Minaj?! Did you read the article??

  5. Meme December 4, 2018

    I don’t know what it is but it’s impossible for Travis album to out the blue hit number again and beat out 69. Is just impossible.

  6. SNF December 5, 2018

    Skittles is in jail. Sis loss on that fact alone… ?

  7. xedos December 5, 2018

    Who really cares about number one? can anyone really track number one anymore with all the different ways people consume music?

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