Christina Aguilera Announces ‘The Xperience’ Las Vegas Residency

Published: Tuesday 29th Jan 2019 by Sam

It’s official! Christina Aguilera is heading to Las Vegas!

Full story below…

Confirming our report yesterday, Xtina trumpeted the launch of ‘The Xperience,’ which will be playing at the Zappos Theater, Planet Hollywood from May 31st. 

The ‘Dirrty’ singer made the announcement moments ago via a video reveal.

Speaking on the venture, the songbird said in a statement:
“The Xperience is going to be my most ambitious show yet. Getting to perform in this adult playground we call Las Vegas is inspiring me to bring forth all of my talents in a mind-blowing theatrical experience – song, dance, visuals and uninterrupted high energy. For years I have been collecting ideas and concepts that have yet to be implemented on my stages, and Las Vegas is the perfect opportunity for me to collectively showcase my artistry. I cannot wait to bring you into The Xperience.” 
Check out the initial dates:
May 2019: 31
June 2019: 1, 5, 7, 8, 13, 15, 16
Sept. 2019: 20, 21, 24, 27, 28
Oct. 2019: 2, 4, 5
General tickets go on sale this Saturday, February 2nd, at


Go Xtina!

It’s the best logical step. And a smartly timed one too.

See, the way we see it, this  more to do with her no longer being on ‘The Voice.’

For years, she had the luxury of sitting on that red chair and collecting 10s of millions while her music career froze.

Fast forward to now and she’s slammed the show too many times publicly to ever go back, so she’s boxed into a corner where she HAS to work to maintain the income she’s accustomed to. Of course, she’s loaded for life. But she does have to keep earning.

Vegas allows for that, while not needing for her to tour with the aggression and frequency of a new or hungry established artist.

It also keeps her on the West Coast, it isn’t overly labor intensive, and works for the Mom angle she’s always going on about.

The fact she’s pressing ahead with this is restoring our faith in her + her team. Because they could stubbornly rest on her laurels and give the air of her being too big for it (like once implied). But there’s a clear opportunity to cash in on her catalogue at a time when the Vegas platform is hotter than ever – thanks to preceding residencies from the likes of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga. All of whom have helped change the perception of Sin City in recent years.

Translation? The record selling business may be in a tailspin, but there’s money to rack up in Vegas – so why not make it rain?!

So, again, smart play Xtina. Smart play.

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman January 29, 2019

    I’m excited about this, I love Christina Aguilera, she’s very TALENTED!!?

  2. Stephon January 29, 2019

    Good for her.

  3. CHINA January 29, 2019

    Her carrier is basically over, lets be frank. She looks a mess now, sounds a hot mess, has the WRONG setlist. She refuses to embrace her SOUL side and keeps trying to be GAGA. Set list should be Genie in a Bottle, So Emotional, Walk Away, Loving me 4 me, Dirrty, Soar, FUSS, Understanding, Aint no other man. Not Tonight, Beautiful (paul R remix). (spanish section: El Beso del Final, Pero Me Acuerdo de ti). Get Mine Get Yours, Unless it’s with you.

    • Richie January 29, 2019

      This b**** just signed a multi million dollar contract for this residency. What frackery are you talking? Her contact is worth more than your entire generation’s existence times infinity. Now sit and continue being basic?

    • Mrs. Rasputia January 29, 2019

      Tell’em Shaniqua??‍♀️

  4. Haterz Gon‘ Hate January 29, 2019

    I know touring is not easy for artists and combined with the fact she’s older now and doesn’t bring the same energy (read choreography) that she used to, maybe this setup will allow her shine in her new more restrained lane. Still needs to not be complacent and get a vocal coach so she can deliver live WITH CONTROL (re:screaming is not belting or SINGING).

  5. lucy fur January 29, 2019

    still always stuck behind britney

  6. Sleigh ? January 29, 2019


    Mariah’s latest Christmas tour had better vocals, Mariah looked great with great ensembles & the stage was festive

    Christina’s tour was a d list mess. So this will prob flop too

    • Richie January 29, 2019

      Your birth was a flop.. At least x sings live…

  7. Lisa January 30, 2019

    I’m so excited. She is a legend! We need another powerhouse vocalist in Sin City besides the amazing Celine Dion.

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