Lil Kim Pushes Back New Album & Blames Label / Premieres New Song ‘No Auto Blanco’

Published: Tuesday 23rd Apr 2019 by Sam

For Lil Kim fans, it’s case of having to take the good with the bad.

Because, while the rapper has announced a devastating delay, she’s attempted to smooth over  the news with a musical bandaid.

Details below…

In a message shared moments ago, the female rap pioneer confirmed that her long-awaited album ‘9’ has been pushed back from its May 10th release date. It’s her first studio LP in 14 years.

As for the reason? She’s directing any and all questions to her label as well as Spotify – though she provided no context for the latter:

No word on the cause of the delay, but thus far the song ‘Go Awfff’ has been worked as the project’s sole single.

To tide fans over til more news on the record surfaces, Kim debuted new song ‘No Auto Blanco.’

The unfortunate irony is that, having ditched the aggravating autotune, this is easily the best we’ve heard from Kim in years. She sounds like…Kim! More of this – please and thanks.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mel Y April 23, 2019

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not a single soul on this earth:
    Not even anyone from her team:…
    Lil Kim : Can’t wait for you all to hear my new album!

    • C.N April 23, 2019

      Ayoooo ctfuuuuuu lol I was thinking the same thing.

    • Dumb Ass H*** April 24, 2019

      B**** the lies you tell.

  2. E2k April 23, 2019

    My Dior coat/Thats the only one so you cant Jack-it/Jacket.

    The bars and wordplay is too much man

    • KING KIM !!! April 23, 2019

      That line was hard, mad me chuckle a little, this is the Kim we need !!!!!!!!! That gangsta, hood, villain s*** !!!!! QUEEN B will soon arrive.

  3. Barb-wire April 23, 2019

    Maybe because no one asked for this Kim ?‍♀️ Let it go, you’re old as hell.

    OAN: TGJ you need to put this energy on a very talented Houston rapper Megan thee Stallion who just debuted on BB100. She’s a rap beast and totally deserves this spotlight more than Jigsaw Kim who won’t see the charts ever again.

    • Rome April 23, 2019

      Maybe your fav should hang it up too considering the fact that she named her album queen yet it is still her lowest selling album to date. Focus on your fav and not hating on others. ??‍♂️

      • Beam Me Up Scotty April 23, 2019

        Still platinum album. Your favorites can’t even release albums.

      • NickiGarbajisCancelled April 23, 2019

        Platinum by sympathy and payola. Cardi got a Grammy and 2 #1s off hers. Hang it up flatscreen #RemixThatWomb with that r***** ?

      • ??? April 23, 2019

        lmaooo you talk about payola and then have th nerve to mention payola b in the same sentence??? the #RETARDIgang gets dumber and dumber every day, come for nicki when dummi b can SELL a platinum album and not get her label to buy streams for her lmfaooooooo lmfaoooooo

    • Dear Black People April 23, 2019

      Child stay listening to your favs debut hit single Massive Attack.

      • Fancy BISH April 23, 2019

        lol ?

    • Caleb April 23, 2019

      Kim isn’t even that much older than Nicki so I guess she’s old too.

      • Gurlwepa89 April 23, 2019

        If that’s the case Beyonce is old as hell too!!

    • Dumb Ass H*** April 24, 2019

      And so is Nicki. This b**** can’t even throw a tour alone but she the queen child have several

  4. Ty April 23, 2019

    Older artists should just go the independent route and tour.

    • C.N April 23, 2019

      Me and my best friend said the samee thing. Your suppose to be big Kim. Not still talking albums bring pushed back like back in the day. Not to bringthis up but my fav female mc beeenn murdered Kim. I mean Bang Bang????? The fever album?????!!!!!!!!!!! Kim has been a hater. She should be big enough to drop s*** on her own and have visually beautiful videos like Kim Cardi Megan .. hell even iggy!! If Kim can come back out i want Foxy backkkkkk!!!!?

      • Dumb Ass H*** April 24, 2019

        Don’t hold ya breath Foxy and never coming back and Kim has never left the music scene period hello its called Nine this will be her ninth project and e one is independent they distribute the music.

  5. Beam Me Up Scotty April 23, 2019

    Congratulations, no auto-tune. Nicki Minaj ended her career and Remy’s. They can’t even release albums *screams*.

    • Dear Black People April 23, 2019

      Why are you $h|tie Manaj stans all up in the Lil’ Kim comment section but go a** if someone talks out against $h|tie Manaj? Maybe because old girl is flopping hard with her new boy.

    • Dear Black People April 23, 2019

      Remy put $h|tie Manaj in his place with Shether.

      • The I hatwe b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 23, 2019

        You basic boogie down B**** thinking she back, back to back, B**** back to whack hahahahahahaha

      • Dear Black People April 23, 2019

        But are you even black?

    • NickiGarbajisCancelled April 23, 2019

      This is exactly why Nicki will be destroyed. Keep fueling the hate train sis!

      • ??? April 23, 2019

        lmaooooo yall been saying that for the last year and queen nicki is STILL standing, so hang up this flatscreen h0 lmfaoooooooooooooo

    • Caleb April 23, 2019

      Girl please. Nicki’s career has been half of what it was since Remy destroyed her on the track.

  6. The I hatwe b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 23, 2019

    F*** lil kim. She a hating assbitch. No pride in herself…go drink the bleach b itch. Fck lol kim…..

    • The I hatwe b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 23, 2019

      Shout out to Clorox bleach and Perdue chicken ..

      • Dear Black People April 23, 2019

        But are you black?

  7. pat April 23, 2019

    to be so iconic, her affairs are never in order….hard to root for u boo

  8. ??? April 23, 2019

    Lol sure Kim. It’s always everybody else’s fault.

  9. Liam April 23, 2019

    Eone sucks a lotta artists trying to get out of their contracts with them

    • Lmfao_Hoe April 23, 2019

      I suppose Tevin Campbell too smh

  10. April 23, 2019

    I actually like this one Kim. Ready to hear what else you got. They need to stop tripping!

  11. QueenNickiMinaj April 23, 2019

    The Queen of Paypal outlet ????

    • Oh Well April 23, 2019

      Is that terrible queen album number one yet? I didn’t think so hater.

  12. Inga Marchand April 23, 2019

    She is sounding good on that track.

  13. Captivated April 24, 2019

    Lil Kim is 45, which is only one year older than Beyonce, eight years older than Nicki, and two years older than Sia. She is not OLD.

  14. Dumb Ass H*** April 24, 2019

    Here comes the trolls

  15. QueenNickiMinaj April 24, 2019

    Is the new album exclusive only to Paypal?

  16. Lil garbaj June 16, 2019

    Your time is up swagger jagger nicki garbaj.

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