Taylor Swift Announces Comeback / Sets April Date For New Music

Published: Saturday 13th Apr 2019 by Sam

Taylor Swift is gearing up for a colossal comeback!

For, moments ago the Pop titan signalled her return – much to the elation of her legion of fans.

Details below…

In an all-at-once-move, the 29 year-old trumpeted April 26th as the due date for new music.

Her social media handles were each changed to reflect the this and a countdown clock went live on her official website:

The as yet untitled release comes at a unique time for the singer.

On the one hand, it’ll serve as the first release for Republic Records after signing a game-changing deal with Universal Music last November. Clearly indicating that no time is being wasted by either party.

Notably, though, it’ll be arriving on the heels of 2017’s ‘Reputation’ – which despite delivering dynamite sales (a Swift trademark at this point) and a stadium tour – didn’t create the same waves as previous projects. Thematically, its attempt at a darker skew and sassy clapbacks didn’t fully resonate with the masses and the LP struggled to produce hits in the manner the star has become accustomed to.

Will her incoming effort serve as a return to more familiar terrain? Or perhaps something fresh? Time will tell. But in the interim, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. TS13stormiscomimg April 13, 2019

    The album didn’t have hits as it was megaseller by the time the second video released. Also she filled stadiums with 70-80k people, for some stadiums she did that twice (Dublin, Wembley, Manchester, Texas, etc.) as the first female artist to do so at many venues. So bow down, bi***s.

  2. #TheTruth April 13, 2019

    She has lots of success, good for her.
    I think she’s a good storyteller but she’s such a weak « singer ».

  3. Brent Christopher April 13, 2019

    🙄I genuinely cannot stand a self righteous, fake as they come, Lilly white woman. Taylor Swift is an American mayonnaise sandwich — the right color, but void of an real layers, dimension or meat. she’s a basic broad & constantly praised by middle America for her less than present talent or creativity.

    • Clarkson April 13, 2019

      Let me guess, ur a beyonce fan? Taylor has won album of the year twice. That is something beyonce will never achieve in her life time.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2019

        It´s not normal that Taylor has won two album of the year grammys for her basic music though. It´s a disgrace to their own reputation.

      • B2B April 13, 2019

        Oh no girl, he hates Beyonce! Lol

      • Brent Christopher April 13, 2019

        I have NEVER been a Beyonce fan. EVER in my life have I praised the smoke & mirrors career that lady has orchestrated for herself. Beyonce is the best physical stage PERFORMER of our generation. However, when it comes to her personal everyday style, her speaking ability, writing potential, creativity to come up with her own tour themes/ideas/album titles/costuming or even quotes for magazine articles, Beyonce cannot design from a blank canvas. Beyonce is PRETTY. Beyonce is FAMOUS. Beyonce can SING. Beyonce is NOT a creative, ARTIST. Beyonce is great at borrowing pieces of major works to recycle for her overly effeminate fans. She has not released a great piece of work since her self titled album in 2013.

      • MessyBoots April 13, 2019

        Wow! OPINIONS.. just like A holes, everyone has em.

  4. THA Creative April 13, 2019

    Hmmm…given the lackluster reception f her singles off her last album, I hope she returns to lighter fluffier fun music as she did on the effort before her last opus. That album really made me get into her gig. It was refreshing and there were some cool joints on it. I wish her luck and all the success.

  5. Brent Christopher April 13, 2019

    🙄I genuinely cannot stand a self righteous, fake as they come, pretentious, Lilly white woman. Taylor Swift is an American mayonnaise sandwich — the right color, but void of any real layers, dimension or meat. she’s a basic broad & constantly praised by middle America for her less than present talent or menial creativity.

  6. Lol April 13, 2019

    That album had like 4 top 10s and was full of bops. Literally no one outdid her tour and she could release an album of her just breathing and it would still be a hip. Nothing about reputation was a disappointment. Get off her d***.

  7. JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2019

    She truly is the WORST singer in mainstream industry next to Jennifer Lopez. I can´t believe the position she has achieved in music. I don´t get it. I know her force is songwriting but still. It´s just not that great either. She is prolific but in my opinion none of her songs are classic or memorable at all. Add to that the singing part lol

  8. B2B April 13, 2019

    I love White Horse by Taylor. Blankspace, I don’t wanna live forever, and 22 are also favs.

  9. B2B April 13, 2019

    Additionally, I wish Beyonce would do a real world tour and add Oceania, Asia, and Africa dates because should would for sure gross 500mil! Swift got 345M? 😂😂😂 Beyonce play too f****** much— Formation WT did $256 on in US and Europe! So over her right now lol.

  10. Haterz Gon‘ Hate April 13, 2019

    Yes she sells, no question about it but so did Croc’s footwear 🐊, are they not both a celebration of mediocrity? Like, she’s one of the most vapid and vocally magnolia singers of all time. Even Madonna with her limited vocal managed to paint character, charisma and depth into her live showings and songs, but with Taylor it’s just flat like a ten year extension of pancake day 🥞 Shake It Off was probably the most fun distraction from her 1 dimensioness that she ever released. Next.

    • Dev April 13, 2019

      That first sentence … iconic and factual.
      Can Taylor sing… no
      Can she write a cute nursery rhyme… yes.
      are ANY of her songs or albums groundbreaking, innovative or considered a classic… no
      Does she wear beautiful gowns… yes.

      Taylor needs to write and “sing” some mature music. This lolita image that her (and Ariana) put on is just for the kids and teens who are their core market, but who’s going to want to hear these songs in a few years time let alone 10 years. T
      Taylor is too close top 30 to still be serving bland Jelly and Ice cream, whilst eating in expensive restaurants.
      That goes for Katy Perry also

  11. Opp April 13, 2019

    Yes Taylor! Come back into our lives!

  12. He Is Risen April 13, 2019

    Nice gowns. Beautiful gowns.

    • Carlitos April 13, 2019


  13. DB April 13, 2019

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