New Song: Kylie Minogue – ‘New York City’

Published: Thursday 2nd May 2019 by Sam

Kylie Minogue shone atop of the charts with last year’s ‘Golden’ and now, as she gears up for a headlining set at Glastonbury, is celebrating her colossal catalogue.

On June 28th, the globally loved diva will release greatest hits set ‘Step Back In Time – The Definitive Collection.’

Boasting a tracklist that spans the length and breadth of Minogue’s 30 year career, the 41-song set also features new number ‘New York City.’

A marked departure from the Country elements she toyed with on her last LP, the club jam manages to be be anchored in the nostalgic while still sounding fresh.

Take a listen below…

A bop!


Bucking the streaming trend, Kylie fans have shown a penchant for physical units. Something her team have clearly realised.

As such, beyond its digital release, ‘Step Back In Time’ will be available as a standard double CD as well as a Deluxe CD with 32 page case bound book, 2 LP Picture Disc Vinyl, 2 LP Limited Edition Mint Green Vinyl, 2 LP Standard Black Gatefold Vinyl, and a Double Cassette available in 5 limited edition colors.

‘Step Back In Time – The Definitive Collection ‘Tracklisting: 

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
Spinning Around
Love At First Sight
In Your Eyes
All The Lovers
I Believe In You
In My Arms
On A Night Like This
Your Disco Needs You
Please Stay
2 Hearts
Red Blooded Woman
The One
Come Into My World
Get Outta My Way
Kids (with Robbie Williams)
Stop Me From Falling
Step Back In Time
Better The Devil You Know
Hand On Your Heart
Wouldn’t Change A Thing
Especially For You (with Jason Donovan)
I Should Be So Lucky
The Loco-Motion
Give Me Just A Little More Time
Never Too Late
Got To Be Certain
Tears On My Pillow
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before)
What Do I Have To Do?
Confide In Me
Put Yourself In My Place
Where The Wild Roses Grow (with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
New York City (Bonus Track)

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  1. TimeBomb May 3, 2019

    Wow, Kylie is so beautiful, artistic, s*** without being vulgar and philanthropist. I love her albums especially Aphrodite, Fever and Light years!!!

    More power to you!!!

    • RollingInTheDeep May 3, 2019

      Yeah, Fever is her strongest album to date when ot comes to sales

    • QueenKylieMinogue May 3, 2019

      I love:
      Impossible Princess
      Body Language
      And of course Fever

    • JOHNVIDAL May 3, 2019

      My favorite is Aphrodite. The album and the tour.
      Long long career. Look at that tracklist.
      She´s always classy, unlike most since the millenium started which confuse sexiness with vulgar objectification of women.

      • RebelHeart May 3, 2019

        I totally agree!!! Kylie, cant wait for your tour!!! Hopefully she comes here to US for her new tour. The last time she did was over ten years ago.

      • RainingGlitter May 4, 2019

        Yes she is very classy and wholesome, and always have fun on what she does!!!

    • RainingGlitter May 4, 2019

      ???? i love Aphrodite and Fever as well

  2. RollingInTheDeep May 3, 2019

    Yessssss Queen Kylie is here to give her fans the fun, sexieness and glam:)

    I love her song “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” and “Spinning Around”

    • QueenKylieMinogue May 3, 2019

      Yeah same here

      I also like:
      Especially for You w/ Jason Donovan
      All the Lovers
      Stop Me From Falling
      Step Back in Time
      New York City

      • RebelHeart May 3, 2019

        Yeah those lists are big hits!!!

        I think Kiss Me Once is underrated although “S*** Love” and “Beautiful” are nice singles

    • RebelHeart May 3, 2019

      Can’t get you out of my head is her signature song AKA “la,la,la”

    • RainingGlitter May 4, 2019

      Yes she has a lot of big hits!!! I liker her song “Higher”, “Slow” and “Get Outta My Way”

  3. QueenKylieMinogue May 3, 2019

    Love it!!!
    The new single is good to the ears, fun, upbeat, vibrant and refreshing!!! Will definitely buy the album and the limited edition!!!

    • RainingGlitter May 4, 2019

      Yes me too, i will definitely buy the album

  4. RebelHeart May 3, 2019

    Yasssss Kylie!!!! The new single is hot!!!!
    Will definitely top the dance charts worldwide including US

  5. RainingGlitter May 4, 2019

    The dance diva is back and Kylie is a true Queen!!! I like “New York City” single and it sounds more on Fever/ Aphrodite era. We need more like this from you.

  6. RainingGlitter May 4, 2019

    Kylie Minogue and Madonna are like yin and yang or twin sisters

    Kylie= good girl/ light
    Madonna= bad girl/ dark

  7. Medellin May 4, 2019

    She’s gorgeous but she ain’t Madonna!!!! Madonna sold more and bigger especially in America
    Kylie is famous and artistic in her own wa, but her niche is usually in Europe, Philippines and Australia

  8. Medellin May 4, 2019

    No shade no tea but i only know three of her singles: La La La, Loco- motion and Skirt

    But i respect that she has huge following

    • RollingInTheDeep May 4, 2019

      Lol, it’s not La La la, it’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”
      By the way skirt is a good dance single. Pharrell Williams produced it

  9. Medellin May 4, 2019

    Her album with Roc Nation was a disaster
    Kiss Me Once sold only 300k worldwide and her singles are under promoted

    • RollingInTheDeep May 4, 2019

      Yeah they separated ways in a good way. Kylie posted it before in her twitter and other social media

    • FentyBeuty May 4, 2019

      Roc nation did not know how to promote Kylie, they misunderstood her artistry

    • FentyBeuty May 4, 2019

      Its better than Madonna’s Medellin lol

  10. eric May 4, 2019

    Not a fan, but the packaging is cool.

    • BeyonceFan May 5, 2019

      Lol shady comment

  11. BeyonceFan May 4, 2019

    Kylie is cool, i love her songs and albums

    Plus she is beautiful and sseeexxxy

  12. FentyBeuty May 4, 2019

    No more Kiss Me Once , that is her weakest album

    Golden is better but fans like the Fever and Aphrodite better

    • SpinningAround May 4, 2019

      Golden is okay but better than Kiss Me Once but inferior to Aphrodite and Fever
      Cant wait for Kylie M to release a new studio album

  13. SpinningAround May 4, 2019

    Just did the preorder in iTunes and Amazon. I love her new song New York City. Im hoping it charted higher and also become her 15th number one hit in dance charts

  14. FameMonster May 4, 2019

    Yessssss Queen Kylie is backkkkk!!!
    Just streamed her new single in Spotify and Apple Music

    Release more dance single like this

    • BeyonceFan May 5, 2019


  15. BeyonceFan May 5, 2019

    Good for Kylie!!! I think I like All The Lovers, its a great song

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