Cassie Officially Announces Pregnancy

Published: Thursday 13th Jun 2019 by Sam

After many a murmur, Cassie has confirmed the rumors. She is indeed with child.

Full story below…

The singer/actress, who was previously in a lengthy relationship with Diddy, revealed she is expecting her first baby with fitness guru partner Alex Fine. 

They are set to welcome a baby girl.

Taking to social media, she shared the news in a brief but sweet message:

Can’t wait to meet our baby girl ? Love You Always & Forever

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Can’t wait to meet our baby girl 💗 Love You Always & Forever 📸: @mikemillerphoto

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Fine followed with open letters to both Cassie and their daughter:

Letter to Cassie

I promise you that I will do every single thing in my power to support you and help you.
I promise that you will never be alone.
I promise that you will be loved beyond expectation and we will show our children how to be in a healthy relationship.
I promise to always come home with a great attitude and give our children and you undivided attention.
I promise to always keep you and the child first nothing comes before you.
I promise you will be showered in kisses and hugs every single day.
I promise that I will be the best father/baby daddy
You two are my greatest loves I have and will ever have. I cannot wait for the rest of our lives together and to raise a beautiful happy child in our beautiful happy life.

Letter to my Daughter

I will be the first man in your life and will show you the greatest love and affection now and forever.

I never thought my heart could grow bigger after meeting your mother… then I found out we were having you and I instantly felt a love that is so indescribable.

I promise to be at every dance recital, concert, sporting event, school plays whatever you decide to do I will be there and support you. I am your number one fan

I promise to be a man that you and your mother look up to and love. I will always listen and put the both of you first.

I will show you a healthy relationship and how you deserve to be treated.

I promise to never approve of any boy you like because they will never be good enough for my baby girl. Sorry

I can’t promise that I won’t embarrass you because I will give you so many kisses at every school drop off.

I will be the Dad that never forces my opinions on you. I will love whatever you do in life as long as you’re happy.

I promise that I will be kind, sweet, and you will always be daddy’s little girl.

I promise to love you every single second unconditionally until my last breath.

You’re perfect to me and always will be.


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  1. I hate blaccck n whyte June 13, 2019

    Why didn’t she have baby with black man

    • Say No To Madame X June 13, 2019

      Why are u so shallow?

    • Baad June 13, 2019

      Why are you asking such a stupid question ?

    • Wtf June 13, 2019

      Sis.. grow up!

    • I love big black c** June 13, 2019

      I didn’t know Cassie loves some pink d:ck….

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian PISCES ??‍♀️Not 37 year old TROLLmine nor TRASHmine June 13, 2019

      Why didn’t Cassie have a baby with a Filipino man? Her fathers an Asian Filipino. More importantly who cares.

    • Kurtzzz June 14, 2019

      Cos Diddy didn’t put a ring on it. And this white man is fine and treated her better clearly

  2. Jeans June 13, 2019

    So happy for her!

  3. Lol June 13, 2019

    Diddy keeps taking Ls lol

  4. Baad June 13, 2019

    Sorry but who cares ? A lot of people have children everyday.

    • Cmon June 13, 2019

      Yes u care.. thats why u here sis!

  5. Rita June 13, 2019


  6. I hate blaccck n whyte June 13, 2019

    Wooow , lol to Diddy, rip to Kim damn

    • Wtf June 13, 2019

      Why are you unhappy?

  7. High Price June 13, 2019

    Damn! This is really shocking news! ? I predict she’ll be a hot topic ALL WEEKEND. And maybe longer because I’m sure Wendy will be covering this when she gets back off her break.

  8. Clarkson June 13, 2019

    Glad she’s free from that disease called puff daddy. Their kid is going to be so beautiful. The only problem with this dude is, he is a fitness guru, only God that knows what the hell that is. no more expensive bags and shoes and vacations and VIP passes.

    Me and you was my song back in high school.

    • High Price June 13, 2019

      I doubt money’s an issue for her with or without a man.

  9. Mbeachdude June 13, 2019

    Hmm…fishy! Why she can’t have a baby with Diddy? Is that reason why they broke up?

  10. Urg June 13, 2019

    Diddy somewhere in a corner curled up crying and sayin I should have planted my s*** into her…ijs

  11. Buzz Off June 13, 2019

    With A Black Man? ARE YOU INSANE?

    After All those years She orphan her life / Happiness for a black man just to satisfied him and got nothing back I would never wanna see another black man in my life, one man can make all the others look like the worst of men..
    Exhibit A” FUTURE / TRISTAN / abd the list goes on ..
    Be happy for her.. she deserves this ..

    • Blaine Kelley June 14, 2019

      Writing off an entire race based upon your experience with one individual is gross and racist as h*ll.

      The eff is wrong with you?

  12. PinotNoir June 14, 2019

    As if he’s guaranteed to live to see/do all the (over)promises he made. Dude, we get it. You’re 25 and your 32-year-old girlfriend’s with child and, you as a Pisces, typically like having lots of kids. The wince-worthy part? “I promise that I will be the best father/baby daddy.” Baby daddy? Damn! But then, can’t expect the guy to call himself a husband when this child was conceived out of wedlock. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel he’ll “escape” his baby daddy duties at some point. Hope I’m dead wrong ’cause that would kill Cassie with whatever little self love she possesses.

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