Ciara Debuts New Pixie Cut

Published: Tuesday 11th Jun 2019 by Sam

Ciara has long established herself as a style icon and it’s in large part to her uncanny ability to slay any and every look.

Her latest switch-up has seen the singer trim her tresses and rock a shorter ‘do.

Check it out below…

Taking to social media, the ‘Beauty Marks’ belter shared these shots:

And in motion…

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Chop it awf ☺️😘…

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We’re loving CiCi’s new look. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Adonis June 11, 2019

    Are we finna talk about why Nikki manaj done been dropt from the Indigoat tour or?

    • Jasmine June 11, 2019

      Nicki is pregnant

      • Adonis June 12, 2019

        Naw that’s young Miami bewbew

  2. Urg June 11, 2019

    Ciara dragging about to begin….

    • Jasmine June 11, 2019

      Blame TGJ for using CiCi as click bait. When a blog labels an F-list celeb like Ciara as a ‘style icon’ it is the same as using her for laughs and mockery! Ciara has never been considered a ‘style icon’ by the industry or the public. She has never been on Vogue, never had any trendsetting stylistic eras like Janet Jackson, and never really influenced a particular style of a decade like Toni Braxton did in the 90s. This, CiCI is being used as click bait here!

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian PISCES ??‍♀️Not 37 year old TROLLmine nor TRASHmine June 11, 2019

        TROLLmine but to the fashion industry Ciara is a fashion icon. She has been the face and muse for Givenchy and Roberto Cavalier- F List celebrities DO NOT get invited to be the face of the worlds most iconic brands and their campaigns. And she is almost always on high fashions best dressed list and wanted to be dressed by the top designers. Ciara is a fashion industry girl and a designers bodies dream. There’s a difference between the fashion world, the high fashion world, in which cici is beloved and the fashion nova world in which you are referencing. Toni and Janet were style icons for sure but because of their own personal style from their videos, s** appeal and music influence. They were never ever high fashion girls. Ciara is a Parisian runway, couture model fashion girl. There is a large difference

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian PISCES ??‍♀️Not 37 year old TROLLmine nor TRASHmine June 11, 2019

        But TROLLmine I actually don’t particularly like Ciara’s pixie cut

      • Jj June 11, 2019

        Ciara was on the cover of vogue Arabia, instyle, cosmo, and more!

      • Jasmine June 11, 2019

        Do not call me ‘Trollmine’ b|tch! I don’t have a problem with anything u said about CiCi. I do have a problem with u disrespecting me. It is NOT my fault u are obsessed with me so stop taking ur frustrations out on me.

  3. Brent Christopher June 11, 2019

    TERRIBLE decision!

    she looks matronly.

    it’s god awful.

  4. LUCKI June 11, 2019

    She’s giving major auntie vibes with this cut.

  5. Mother June 11, 2019

    Yeah, I’m not here for this. Didn’t she learn from that god awful pixie wig she was rocking a few years ago. Short hair does not suit her, sorry.

  6. Mbeachdude June 11, 2019

    Ok Monica

  7. Meme June 11, 2019

    Headline update**

    Ciara wears wig for a single photo shoot that doesn’t need a post. BYE

  8. Clarkson June 11, 2019

    She use to be on the same level with Rihanna back in the day, now look at her, an arm candy with a college degree she obtained after 4 days of attending classes. Shame

    • Jasmine June 11, 2019

      So was Tearra Marie. EVERYONE is entitled to 15 minutes of fame. What you do with that 15 minutes is totally up to you. Rihanna capitalized on it. Ciara lost her swag. Tearra who?

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian PISCES ??‍♀️Not 37 year old TROLLmine nor TRASHmine June 11, 2019

      Didn’t she just perform on the billboard awards? You realize ppl have literally been saying this about Ciara since like 2008 and she has not left- 11 years later. She is definitely doing her own thing and worth multi millions outside of her marriage.

  9. Maxx June 11, 2019

    CiCi I stan for you boo, but if your going to rock this look, you need to put on bigger earrings. It would balance the look out & may make it actually look cute.

  10. The truth always comes to light June 11, 2019

    Lmfao!!!! Y’all know that wig is a mess! I like Ciara but when did she ever become a style icon??????!!!!! What trends has she set??!! None! Her marriage to Russell Wilson does not qualify her as no style icon sorry!!!

  11. Maxx June 11, 2019

    I would like to amend my comment! I just checked out her gorgeous 23rd annual ACE Award red carpet pics & I must say in context it is FIRE! She is giving me a lil Angela Basset meets Halle Berry meets Toni Braxton & it is soooo cute. Rock that style you STYLE ICON. Don’t hate.

    • Jasmine June 11, 2019

      When somebody just plops on a Toni Braxton wig and does not even bother making their eye brows match the color of the wig or putting on earings that is NOT a ‘style icon’. That is just a copy cat. Rihanna and Toni Braxton are ‘style icons’ NOT CiCi. Until Ciara can channel Ciara and not somebody she should not be called a ‘style’ anything.

  12. Brazio June 11, 2019

    Doesn’t fit her… she looks to manly.. like venus and serena

  13. smh June 11, 2019

    Horrible as usual….t***** look

  14. Chillitsjustpizza June 12, 2019

    What is on her neck

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