New Video: Pink – ’90 Days (ft. Wrabel)’

Published: Tuesday 18th Jun 2019 by Sam

Pink is powering on with the campaign for her latest album ‘Hurts 2B Human.’

Moments ago, the Pop rebel premiered the video for the set’s newest single ’90 Days’ featuring Wrabel. 

Billing the track as one of her favorites from the LP, the singer uniquely enlisted the services of one of her tour dancers (Rami) to direct the clip in a bid to “celebrate the talents of those around” her.

With ‘Walk Me Home’ proving to be an international hit, has Pink secured her next chart win? Watch the video for ’90 Days’ (which co-stars husband Cary Hart) and let us know…

Simple, yet effective.

Moving forward, we’d love to see the track ‘Hurts 2B Human’ featuring Khalid receive a measured push – as it undoubtedly possesses one of the project’s strongest shots at continued success on the singles chart.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson June 18, 2019

    She is riding on her past glory. If she releases another album with this generic pop sound she’s going to flop so bad.

    • eric June 18, 2019

      I think it’s already happening whether or not she realizes it.

      • China June 18, 2019

        She has LOST her edge. The song with Chris Daughtery should have been a “REAL” duet between two powerhouse vocalist — but he’s Pushed to the background — BAD MOVE. The song is an ITUNES hit so THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A CLUE????? But she releases another BORING adult contemp single? ?? FIRED

    • Bam June 19, 2019

      Yup she’s been given two albums to get it together and has failed. I don’t think her next album will do very well even if the music has the edge we love her for.

  2. eric June 18, 2019

    Pink has made some great songs, but I don’t think this is one of them. I wish she had taken more time creating this album and making it stronger. I had forgotten all about it until seeing this post.

    • Kurtzzz June 18, 2019

      Agree she’s one of my fave artists period
      And so talented. But this is her worst album
      I preferred. TRY THIS which is considered her worst album. She needs to either do folk acoustic. RnB. Or anything with big vocals
      She has an amazing voices the songs on this album AINT IT!!!

    • Jasmine June 19, 2019

      I agree 100 %. This album needed to have been created over time and not rushed. She rushed it and that is why it is missing the hits she is capable of making.

  3. Kane June 18, 2019

    You guys are absolutely right! I love pink so much! This album unfortunately I didn’t even bother listening too! How can you go
    From beautiful trauma to this?

  4. Blaine Kelley June 18, 2019

    This album, much like her last, didn’t do anything for me. However, this video and song (the well done lyrics in particular) actually started resonating with me as the video began…that was until the Wrabel person jumped in with that overly done Imogene Heap vocoder/“auto tune” effect.
    It completely killed the vibe for me and clashed horribly with pink’s naturally powerful and emotive voice.

  5. Theman June 18, 2019

    This is one of her favorite songs. But there are other songs worthy of being singles from the project.

  6. PinotNoir June 18, 2019

    Thought it said 90 Day Fiance. 😀 A summer downer? No athletic, sassy pop/rock? Bad idea. Unless she is divorcing and this song is a prelude to that. I heard her husband cheated twice … and from the looks of it, Pink is the breadwinner in the marriage. Me thinks she should have toured instead of releasing another album. Or addressed the big elephants in the world stage à la Dear Mr. President (or was she afraid of alienating fans?) All in all, this effort is like stale tea made with unfiltered, chalky water. No, thanks.

  7. I hate blaccck n whyte June 18, 2019

    , the video is good, nice song to cry to

    • I hate blaccck n whyte June 18, 2019

      I said b**** where is the s** tape and do she still speak to lil kim, or does she like Nicki now ,

  8. IKNOWTHETRUTH June 18, 2019


    • PinotNoir June 18, 2019

      Very good idea. Unlikely, though.
      Every teen bop that wanted to appear street took the R&B route.
      Pink, Timberlake, Xtina …

      • Bam June 19, 2019

        Well in Pinks case she never wanted to do that album LA Reid dictated that she do it. At least that’s how she has made it seem.

  9. Joyce June 18, 2019

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