Katy Perry Faces New Sexual Harassment Allegation

Published: Friday 16th Aug 2019 by David

Katy Perry is in trouble.

Unfortunate news below…

The performer has been enjoying monumental success with her new singles ‘Small Talk’ and ‘Never Really Over’ but now finds herself caught up in a worryingly violent PR whirlwind now that she has been accused of sexually harassing a man employed to star in one of her music videos.

A second alleged victim has stepped forward with a brand new story.

Her name?

Tina Kandelaki.

She claims that she met the ‘I Kissed a Girl’ icon at an industry party and was horrified when she touched her inappropriately and tried to kiss…even after she told her that she was not interested in her. Tina also claims that the star was just as aggressive with other partygoers.

She went on to say she decided to go public after hearing about Perry’s alleged mistreatment of Kloss.


Perry is yet to respond.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kara August 16, 2019

    David wtf kind of sloppy ass reporting is this?? My how TGJ has fallen. Take 2 seconds out of y’all favs ass and don’t some proper reporting🤡

    • Good I can’t stand this ugly white b.itch. Lock her ass up. They can put her in there with my cousins Tracie. Tracieis a bull d*** lesbian who will f.uck the sh.it out of her. She probably would like that lol. Then again Tracie don’t like white b.itches cause they smell like wet dog. Even when they shower their box be funky smelling and don’t let it rain outside their body odor is something wicked like a dog that ain’t been bathed in weeks. I could barf just thinking bout the smell

  2. Jasmine August 16, 2019

    Some people are better off married. None of this took place while she was married to that freak Russell Brand. Clearly, Katy is a freak too. If she had bagged another husband by now she would not be getting these accusations. When you are a major star it is almost a liability being single because everybody is lawsuit ready and they want money from u. No wonder why Drake records everything in his house and makes his his sign a consent form lol.

    • Clarkson August 16, 2019

      Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein were both married but that didnt stop them from raping and sexually assaulting women.

      Stop making excuses cause Katy is a woman. If it was a man u wouldn’t make silly excuses like this.

      The teenage dream actor that accused Katy, she sexually assaulted him when she was married to Russell so ur arguement is void.

      You are dumb. Being a freak and being a predator/r***** are two different things.

      • Oh plz August 16, 2019

        Shut yo hatin ass up. You got some nerve calling somebody dumb when literally everything you say sounds uneducated and nonsensical.

      • Jasmine August 16, 2019

        Did I say Katy is innocent? NO shut the f.uck up! U don’t tell me what to say or how to say it! I said what I said! Katy is a freak not some r.apist. She don’t have a d.ick u moron and there are no allegations of her r.apibeg somebody so shut it. These accusations seem like innocent flirtations to me.

    • Paulo August 16, 2019

      Eww no Russell is a pig who took her money. I’m not a fan but Orlando Bloom is def an upgrade

      • Clarkson August 16, 2019

        Russell didnt take one cent from Katy after their divorce. Get ur facts straight and stop spreading lies.

    • Queef August 16, 2019

      No you can not cure r*pist behavior by getting married. I’m sick of your senseless comments.

      • Jasmine August 16, 2019

        R.apist behavior?

        Let he without sin cast the first stone.

        “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

        John 8:7

    • Clarkson August 16, 2019

      Damn I thought the comments u drop regularly on this website was u just trolling and being over the top outrageous but u are really dumb
      “She dont have a ďìçķ”
      So u must have a ďìck to be a r*****

      U called this innocent flirtation, like pulling down a man’s shorts exposing his privates to a crowd of people, like forcefully trying to kiss someone even when they say NO.

      U are a sick human. U will be arrested for sexual assault in the future if u dont change ur mentality and seek help real quick

      • Jasmine August 16, 2019

        Shut It. CLEARLY, I am speaking above your head because you are CLUELESS about women! I’m a freak too but I’m married. I would never be arrested for sexual assault because the only person I have sexx with is my husband! I like men and women but that does not mean I can flirt or do anything about it because I am married. Women are emotional. We love with our emotions. Unlike men, where sexx trumps emotions…women are natural more emotional. Thus, if Katy were married likely she would not be in situations like this.

        If she pulled down a man’s pants in front of a crowd that sounds like immature fun to me with a stripper male or xxx star. The same man has done that in front of cameras online before and in front of people and since he is friends with Katy his case will get tossed! A single woman kissing another woman also sounds like fun. A wife knows better than to disrespect her husband so she does not do this type of stuff in public. U know nothing about the convictions of a wife!

        You are trying to reach and say she r.aped somebody. A kiss is not r.ape! Like I said before, if Katy had a husband likely this would not be occurring. She would be too busy having sexx with her husband and taking trips with him like I do! She would not do anything to embarrass her husband publicly! Let this play out before crucifying her.

        Let he without sin cast the first stone.

      • Clarkson August 16, 2019

        Damn, I thought it was an act but this is how u really are. U are dumb as hell
        U think r*** is about physical pleasure. Smh
        I can’t argue with u cause ur IQ is so low, my goodness, u are dumb as hell and u are so confident in ur dumbness.

      • Jasmine August 16, 2019

        I am highly intelligent and smart enough to know that anyone taking these unproven allegations as seriously as you do is likely a r.apist or victim of r.ape himself! Tell us more. Who did you drug and r.ape or was it the other way around? Did your daddy and uncles r.ape u with no grease? Is that why u are so mendacious and pathetically trying to belittle anyone with a differing opinion on this?

        It is impossible to belittle me. You don’t have the mental capability.

      • Clarkson August 16, 2019

        U are foolish. Jesus
        Saying I’m a victim of r*** or a r***** cause I believe 2 different people who have accused Katy of sexual assault is the dumbest arguement ever. That means;
        Anybody who supports gay rights is secretly gay
        Anybody who fights and advocates for H** patients, secretly has H**

        You are dumb. I feel sorry for u. I thought it was all an act but u are really dumb. u are confident in ur stupidity. I don’t even know where to start with u and ur daft comments. I dont argue with stupid people. U are dumb, u probably think chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows. Lol stay bless.

      • Jasmine August 16, 2019

        You can believe whatever unproven accusations you want but you won’t do is attempt to belittle people with differing opinions. Anyone who reads these comments CLEARLY sees you on a war path against anyone who thinks differently than you. You feel compelled to belittle people that think differently which is a clear psychological sign of aggressive behavior. I think my assumption about you was right and you just confirmed that you are a toxic person with aggressive tendencies. Like I already stated, you do not have the mental capability to go par to par with me. I am highly intelligent, educated, and sophisticated. You are out of your league. You are just gutter trash and nothing you say holds weight unless I validate it.

        Remember your opinions mean nothing, you are nothing, and you will always be nothing. #Dismissed #GetLost #GutterTRASH #OutOfYourLeague

      • Clarkson August 16, 2019


  3. Clarkson August 16, 2019

    R***** Perry back at it again. She is cancelled
    Remember when she kissed a young guy without his permission on American idol.

  4. Paulo August 16, 2019

    Quick Google on this ho will let you know she’s a Putin advocate. She’s exaggerating the story to go for Katy cause she’s a liberal. Thank you, next!

    • Clarkson August 16, 2019

      Yeah everyone is a Russian bot
      A Congress woman from Hawaii attacked kamala during the debate, yall started saying shes a Russian plant and a Putin puppet
      You guys are dumb. Its embarrassing
      What of the teenage dream model that accused Katy,? Is he a Russian bot too?

      • Caleb August 17, 2019

        This “Russian bot” bs has gotten out of hand.

  5. Clarkson August 16, 2019

    “Alleged mistreatment of kloss”

    Mistreatment? Is that what ur calling it? Cause Katy is ur fave?
    This woman pulled a guy’s shorts down exposing him to a crowd and u call it mistreatment.
    This woman called Katy Perry is a sexual abuser. Go to YouTube, there’s a video of her grabbing shawn Mendes bottom on the redcarpet

    • Carlitos August 16, 2019

      She never pulled anyone’s pants down. She stretched them out, possibly exposing him. There’s actually a difference. And btw, he’s shown his junk to many, many people. He even has a FansOnly site for him doing exactly what he claims Katy has done. For this chick’s situation…I’m sure it was just innocent fun. If that’s the case, I’d probably say I’ve been harassed many times. She never r**** the girl. People need to settle the f*** down and know the difference between flirting and ACTUAL sexual harassment.

      • Clarkson August 16, 2019

        So because he has an onlyfans pages that means everybody is entitled to his body.
        So because he has shown his junk to many people that means everybody has a right to his body? Come on. Ur logic is silly.

        What is the meaning of “she stretched his pants out”
        She pulled down his shorts and his underwear exposing his privates to a crowd.

        Katy touched this woman inappropriately that’s a crime. If a man did this u wouldn’t be coming up with flimsy excuses to justify his behaviour

        More people are still going to come and accuse Katy. she’s a predator
        She grabbed shawn Mendes bùtt on the redcarpet, how old was shawn Mendes when she did that? 16? Imagine a man grabbing the bùtt of a 16 year old pop star on the redcarpet

      • Shayla Queen August 16, 2019

        You wouldn’t say the same if a man exposed a woman’s v*****

  6. Ropeburn August 16, 2019

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist but this is a little too convenient in terms of timing. It’s like these people sit around for years, stewing in anger, waiting for the right moment to try and tarnish a famous person’s reputation. Notice they didn’t say any of this until she had a semi-flop album. As soon as they saw that she wasn’t as hot as she used to be they pounced.

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