Madonna is the First Female Artist To Nab 100M Views on Music Videos From 4 Different Decades

Published: Friday 30th Aug 2019 by Rashad

Queen of Pop Madonna serves yet another reminder that her reign is not limited to the Billboard charts.

This week – as her 2005 comeback hit, ‘Hung Up,’ passed the 200M views mark on Youtube – she cemented a unique record in digital history books.

Details inside:

Madge is officially the first and only female artist to reach 100 million views on music videos from 4 different decades.  The feat is particularly impressive as two of the four videos predate Youtube’s creation and one of them precedes the video-sharing site’s ascent to becoming the major music platform it’s presently known as.

Curious to know what those music videos are?





For an artist who’s widely credited as the preeminent female pioneer of the popularity of music videos, it’s only fitting she would be the first lady crowned with this distinct honor.

As of time reported, King of Pop Michael Jackson is the only solo male artist to boast a similar feat as he currently reigns as the only artist to have five music videos from five different decades to nab 100M views or more.

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  1. SNF August 30, 2019

    Ummm okay…

    • Keith August 30, 2019

      @SNF: My thoughts exactly…

  2. The Truth August 30, 2019

    Congrats, I guess? Madonna hasn’t had a great body of work since Confessions. I honestly wish she’d only focus on performing the hits, rather than making new music.

    But, kudos on this feat..

  3. Urg August 30, 2019

    What is the point of this. Most artist cant even last 1 decaade never mind to 4. This post is so damn pointless

    • Lana Bey Fan August 30, 2019

      This comment is dumb. You say most artists can’t last 1 decade, Then You say it’s a pointless article. Well, evidently it isn’t a pointless article because it’s highlighting the fact that Madge has been relevant for over 4 decades.

  4. billy bob max a milli August 30, 2019

    Amazing! Impressive! How can we get her to five videos from five different decades!?

    • Dom August 31, 2019

      By putting out something better than this trash last album.

  5. SMH August 30, 2019

    Um ok, so how come her tickets ain’t selling out?

    • Brandon August 30, 2019

      Um who says her tickets aren’t selling? she sold out 4 shows in 4 different countries in 5 mins.

    • stormiscomimg August 31, 2019

      All her European shows sold out in 10 minutes, she continouosly announced new shows for every cities and they sold out in 10 minutes again.
      You Need To Calm Down,
      You’re Being Too Loud!

      • Gary R. August 31, 2019

        You are incorrect! I am a huge fan, but not one date on her coming up tour is sold out. Check your facts. She has sold roughly 90-95% of each date but there are still tickets available for each date on the Madame X tour. I think this is because of the new way she is selling tickets….first to pre- registered fans, then 4-6 weeks later to the general public. This is the same way Taylor Swift did her Stadium tour and she had tickets available to every show up until the date of the show but eventually sold out every date on the tour. The buzz was the same for her, people writing articles about her tour being a flop when it turned out to be a complete success. This is the way Live Nation is handling their big artists now because they are getting more money per seat and shows end up selling out anyway. It is also a way of keeping down the tickets that are available to resellers. Live Nation buys the tickets and sells them instead of resellers buying them and making it look sold out when in actuality it is not sold out. Arthur Fogel, head of Live Nation, said Madonna’s new tour is selling extremely well and at higher prices going to the artist instead of reselling sites. He said if they sold her show the normal way of the past every madame x date would have sold out in minutes. I hope this clarifies a little. Please look it up if you don’t believe me. I believe it was on that I read all these articles. Madonna is playing small venues this time and is going to make more money per show he said. It costs alot of money to put up and tear down a stage every few days in contrast to doing these mini residencies which alot of us don’t think about. He said she would have no problems selling out arenas & stadiums if she wanted to, but she was bored with doing the same type show yet again, and he said he thinks it is good to mix things up when you have a career like Madonna’s. Peace all.

  6. Fancy BISH August 30, 2019

    Michael and Madonna, of course ?? ?? ?? I’mma say this once, and this is true tea ☕️ Most of this new generation of artists have already messed up because they put out the wrong albums and wrong songs with the wrong visuals at the wrong time lol…sorry boo, your chance for greatness is waning with each lackluster release! Get right or get gone! ? If you’re a new artist, pay attention to exactly what you’re doing and smile at this comment because you haven’t yet put mediocrity into the universe lol…Madonna knew EXACTLY what she was doing..she used to serve drinks to artists such as Angie Stone at Danceteria back in the day, true tea! Madonna had a VISION..she planned her thang OUT…and she was very particular with her song selection…very careful…one song at a time! She knew when to write the song and when not to ☕️ This bish knows everything about imagery and symbolism!…art…lasting impact! She briefly dated Basquiat! Madonna is Queen for a real reason and I know she laughs to herself when anyone challenges this fact or tries to dismiss her because she’s already DONE the WORK. ?

    • Only Facts August 30, 2019

      “the wrong albums and wrong songs with the wrong visuals at the wrong time” HA!!


      Love this!

    • Gary R. August 31, 2019

      Nicely said!

  7. king z August 30, 2019

    anyone who doesn’t see the relevance of this shouldn’t brag when their faves get to #1 on the Billboard 200 with 2000 traditional sales but 100,000 streams

    madge and michael are artists whose work came out before the digital era. for them to make strides in youtube and spotify and all that when their contemporaries dont that’s a big deal. it also speaks to how big their hits were

    you had a song that came out in 1990 that gets more views on present day youtube than people whose hits came out in the youtube era? that’s a big deal

    plus THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES. this would be different if several artists were doing it, but if she is the ONLY female and he is the ONLY male that’s a big deal

  8. SS August 30, 2019

    Thank you!

  9. Trè August 31, 2019

    This is the type on conversations i started visiting this blog for.. First time in a very longtime i feel this was true commentary with facts and respect.

    Man, lately y’all been so derogatory toward each other.. Sooooo mean, WOW!

    We love a great debate but when it becomes so nasty i be like whats the point..

    Love visiting this site for the updates.. Keep ip the good work TGJ!!

  10. Gary R. August 31, 2019

    She should be the top female artist for music videos because she pioneered artistic videos. Back in the day she was crossing all sorts of boundaries that are now common place. Madonna in general is very under rated for her musical talent, artistic videos and album cuts. She has so many songs that are phenomenal that were never singles or are just very unique to their era. Love don’t live here anymore, Dear Jessie come to mind from her earlier days.

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