Missy Elliott Announces New Project ‘ICONOLOGY Drops TONIGHT!

Published: Thursday 22nd Aug 2019 by Sam

With just days to go before Missy Elliott receives the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard honor at the 2019 VMAs, the music visionary has sprung a surprise on fans.

Because their years of patience will be rewarded at the strike of midnight with the release a brand new project christened ‘Iconology’!

Full story below…

Missy made the announcement moments ago. She said:

This year has been a tremendous year for me…I am humbled and grateful. THANK YOU for allowing me to smell the roses. You, my fans, and God are the reason I am here and have celebrated every milestone with me! So, I have a SURPRISE for you…

At midnight tonight I’m dropping a collection of new songs! Let’s #ThrowItBack to a time when music just felt good and made us want to dance! Sincerely, Dr. Melissa “Missy” Elliott #ICONOLOGY

No word yet on whether the set is an album, EP, or something else. But what is certain is that our excitement is off the Richter! Especially given that it’s been 14 years since her last body of work ‘The Cookbook’).

Stay tuned!

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  1. LUCKI August 22, 2019

    Missy is f****** legendary, but I can’t say that I’m excited for this. Her last couple of singles were misses , but I’m hopeful that this will give classic Missy with a modern twist. We will see.

    • The Truth August 22, 2019

      I agree the singles were off. BUT I think Missy always delivers with a body of work. I’m excited!

      • Rice August 23, 2019

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    • Andrew August 22, 2019

      Missy is a legend I don’t care what’s next

    • Jasmine August 22, 2019

      No single or video. Missy cmon girl. You got to give people some promo on a new album or so.

      • The Truth August 22, 2019

        Respectfully, the VMA performance is the promo. I’m sure it’ll be a 10-15 set. She’ll also probably have Janet present her with the award (my guess) 😉

      • Keith August 22, 2019

        If Janet presents her with the MJ Video Vanguard Award, that would be so cool. I guess a boy can dream…

      • Jasmine August 22, 2019

        Thanks The Truth and Keith that would be so amazing to see MIssy do a long set list and Janet present her with an award. At first I was thinking the Missy section of the show would be a tribute section once I heard Normani is performing but since Missy herself is performing I’m even more excited.

    • Mark August 22, 2019

      Im better was the s***!!!!!!

  2. The Truth August 22, 2019


  3. MissMaam August 22, 2019

    YAAASSSSSSS!!! Show the children why you are a Queen a Rap!!!

  4. J August 22, 2019

    This is kind of major and definitely out of nowhere lol. I hope it’s good and doesn’t sound like Pep Rally or Ninth Inning.

    • The Truth August 22, 2019

      Let’s all say a prayer because if it sounds like either of those, I am going to be embarrassed. But I am confident she will deliver.

    • LUCKI August 22, 2019

      Those songs were horrible and sounded like “The Cookbook” B-Sides.

  5. Clarkson August 22, 2019

    Her style of music is not in vogue anymore, even her style of music videos are not in vogue anymore.
    Nobody knows what to do with her. Everybody has moved on from her.
    This will flop, I’m sorry.

    She is going to perform this song with a medley of her previous hits.
    Who and who will she bring as guest performers during her medley? Mary j oblige, Ciara (they can perform lose control) , ludacris.

    • The Truth August 22, 2019

      “Her style of music is not in vogue anymore, even her style of music videos are not in vogue anymore.” You must think this is a Nicki Minaj post, because the LEGENDARY Missy Elliott will ALWAYS be in style. Nicki is the one that’s washed up only 10 years into her career. That’s the kii

      • Clarkson August 22, 2019

        Gurl why are u talking to me , do I know u?

      • The Truth August 22, 2019

        One person nobody knows in 2019 is Nicki 😉

    • Jasmine August 22, 2019

      Clarkson look at u spewing your regular hate at the bottom of the comment section. Im glad u finally know your place! I rarely scroll down to see the BOTTOM comments. ALWAYS REMEMBER the TOP of the comments section is reserved for me the Queen B Jasmine. U stay at the BOTTOM of things (as u do in real life) and there won’t be anymore issues. Nothing worse than a BOTTOM trying to be a TOp lol.

    • Jasmine The Real Princess August 22, 2019

      Lmao bish shut up. The door is ALWAYS open for a RAP LEGEND like Missy. Your faves couldn’t even reach 5% of the creativity that she has and your faves wish they could have music videos she has in her resume. Have several seats

  6. Maxx August 22, 2019

    Her comeback will be major! Setting my alarm for 12am

  7. Gee August 22, 2019

    Missy has a very strong discography, so I am sure that collection will be a great edition to the Missy music catalog.

  8. SMH August 22, 2019

    Love Missy’s presence in music, but honestly was never a fan of her music. But congrats to her.

  9. Keith August 22, 2019

    SO EXCITED about this drop!!!! I really liked “WTF” and “I’m Better” so if the release is that level or better, I’m straight…#bringonmidnight823

  10. Queen ?? Missy August 22, 2019

    When you are an ICON you don’t have worry about numbers or charts…. you do it for the fans.

    • Jasmine The Real Princess August 22, 2019

      When you have a 20+ yr career full of achievements and hits to look back on, then numbers don’t really mean SHÎT.

  11. Nicky August 22, 2019

    It doesn’t matter! Missy is a legend and she’s on Lizzos fire song that will also increase after her performance as well!

    Lmaoooo!!! These kids don’t know Missy continues to write hits and stacking publishing royalties. She has written a hit for EACH of ya faves.

    • 6th Harmony August 23, 2019

      I know who she needs to write a hit for and help her out of her falling 72 spaces flunk the next week…lol!!!!

  12. Remymafia August 22, 2019

    I’m here for this ???

  13. Janet August 22, 2019

    Can’t wait to hear ur new album.Stay blessed

  14. Daughta August 22, 2019

    It will sell more than Queen that’s for f****** sure

  15. Banks no tyra August 22, 2019

    No thank you missy go and sit back down we got nicki meg and cardi city girls and lizzo

    • Queen ?? Missy August 22, 2019

      ? there is alway 1 tard in the bunch.

    • Jasmine The Real Princess August 22, 2019

      But how is Megaflop doing?

      • 6th Harmony August 23, 2019

        “MegaFlop” has gone on to Glory…lol!!!

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