New Video: Taylor Swift – ‘Lover’

Published: Thursday 22nd Aug 2019 by Sam

Taylor Swift is unwrapping her new album ‘Lover’ in a matter of hours and to signal its impending arrival, she’s debuted the video for its title track.

The whimsical visual is follows the clips for lead single ‘ME!’ and ‘You Need To Calm Down,’ and is being worked as the project’s third official single.

Having covered many a base with physical units, will the video help turbo-charge the singer’s streaming push for the LP?

Watch below and let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine August 22, 2019

    Nice wedding song

    • Rice August 23, 2019

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  2. Woah Vicky August 22, 2019

    Very cute video especially last few seconds of the video! Made me go aww.
    Im still not a fan of the song but video is nice!
    Album out tomorrow! Will be buying.

  3. jane bigmore August 22, 2019


  4. 2bad2bme August 22, 2019

    She will do anything for shock value. Now she wants to show herself in an interracial relationship… Get this thirsty lady a drink.

    • Woah Vicky August 22, 2019

      This is shocking in 2019? Pretty normal.

    • #TheTruth August 22, 2019

      Damned if you do, damned if you don’t,
      If she keeps going for white & white couple scenarios, she will be criticized.
      If she goes for biracial, people will say it’s a stunt.

      I don’t even care about her but some of you all are too much.

      • Rosanna August 23, 2019

        You’re a Beyoncé fan guess you know a lot abt stunts!
        I know sometimes is hard to understand why other singers do things without trying to capitalize it but the biracial couple was one of this things…she will not use this to use BLM on superbowl to promote herself and don’t do nothing for this cause again like some bees out there..

  5. Clarkson August 22, 2019

    Such a cute song and video but she should have casted a more good looking black guy. That black guy is average as hell.

    Will this song finally give miss swift her 1st number one from this album? I think so.

    Normani has no chance at all. Miss charlie puth just dropped a dark pop bop,
    5 seconds of summer (the boy band that blocked beyonce and Jay’s joint album from going number 1) just drop a fire rock pop bop.
    Normani u are done.u cant survive in this climate.

    • 2bad2bme August 22, 2019

      Girl bye! He was handsome.

    • Fancy BISH August 22, 2019

      @Clarkson, we all know you want some Zulu D ? Admit it GIRL

      • Jasmine August 22, 2019

        Lol he sure does

    • Gworl Bye August 22, 2019

      Girl shut up with your Normani obsession. None of those people have s*** to do with blocking anything from her.

    • B August 22, 2019

      Fun fact, the lead guy is also Normani’s partner in her video.

      • Clarkson August 22, 2019

        So? That will not stop normani from flopping
        Motivation is predicted to debut in the top 50. That is sad, after all that free promo from every celebrity in the industry.
        Camila cabello seniorita is predicted to hit number 1 next week.

  6. Clarkson August 22, 2019

    Damn she have zero chemistry with this black guy. Lol

    • Jasmine August 22, 2019

      Clarkson look at u spewing your regular hate at the bottom of the comment section. Im glad u finally know your place! I rarely scroll down to see the BOTTOM comments. ALWAYS REMEMBER the TOP of the comments section is reserved for me the Queen B Jasmine. U stay at the BOTTOM of things (as u do in real life) and there won’t be anymore issues. Nothing worse than a BOTTOM trying to be a TOp lol.

      • Clarkson August 22, 2019

        Damn ur lame as hell.
        How many times have u posted this exact same comment
        U are sick and u need help
        I will pray for you.

      • Jasmine August 22, 2019

        Just keeping you in check. Your comment towards me earlier was quite nasty and your tone was pointed. Don’t come for me and I won’t come for you. From now on if u must speak to me do so kindly and we won’t have any issues.

      • Clarkson August 23, 2019

        Lol girl ur still pressed cause I put u in ur place which is the trash can. LOL
        U better stfu and move on before I roast u again

  7. Tyty August 22, 2019

    Never thought i would see the day this red neck would put a black man as a lead in her video must be desperate times. She really out here abandoning her kkk core fan base. ???

    • Woah Vicky August 22, 2019

      Desperate and yet is gonna have the best week sales of the year. Gosh continue your hate of Taylor, won’t change the fact she’s heading straight to number Hahaha gonna get you really mad. And you can do nothing to stop this. You have no power to change anything

      • Tyty August 22, 2019

        Unlike you I don’t have any emotions towards celebrities…i am indifferent and clearly you are not very bright and not working with much in the brain department. Her last album did a million first week to only end up selling under 5 million with no number 1 hit single I will let you do the math on her next numbers… Hint they will be going down not up.

      • Woah Vicky August 23, 2019

        Every Taylor Post, you’ll leave a negative comment. How is that not having an emotional interest? Obviously have some type of feeling towards. You obviously don’t have much between your ears
        Album sales for all artists are down, no one is selling albums anymore, compared to even 5 years ago.

  8. Fancy BISH August 22, 2019

    Madonna did it in Like A Prayer and Secret
    Janet did it in Love Will Never Do (Without You)
    Adele did it in Hello
    Taylor did it in Lover
    I must say, it always works and it always looks stunning! ??

  9. Gworl Bye August 22, 2019

    She used a black guy as her love interest? Ooo she tried it lmao ?

    • Lanafan1 August 22, 2019

      How did she “try it?” Why are you hating?

  10. Ropeburn August 22, 2019

    Uh oh. She got a Black love interest. The comments from these hatin a** sistas gon be lit!!! ????

  11. Fierce August 22, 2019

    Taylor Swift is that b****.

  12. C August 22, 2019

    Taylor Swift is iconic! Muthafudgin legend! Goat! So proud! This will be a #1 seriously crying at the beauty of this song and video! Great job t swizzle my nizzle!

    • Jasmine The Real Princess August 23, 2019

      LMAO. You must be living in a trailer park.

  13. Jackx August 22, 2019

    The video made me like the song so much more. Can’t wait for the album tomorrow

  14. Pops mother August 22, 2019

    A lot of females did interracial dating in videos how is this a topic of conversation ? Lmaoooo

  15. Pops mother August 22, 2019

    Dudes do it all the time all these rappers put latinas and white girls in their videos idk how this is shocking

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