Travis Scott Fans Attack Cardi B / Argue That Her Music Is Not Grammy Worthy

Published: Thursday 29th Aug 2019 by David

Travis Scott‘s fans believe that he is far more deserving of the Grammy’s love and adoration than Cardi B is.

Find out why below…

Scott stands tall as one of the strongest “behind the scenes” creatives to step out into his own light and has enjoyed monumental success with his ‘ASTROWORLD’ era.

Alas, some of his fans believe the era falls short of being perfect because its parent album didn’t win the Best Rap Album honour at the Grammy awards because the gong was handed to Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy.’

Now, following the release of his Netflix documentary ‘Look Mom I Can Fly‘, his supporters have taken to Twitter to mock, blast and berate Cardi’s product by arguing that she is inferior artistically.

She had this to say in response…

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Real Princess Jasmine August 29, 2019

    Everyone knows CardiBs Team payed for Her Grammy ? she’s built off Sympathy & Payola she pays blog sites to post her and put up negative stories about other female rappers she’s been exposed and y’all dumb Retardi Gang still supports This Clown ?

    • The Truth August 29, 2019

      “payed”?? Girl…let me pay for your education.

      • I AM YOUR LEADER August 29, 2019

        “From my into talking about my pass?” PAST! Your fave needs to be educated, BADLY!

      • EJai August 29, 2019


      • The Truth August 29, 2019

        @ I am your leader, you can’t even copy and paste properly from Cardi’s tweet. Into or intro? Let me pay for your education too, hun.

    • Xanderdash August 29, 2019

      Hey Barb. Your clown shoes arrived. It’s funny. NIcki stans listen to her bemoan how many people are against her all the time. (SYMPATHY) And she has no NUmber 1’s but she’s all over the charts how many times??? How much was she paying for her success???

  2. The Real Princess Jasmine August 29, 2019

    Using her pregnancy ?? for Sympathy ??? Bye ?? trash ? box your album had no meaningful songs or game changers or any classic any anthems or memorable lyrics

    • Brent Christopher August 29, 2019

      BODAK YELLOW & I LIKE IT LIKE THAT we’re two of the biggest, most popular anthems of 2017 & 2018.

      Her music is recognized across genres, ethnicities & people.

      THAT is why she won the Grammy and reached the top spot on Billboard.

      Cardi B is an industry force & no level of criticism from individuals with no platform or influence can possibly ruin her reign.

      • EJai August 29, 2019

        Exactly! Haters going to hate!

    • Caleb August 29, 2019

      Bodak Yellow and I Like It are bigger and more iconic than any Nicki Minaj songs ever released. #facts

  3. The Real Princess Jasmine August 29, 2019

    Fraudie B hang it up and bow ? your head out of the game your a Fraud who can’t write or freestyle but want to be associated with kings and Queens of Rap , Hooee have several seats ? ?

  4. Brent Christopher August 29, 2019

    Cardi B is a maverick of pip culture dominance. She took simple urban seeds and a rigid background to transform herself & her career into a monumental tale of individual success. Cardi does not write all of her own music, but neither did Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, Drake, Kanye West or Salt n’ Pepa. It doesn’t matter if an “artist” writes all of their own records of the large majority of them are garbage lyrically. The mainstream music consumer of our contemporary pop culture climate wants songs to soundtrack their lit social media “posing”, as well as their nights out with friends & lovers. Every last track that comprised INVASION OF PRIVACY gave the kidz a “bop”. Essentially, that music, paired with Cardi’s unique personality, translated into bonafide sales & popularity amongst a sea of individuals who would not necessarily ever listen to a rap album. Travis Scott is no more creative, talented, unique or artistic than the other black rappers of modern day who are completely out of touch of their own people. Travis is a whitewashed c*** who has no allegiance to black men, black women or our ancestors. Travis is very well known, but he is not respected. He is not embraced as one of the powerful voices of the modern day hip hop community. His millions of pale, Mayo fans have no say so on his credibility or likeness amongst core, rap circles. That is where Travis fails. He appeals to the stoners and blonde ambition heads — the Becky’s with good hair & Matthew’s with machine guns. He will never receive hip hop accolades until he begins representing the core of his roots. I don’t see any of that in his work. We saw images of it in his poorly edited documentary, but the music is as surface and watered down as the woman he is romantically linked to.

    Cardi is a breath of fresh air and this sophomore album release is about to seal her legacy!

    • SMH August 29, 2019

      LMFAO. Are you on her PR team? I needed boots to get through all of that bullsh*t.

      • Bey-Rih August 29, 2019

        right? they make it so obvious they are on team cardi/Atlantic payroll…

      • Any Questions? August 29, 2019

        And the checks are LOVELY! Get with the winning team, goofy. Cute comments on blogs won’t ever increase Queen’s placement on the charts. How’s Megalodon doing?

    • Faf August 29, 2019

      And Cardi has allegiance to blacks? ???

  5. St. Cloud August 29, 2019

    That’s all fine and good but isn’t this Travis cat a curator?

  6. SMH August 29, 2019

    Looks like the public is finally waking up to Fraudi B.

    • Any Questions? August 29, 2019

      “Wish Wish”

  7. The Truth August 29, 2019

    Travis is talented, but after the bundles drama of last year, it became clear that he is a stunt queen. Yes Travis had a good album but I preferred Cardi. That album was a classic upon release. I cannot say that for Travis’ album.

    IN MY OPINION! Don’t try to come for me!

    • EJai August 29, 2019


    • SMH August 29, 2019

      If her album was classic so was JJ Fad’s.

      • The Truth August 29, 2019

        Respectfully, who is JJ Fad? Not being funny, but I have never heard of this artist.

  8. Dc August 29, 2019

    Her album still on billboard selling guess y’all gon say her team buying up albums to haters mad af but guess what y’all can’t take that Grammy back ha ha

    • Venus August 29, 2019

      thats because her label is buying and paying for her album and streams

      • Any Questions? August 29, 2019

        Sounds like Young Money needs to do the same for your fave. Why can’t she get that treatment like she used to back in 2010?

        Nicki Minaj –

        PINK FRIDAY: 2,000,000
        THE PINKPRINT: 682,000
        QUEEN: 78,000

        Hate to see it.

  9. Dc August 29, 2019

    Nipsey hustle said cardi deserves win so did j cole and Mary j Blige so y’all haters can kick rocks.

    • Closet August 29, 2019

      How do we know Nipsey said that? And even if he did, what makes him (God rest his soul) the authority?

    • Faf August 29, 2019

      It don’t matter what nipsey Hussle said y’all just started caring when he died

      He cheated on Lauren London w his baby mama just two yrs ago after she had a baby

  10. Sage August 29, 2019

    Cardi’s album was everything from start to finish. IOP was one of the most finely-crafted rap albums from a female in YEARS. I haven’t witnessed such perfection since Pink Friday in 2010.

  11. High Price August 29, 2019

    Leave Cardi b alone. Smh. They stay using her name for clout sheesh..

  12. Paulo August 29, 2019

    Cardi earned that Grammy and the stunt queens and baby daddies will keep seething

    • Venus August 29, 2019

      If by “earned” meaning her label bought it then yes

      • Any Questions? August 29, 2019

        Why doesn’t Young Money have that sound pull like they used to back in 2010? Poor them.

  13. tay August 29, 2019

    why are people soo mad at her, she humble shes helpes the coomunity and kieep people informed and we just hate

    • Lizzoh August 29, 2019

      She’s a Obvious industry plant and people are starting to see through her bullsh*t.

      • Any Questions? August 29, 2019

        Wish Wish, sis.

  14. YAS BIH August 29, 2019

    Travis scott fans? or do you mean Kylie jenner fans anyway Cardi deserved to win that Grammy her entire album was lit and I didn’t think I would like most of the songs but I ended up loving a lot of the songs especially I like it, Ring, Be careful, and Bodak yellow everybody have or had their own time to shine and win let her have hers yall stay bitter behind Cardi wins but love it when certain songs of hers don’t chart as high.

  15. EJai August 29, 2019

    Thatgrapejuice prints this story off a tweet that has 47 likes….no story here! Just hating on Cardi by TGJ

    • Closet August 29, 2019

      I was on twitter last night and it was bad. That’s why she responded.

  16. Biancacook August 29, 2019

    this the type of stuff she talking bout in her song best life. see everybody go in the booth with something to prove and she just wanted to make music. ppl keep saying payola but those sold out crowds rapping to songs that are not singles and her album still on the charts I wouldn’t say nothing I would put it all on wax

    • Faf August 29, 2019

      They be sold out festivals with other ppl
      She cancels nearly all her tour dates

      • Any Questions? August 29, 2019

        We’re not talking Onika P3do…I mean Petty.

  17. Lanafan1 August 29, 2019

    Travis Scott’s music is straight trash! ?

  18. Xanderdash August 29, 2019

    All you idiots talking about paying for Grammys. OBVIOUSLY you don’t know how Grammy voting works …and it shows. How can a person who ALREADY won the Grammy use a pregnancy for sympathy?? You just looking for a reason to hate. The woman has 3…THREE Number 1 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100. And Invasion of Privacy was Number 1 on the Album chart. That woman put in the hard work and it paid off. Just because your fave can’t doesn’t mean she cheated to win. But you can remain salty. You can’t erase her success. BTW Travis Scott had a Number ones too. He’s successful. SO I don’t see what all your beef is about!

    • The Truth August 29, 2019


    • Lizzoh August 29, 2019

      Her label and ghost writers put in the hard work, she was to busy sliding down poles and being pregnant

      • Any Questions? August 29, 2019

        Unfortunately Onigg couldn’t be pregnant because she-


  19. Lizzoh August 29, 2019

    She always breathes life into the negativity that surrounds her, she could have just ignored this tbh.

  20. Faf August 29, 2019

    She always complaining about s*** she created

    She tried to fight Nicki got beat up

    She got pregnant at the start of career

    She got cheated on

    and she tries to victimize others

    • Coretta Scott Bling August 29, 2019

      Isn’t Nicki engaged to a p********? That’s the biggest L of the century!

  21. Adonis August 29, 2019

    Travis’ writing credits list on astroworld is longer than Any artist I ever seen. Sickomode alone has thirty writers. THIRTY. That’s why he didn’t win a fawking Grammy. And I see people say Cardi paid for hers, if it was that easy to obtain a Grammy then yalls plastic build a b1tch fave female rapper would have gotten one already! Lord knows she suked and Fawked her way through all the radio airwaves…

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