Finally! Kandi Burruss Confirms Xscape Will Record ONE LAST Album

Published: Tuesday 10th Sep 2019 by Rashad

Despite generating fan frenzy, a critically and commercially acclaimed reunion tour, and highly viewed reality show since the announcement of the reunion of 90’s R&B girl group, Xscape, member Kandi Burruss remained quite vocal about not wanting to record a new album.

Her decision (and subsequent scheduling conflicts due to Broadway) left the quartet’s remaining members – Latocha, Tamika, and Tiny – to pursue new musical ventures as a trio (as we reported here).  In the time since their 2018 ill-fated EP’s release, the ladies have also gone on to explore solo music and television outings – much to the dismay of fans who continued calls for new music from the whole group.

Over a year later, after accepting the Urban Music Icon Award at this year’s Black Music Honors (hosted by Letoya Luckett and Rickey Smiley), Burruss confirms the reception from the audience – as well as pressure from her mother, Joyce – has encouraged her to put aside her hesitation to record new music.

Details inside:

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Although the back-and-forth news that accompanied the initial 2017 announcement of the ladies’ reunion was undoubtedly confusing for fans (i.e. if new music was coming, who was in or out the group, etc.), it’s great to hear about Burruss – who has long been the hold up for the ladies recording new tracks – being on board with creating new entries to their prized discography.

Keep it locked to That Grape Juice for official news on this story as it develops.

[Photo Credit: Black Music Honors]

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  1. Queef September 10, 2019

    Yes, but Kandi, please understand that Latocha and Tamika Scott are the lead singers and you can hit the high notes and Tiny can do the vocal inflections on her parts.

    • PussyPop$tress September 10, 2019

      Kandi can whistle, yes, but she sings tenor in the group

      • Queef September 11, 2019

        Yeen never lied!

    • BOP-AHOLIC September 11, 2019

      Umm sweetheart you need to understand that All 4 girls are lead singers! This is 1 girl group that shares the lead, so no, the sisters are not the lead singers of the group…Tiny and Kandi also sing lead, sis…

      • Queef September 11, 2019

        My ears detect bull

    • i ain’t even LYING bOO September 12, 2019

      yes KANDY… take a note or 2 boo

  2. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 11, 2019

    Aint nobody begging for no new Xscape album. “Finally”? LOL Even Essence Festival dont give then old hos main stage. They get side stage lounge there. Im all for a new Xscape album. Make it good and give your fans a grand finale.

  3. Clarkson September 11, 2019

    They were not that popular during their prime. I dont know who this album is for

    reality stars dont sell music maybe except cardi

    • Idontknowu September 12, 2019

      I’m here for it and no people that are
      I bump OFF THE HOOK and my fave TRACES like they came out yday

  4. Only Facts September 11, 2019

    Hopefully Kandi is only doing the songwriting and not the singing…because I cannot stand her vocals. But, the b***h can write a hit.

  5. I Told You September 11, 2019

    Kandi should write 1-2 songs for the album. NOT the whole thing. im sure there are a lot of good new writers in ATL. THEY ALL SHOULD PICK THE SONGS. I love Kandi but she’s not used to being in a group, she betta get it together.

    • Casual September 11, 2019

      Total agreement.

    • i ain’t even LYING bOO September 12, 2019

      damn skippy

  6. Jj September 11, 2019

    We are in a whole new generation, these kids of today aint checking for this kind of sound

  7. stan September 11, 2019

    i wish them luck, but tbh i feel like they should’ve done this last time when they had more momentum with the tv show and whatnot…

  8. i ain’t even LYING bOO September 12, 2019

    i’m still bitter with how she didn’t join them on the last album…. she’s so damn selfish

  9. Are You Kidding Me? September 26, 2019

    I liked their music without her.

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