Lil Nas X Feels No Pressure To Top ‘Old Town Road’: “I’m Going To Make Other Moments”

Published: Thursday 19th Sep 2019 by Sam

With new single ‘Panini’ pacing its way up the charts, Lil Nas X appears a-front of the latest issue of Billboard Magazine (in a double cover spread with Lizzo).

After reigning atop of the Hot 100 for a record-breaking 19-weeks with ‘Old Town Road,’ attention has turned to whether 20-year-old can enjoy success with his follow-up efforts.

He, however, isn’t allowing the debate to to phase him.

Instead, he’s laser-focussed on carving out a legitimate music career.

See more of the Miller Mobley lensed shoot below, and word from Lil Nas on the future, genre politics, and more…

On Pressure Of Topping ‘Old Town Road’:

“I’m not worried about anything. As an artist building myself up, I’m going to have to continue to make other moments. But it’s not something that I’m upset about or anything. I mean, maybe when I’m out in public and someone asks for a picture and they’re like, ‘Where is your hat?’”

On Genre Politics:

“There’s definitely a problem where you can say this song is hip-hop, but you can’t say it’s country,” says Lil Nas X today. He points to Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line’s “Meant to Be,” which spent 50 weeks at the top of Hot Country Songs, and which, like “Old Town Road,” has trap drums. “It’s kind of like saying that one of these genres has more respect. Take from that what you will.”

On ‘Old Town Road’ Hitting #1 On His Birthday:

“I’d just became famous and rich, you know? That’s a celebration in itself. I didn’t really do anything else.”

On Coming Out As A Member Of The LGBTQ Community:

“Just like, rip the Band-Aid off,” says Lil Nas X, though he allows that it was “nerve-wracking” to come out to his father earlier that month. “It’s something I never probably would have did if I was still living with my parents. I have that independence to do it, you know?”

More power to him!

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Billboard / Miller Mobley]

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  1. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 19, 2019

    I’m glad that he told everybody that he was gay to show the face of what one may look like.. I’m sure he feels relieved.

    Shout out the Josh Turner. Who wrote everything is fine now that’s a country song.

  2. Clarkson September 19, 2019

    Coming out as gay was the best career decision he has made

    Him coming out as gay has extended his 15 minutes.

    Panini is predicted to hit the top 10 next week thanks to the remix feat da baby .

    • Queef September 19, 2019

      True and when he puts out the video with Cardi B it’ll be even longer than 15 minutes

  3. Paulo September 19, 2019

    He’s reigniting my tall twink kink lol so cute. Wish him the best

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