Thanks To Tik Tok’s #CNSChallenge, ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ Zooms To #1 on iTunes

Published: Friday 27th Sep 2019 by Rashad

In 2006 (in Youtube’s infancy), one hit wonders Webstar and Young B almost cracked the Hot 100’s top 40 thanks to the viral dance craze associated with their tune, ‘Chicken Noodle Soup.’ 

Now, thanks to a reboot of sorts courtesy of BTS star j-Hope and singer Becky G, the song is poised to exceed its previous #45 peak.  Borrowing the cut’s chorus for their multilingual edition of ‘Chicken Noodle,’ Hope and G’s version – which features English, Korean, and Spanish lyrics – is a celebration of dance and embracing one’s heritage.  And, if its reign on iTunes and Youtube charts is anything to judge by, that celebration is one that’s resonating in a big way with listeners across the U.S.

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As of time reported, j-Hope sits at #1 on Youtube and iTunes charts with ‘Soup.’  Released at 12am on September 27, the song has already amassed nearly 10 million views on Youtube by just 12p CST.  On iTunes, it’s managed to oust longtime champion, Lizzo, from the tally’s top spot.

Reigniting interest in the original dance, the video has also spurred a Tik Tok challenge. Within the first three hours of its release, the challenge has 2.3 million views and over 4.4k videos.

The combined streaming and digital sales performance of the song could see the song make a very impressive debut on the Hot 100 after its initial sales week has finished.

Care to stroll down memory lane to hear the original?  Look below:

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  1. Miss salt gawl September 27, 2019

    Their version is garbage. I’m so tired of seeing Asian artists emulating African American culture. Annoying.

    • MissImpartial September 27, 2019

      Not only Asian. It’s seems urban culture is being taken away from Black artists. This is what being replaced looks like. I guess we have to come up with something new?‍♀️

    • ADELE4LIVE September 27, 2019

      Maybe when African American stop copying Asian culture, then asians will do the same.
      Last time I checked, Chicken Noodle Soup was an Asian Dish.
      Why are African Americans singing about it ?

      No friend chicken to sing about? SMH

      See how stupid the whole reasoning is?

      • Clocked you September 27, 2019

        Friend chicken ? Lol and fried chicken comes from Scotland bih.
        Anyways your dismissed

      • Miss salt gawl September 27, 2019

        Sis eating food from a different ethnicity isn’t the same a dressing up/emulating mannerisms of the suppressed group. Your point was null & void. You’re dismissed.

    • Ropeburn September 27, 2019

      They LOVE Black culture. Just not Black people.

  2. I love big black c** September 28, 2019

    Sorry I only worship black men with big packages

  3. Diora Couture September 28, 2019

    Both versions are equally as tacky

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