En Vogue Reunite With ALL Members

Published: Friday 11th Oct 2019 by Sam

There can be miracles, when you believe…

The ladies of En Vogue have dissolved their differences and regrouped – all five members, past and present.

For the trio incarnation (comprised of Cindy Herron, Terri Ellis, and Rhona Bennett) were joined by originals Dawn Robinson and Maxine Jones for a very special occasion last night.

Full story below…

The quintet joined forces to salute music industry titan (and the lady who signed them) Sylvia Rhone at the City Of Hope gala.

As well as performing, the group were joined by their founders Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy, who posed with them backstage:

Watch Ev5 in action:

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#EnVogue reunited (with all FIVE members) and sounded incredible!!! [🎥: @jphinla]

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En Vogue’s differences and public spats have been well-documented over the years. But little about that matters when seeing the ladies in a positive enough space to reunite.

Here’s hoping this is the beginning of a new beginning. Because we imagine there are many an opportunity awaiting this configuration of the band especially.

Pending then, check out their performance of ‘Don’t Let Go’ on That Grape Juice‘s ‘The Splash’….

Your thoughts?

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  1. Damani October 11, 2019

    This is dope!
    I know when Destiny’s Child finally does an all member reunion that’s going to be monumental!!!

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 11, 2019

      Original En Vogue and DC are never getting back together for an album or tour. The problem is money. Bey aint sharing her money with Kelly and Michelle. Maxine and Terry aint sharing their money with Dawn and Terry so it aint happening

      • Queef October 11, 2019

        You owe some money if it does happen

      • Gworl Bye October 11, 2019

        I can see destiny’s child doing it if En Vogue does it first and its successful.

      • Danny Bey October 11, 2019

        F*ck are you talking about. Bey would most def do it because the reason for all of them reuniting wouldnt even be for money, as theyve stated and done before. EV is another story.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 11, 2019

        Actions speak louder than words Danny. Bey could have easily made the Lion King soundtrack a DC album but she didnt. Its been 15 years and no DC album or tour. Its a wrap.

      • Tray Cee October 12, 2019

        Just NEGATIVE

      • Sydime25 October 12, 2019

        You sound crazy to think that beyonce wouldn’t share her money as if you know her personally. A Destiny’s child reunion will happen mark my words. They all have there own things going on and it’s about timing. Every group get back together at some point even if its takes 20 years. They are still young give them some time. Everything not about money they all have that. It’s about the fan and we the reason they are who they are.

    • 4U2SEE!!!!!!!!! October 11, 2019

      I forgot about Destiny’s Child; they’re like the baby En vogue. I would love for all of them to go on tour together, probably never.

  2. GG October 11, 2019

    This made me happy! Now I hope they don’t try to screw them on the money like they always do. I’m glad to see them getting along

  3. Shayla Queen October 11, 2019


  4. YAS BIH October 11, 2019

    About damn time now im ready for an album from them and still waiting on 702 come back album too.

  5. Gee October 11, 2019

    This is the step in the right direction, hopefully greatness can come out of this. Hopefully a new album and tour for all of their fans.

  6. Pf October 11, 2019

    I want just the original 4

    • Holliewuudd October 11, 2019

      Correct. Ain’t no 5 members bih

    • Tray Cee October 12, 2019

      I’m a fan who always just wants the original four but at this stage in the game I’ll take the original four plus one more. Rhona has been loyal. You can’t take that from her. And she can sing. I also feel that they need that youthful vocal power smooth things out as the ladies aren’t getting any younger and have each lost an octave or two.

  7. Haterz Gon‘ Hate October 11, 2019

    WELP didn’t see this coming!! ? Bring it on, few girl groups executed as flawlessly vocals, s** appeal, choreo, and discography. And these girls served FACE AND HAIR FOR THE GAWDS!!!! Much missed from music – please SLAY our existence ????????

    • Keith October 11, 2019

      I was going to respond @Haterz Gon Hate, but you said a word right here. May we get a musical blessing with all 5!!!!!

    • SMH October 11, 2019

      I agree, NO female group in history brought it with all those qualities combined the way En Vogue did, I think the only ones to come close were The Supremes, but I give En Vogue the edge because all 4 ladies sang lead.

  8. Chileplease October 11, 2019

    They are beautiful!

  9. pat October 11, 2019

    d@mm they age well. hopefully they can keep it together.. i wouldnt mind checking out their show now

  10. Len October 11, 2019

    Wow!!! This is the best news I’m reading today. Hopefully they can stay together and make some music!!!

  11. ~The Arcade~ October 11, 2019

    Well its about time… Lol that first pic of Dawn tho all the way in the back tho ?? That’s right ladies, you’re icons, put all this pettiness behind you????

    • Keith October 11, 2019

      @The Arcade: I don’t think THEY understand their impact. Yes, people have to eat and keep a roof over their head but I really think those ladies underestimate their impact as a group. If they do “get it”, they move the mountains to work out the logistics. Album, video, tour…IF ONLY ONE LAST TIME. Post-Supremes no other girl group compares.

      • eric October 12, 2019

        I agree Keith.

      • Tray Cee October 12, 2019

        Good point

  12. Jeans October 11, 2019

    This made me so happy!!!! I want to see an EV movie

  13. only facts October 11, 2019

    What led to their falling out? I know their songs, but not so much about the drama behind the scenes. Can anyone fill me in?

    • Gworl Bye October 11, 2019

      Money & control issues between the original 4 members.

      • Only Facts October 11, 2019

        Ah okay. Thanks

  14. menudi October 11, 2019

    How do we get rid of that 5th girl though? No shade but gurlllllllll we want the original four. Thanks for holding it down while those other four b****** couldnt get it together but its time for you to go solo lol

  15. DeanD October 11, 2019

    Wow, they all look incredible! This pic could’ve been taken in the 90s. En Vogue was my obsession until Dawn left, though Maxine was my favorite. I hope some footage of them performing drops. I think it might be too much to hope for a new album but you never know.

  16. Dianne October 11, 2019

    YYYAAAASSS!!!! LOVE THIS!!! Let’s do this En Vogue!

  17. King Khia October 11, 2019

    TOUR PLEASE!!! All five members!!!

  18. Ev October 11, 2019

    We dont’ need Rhona or Rhonda. EV4 is just fine.

  19. Paulo October 11, 2019

    Nice! Wish we’d get the same with Destiny’s Child, a DC5 reunion would slay but I know it won’t ever happen because of Matthew

  20. Vaughn-Rian St.James October 11, 2019

    The richness and clarity of their pitch and sound and their ability to enhance each layer of Harmony so that it is distinct in pitch and yet full in sound, is uncompromised. The fact that they still have that sound today is not shocking. I think “Free your mind”was one of the most provocative and distinct sounds of its day. I was younger then I had no idea about why they were not together, but fame is still very new believe it or not and people from many different backgrounds do not always know how to navigate. BUT EN VOGUE IS VOGUE ALWAYS FOR ME AND I TRULY MISS THEIR SOUND! I HOPE THEY CAN FIND A WAY TO NAVIGATE IT TOGETHER THERE IS A REASON THEY WERE PUT TOGETHER!

  21. HOWYOULIKEIT October 11, 2019

    I’m curious to know if they are planning anything.
    Their breakup was pretty messy. Maxine has cursed the other 2 members, filled for bankruptcy because they sued her. Dawn has condemned the bad deals, controlling producers for 2 decades. Now has all of this been completely resolved? Every reunion they tried has failed because these same issues were not resolved.
    Good luck for them. Their music is iconic
    I cant wait to see what Maxine sounds like today

  22. B2J October 11, 2019

    En Vogue’s 30th Anniversary since “Hold On” as released in 2020. Does this mean a 30th Anniversary Tour & album with all 5 members?

    I never thought in a million year we would get all 5 members together. ‘EV 5’ should be the name of their next album.

    I would buy double just to see all 5 do a tour together. I really like how they incorporated Rhona on “Free Your Mind” since she usually takes Max’s verses. I wonder how they would include Rhona on their other hits or how Dawn & Max would be included on their new music from ‘Soul Flower’ and ‘Electric Cafe’ if they performed “Ooh Boy, Piece of My Love & Rocket live with Dawn & Max.

    Glad they put their differences aside to come together for Sylvia Rhone’s City of Hope event. But it was her fault for making the EV 4 project turn into EV 3 album. She was so threatened by Dawn’s solo work with Dr Dre’s Aftermath label that she wanted her tp sign a contract saying she was not leaving EV bur never did it with the rrst of the girls. Terry did her solo career & theor were solo deals with Cindy, Max & Dawn but after Terry’s solo project underperformed, Sylvia wanted a new EV project then after EV 3 album was released Sylvia moved the girls to Elecktra Records from EastWest Records, which was a bad move because Elecktra has a rep just like T.U.G for not releasing albums by artist & then dropping them after Masterpiece Theatre was released when the album was not promoted correctly & only 1 single “Riddle” was released. So that was all due to Sylvia Rhona’s bad managing of En Vogue.

  23. Yandi October 11, 2019

    Hell has literally FROZEN OVER!!!! OMG!

  24. Johnnie October 11, 2019

    I couldn’t be happier. All 5 of y’all, take my money! I am here for it!!!

    • Tray Cee October 12, 2019

      I’m with you Johnnie!!!

  25. Betcamus October 11, 2019

    For all of y’all dissing my girl Rho, she is the glue that’s helped Terry and Cindy hold EV together in the absence of them other two broads!! So, put some respect on her name and show some appreciation for what she brings.

    • Kevin October 11, 2019

      Agreed. She has every right to be there and has been for over a decade.

    • Tray Cee October 12, 2019

      Thank you Betcamus. If nothing, Rhona has been super LOYAL and no one can take that from her. Not to mention she has an amazing voice. While I love my original 4, I always felt like Rhona’s voice was a nice blend of both Maxine and Dawn and I think she’ll bring something beautiful to the table.

  26. Queen?Bee❤️ October 11, 2019

    These b****** are 60 years old and broke up 25 years ago. Who the hell cares????

  27. Cindy October 11, 2019

    Well finally!!!!! I would’ve attended shows years ago!

  28. olusheyi banjo October 11, 2019

    Wow wishes do come true. I’ve been wanting this for years. So happy to see them together again

  29. Anne October 11, 2019

    Finally! Best complete girl group ever! Love all 4 voices ( not familiar with the newbie though).

  30. Fancy BISH October 11, 2019

    I ❤️ En Vogue…ain’t nobody out singing ? them, point blank period! What other female group can out sing En Vogue? I’ll WAIT ⏰ ? ??

  31. eric October 12, 2019

    Talk, hug it out, then give us a new album and tour.

  32. nate October 12, 2019

    yall hear that clip!! They still sound like 1993, WHO CAN SAY THAT? I only want an album and tour if the OG members on there. I don’t mind the fifth member, that just means VOCALS will be even more epic. I’m here for EV5, they need to realize folks want to see them SLAY again.

  33. Mark October 15, 2019

    Should have just been the original 4. Rhona is not needed.

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