J-Boog Confirms B2K Will NOT Be on the 2020 ‘Millennium Tour,’ Despite Reports

Published: Wednesday 20th Nov 2019 by Rashad

While most of the recent attention afforded 2000’s boyband B2K has been centered around Omarion and the romantic dealings of his ex, Apryl Jones, with bandmate Lil Fizz (as we reported here), the group’s 2019 narrative certainly spells of more – namely their successful reunion trek, ‘The Millennium Tour.’

Pulling in over $5 million earlier this year, the success of the outing prompted calls for new music and a subsequent tour from the quartet.  In response, Omarion sent fans into frenzy earlier this week when he teased the possibility of a 2020 revamp of the nationwide jaunt.

Yet, almost just as quickly as excitement for the news went up, fellow group member – J-Boog – brought it back down when he took to social media to adamantly deny B2K’s involvement in any 2020 touring venture.

More inside:

After O posted this:

In a live video captured by our friends at NT2, Boog stated:

“I love them n*ggas. I like B2K, them n*ggas hard,” he said during an Instagram Live session. “But I’mma tell you right now, they are not on that tour. Holla. Them n*ggas tried to use the same picture, all that sh*t, to fake the fans out like we gon’ [do the tour].”

See it below:


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JBoog saying B2k will not be on the new Millennium Tour

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For clarification’s sake, Omarion never directly suggested it would be B2K on the tour.  With multiple albums and solo hits to his credit, he could be going at it alone.

Time will tell once the official announcement is made.

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  1. only facts November 20, 2019

    Who cares.

  2. Clarksoon November 20, 2019

    Who are these girls?

    Hang it up

    Omarion messed up his solo career.
    He should have kept the momentum from the success he got from ice box, touch , I get it in and today he will probably be like justin Timberlake.

    • No Glory December 1, 2019

      Firstly, they’re men. Secondly, Omarion’s last album sexplaylist was actually a very good album. If you haven’t listened to it, you can’t have an opinion. He should’ve capitalized off of post to be. He didn’t even go on tour around that time which was a joke. Why wouldn’t you at least get together a handful of big shows when you had one of the HOTTEST songs of the year.

  3. Danny Bey November 20, 2019

    After all the drama y’all enabled, nobody’s checkin for B2K anymore Lil Boogie. Omarion very well could headline the tour himself seeing as tho he had more hits and success as a solo artist than the group. Hence why he was half y’all whole set for the tour lol. You can thank Teeny Fizzle Pop’s stupid LHHH storyline and the way y’all treated Raz for y’all a demise. It was cute for the moment but now we’ve moved on

  4. Tyty November 20, 2019

    Ermm did Omarion say he was including all of the band members? he can headline the tour himself and add other 90s rnb stars to support. Apart from Raz b the other two fizzle and this one need to shut up.

  5. Lol November 20, 2019

    Nobody is going to a concert tour headlined by Omarion. Let’s be real. He has 2 or 3 solo hits. If anything that would be a theater tour not an arena tour.

  6. No Glory December 1, 2019


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