New Video: Camila Cabello – ‘Living Proof’

Published: Sunday 24th Nov 2019 by Sam

Camila Cabello has hatched the video for ‘Living Proof’ ahead of her performance at the American Music Awards tonight.

Directed by Alan Ferguson, the clip is the latest in a growing list of visuals premiered in support of the 22-year-old’s sophomore album ‘Romance’ (due December 6th).

Watch as Cabello and her love interest navigate their garden of love below…

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  1. Clarks0oon November 24, 2019

    Beautiful video

    Look at those vocal acrobatics. Look at that falsetto, this is what beyonce was struggling to do on spirit, Camila does it effortlessly without breaking a sweat
    Her voice was made for falsetto

    It’s only talented vocalists that do falsetto flawlessly.

    I’m so excited for this album.

    • Oh plz November 24, 2019

      STFU…what the hell do you know about falsetto? Beyoncé’s farts sound better than Camilla Cabello’s goat cheese vocals.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 24, 2019

      Clarkson is shemale garbage. That thing worships and praises anything white or hispanic but hates on all bkack women because he hates the fact his skin color is as black as TAR.

  2. Tori November 24, 2019

    There must be a way to get this site took down or banned, like seriously. Between this damn video, these ads and the bias reporting and mis-reporting of artist/news they dont like, and of course CLARKSON…its time we do something. Tired of saying things and they delete your comments or let the most racist and vile things go on.

    • Only facts November 24, 2019

      I vote that we all stop coming here then they’ll get the picture. I spend more time on r****.com – much more civilized blog and commenters over there.

      • Only facts November 24, 2019

        They blurred out the site I suggested. Rap up . Com – no spaces ? are you all over there

      • Clarks0oon November 24, 2019

        Bìtch bye

        Go to another site to spread ur lies and negativity.

        U have said it countless times that ur done with this blog but u keep coming back.

        The tone of ur comment sounds like u are defeated. I am put u in ur place. Counter ur lies with receipts and facts.
        U sound depressed, like u have lost a battle.

        Seeing Camila winning is putting u in depression.
        Lol ??? suffer

      • Tori November 24, 2019

        Girl no one gives a damn about you or Camel. She needs to worried no one picks her lil azs up for s** trafficking, looking like shes going to junior prom.

  3. Clarks0oon November 24, 2019

    Trending number one worldwide.
    The power of Camila cabello

    She’s performing twice tonight at the AMA
    She’s performing living proof and later on she will be back on stage to perform her second number one song seniorita with her boo shawn

    Some people can’t even get a slòt to perform , my faves got 2 slots to perform.
    Insta model Normani what’s good?

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 24, 2019

      Shut your crusty mouth up about Normandi. Nobody is thinking about her but u cooooon.

  4. Nicky November 24, 2019


    Camila is not even selling tickets hahahahahahaha

    Everyone go look at her Ticketmaster


    Also This song has very litttle streams


    • Clarks0oon November 24, 2019

      Bìtch stop telling lies.
      the tour is in 8 months.

      she’s already selling out seats without any promo for the tour.

      U have been wrong several times.
      Remember when u said she was not gonna win any latin Grammy awards but she ended up winning 2 Latin Grammys including record of the year, one of the biggest awards of the nite

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 24, 2019

        Clarkson is trash

      • Nicky November 24, 2019


        She hasn’t sold out one date lmfaooooooooooooooooo

        I thought she was a huge star according to you?

        Because she’s NOT. Never said she wasn’t going to win a Latin grammy. Show that receipt. She clearly didn’t win anything for a solo work. Lmfaooooo I don’t give a f** about Latin Grammy


      • Clarks0oon November 24, 2019

        Gurl dont deny urself.

        U and only facts are haters and 2 pathetic troll.
        U said she wasnt gonna win any latin Grammys.

        When the tour sell out I will remind u about this comment and u will deny it again cause ur a troll and a hater

        Madison Square garden and staple centre, the enter arenas are turning grey . The only seats left are the front row seats cause they are expensive.
        The tour is 8 months from now.

        I will remind u that u said Camila wont sell out the tour when she sells out this arena tour.

    • Only facts November 24, 2019

      I can’t wait to see how few bundles she actually sells ??? idk who is gassing this ugly girl. Ugly attitude. Unattractive face. Boring music. Lackluster dance skills. ? ?

  5. Clarks0oon November 24, 2019

    Even tho romance is eligible for gold certification upon release and has a combined 1.3 billion streams, I’m scared this album may not hit number 1.

    Dead musician Xxxtentacion has an album coming out on dec. 6 the same day Camila is releasing Romance. Can Camila compete with a dead rapper like xxx who has a dedicated fan base. all his albums have hit number one since he died.

    I’m worried. Camila cant settle for a top 5 debut. She deserves that number one spot. 2 consecutive number one albums.

  6. Interac November 24, 2019

    The auto tune is a no. Her falsetto is a no. Something about the production sounded like it was going backwards lol. The visual is nice, but too blurry.

  7. Only facts November 24, 2019

    ???? so this is the official next single?? *grabs popcorn* her next flop

  8. Jasmine The Real Princess November 25, 2019

    What an ugly flop!

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