Taylor Swift Surprises With ‘Lover’ Remix Featuring Shawn Mendes [Listen]

Published: Wednesday 13th Nov 2019 by Sam

Taylor Swift just spring a major surprise on fans moments ago with the release of the ‘Lover’ remix featuring Shawn Mendes. 

The title track of the Pop titan’s latest album is re-worked as a romantic duet, that sonically arrives right on time for the holidays.

Take a listen to the dynamic duet below…

Credit where due, Mendes’ vocal has matured and works splendidly when meshed with Swift’s.

The song, itself, isn’t far removed from the original, which works for the audience it’s catered to.

Beyond the track itself, the pairing is all sorts of smart.

The duo are now label-mates, after Swift’s recent move to Republic (which of course presents obvious benefits), but they crucially each offer something that eludes the other.

Mendes is gifted his biggest duet yet – given the magnitude of Swift’s star, while the songbird garners the benefit of his young(er than her) fanbase and borrows some of the heat he has coming off ‘Senorita’ – which was a Hot 100 #1. Something that has evaded Swift this album cycle – despite her titan sized sales.

Could this be the cut to change all of that?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson November 13, 2019

    Everybody releasing a remix cause they want a number one so bad

    This is coming to damn late.

    Taylor everybody has moved on from this song and this lover era

  2. ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 13, 2019

    Shayla Queen did you wake up yet

  3. Danny Bey November 13, 2019

    She’s realizing her normal Star is fading so this is nothing but a cheap ploy to get back to #1. She’s so predictable. Such an unexciting artist. Her AND Camel Toe are one in the same. No wonder they’re besties

    • Clarkson November 13, 2019

      Taylor should open for Camilla’s tour

      • Curt November 13, 2019

        If you’re going to stand for someone and constantly mention them when no one asks, at least spell her name right. C A M I L A. Camila has one L.

      • Clarkson November 13, 2019

        U do realise that’s a troll.
        Trying to confuse people and discredit my opinions

      • Jasmine The Real Princess November 13, 2019

        Her name is Shîtmila actually

      • COWMILA November 13, 2019

        Her name is C O W M I L A with one L honey

  4. only facts November 13, 2019

    Is Ms. Swift attempting to overshadow Camila’s album announcement? LOL

  5. Theman November 13, 2019

    They share some of the same fans. And lots of artists are doing remixes and collaborations for their songs.

  6. Dc November 13, 2019

    Y’all do realize this happens to all artists they don’t perform on charts like they used to and if Taylor Swift and Katy Perry can fall off and struggle in this day nobody safe

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