2019 Year In Review: Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ Became the Most Awarded Song in History

Published: Tuesday 10th Dec 2019 by Rashad

Whether good, bad, ugly, or somewhere in between, 2019 brought with it some of modern Pop culture’s most memorable moments.

Now, as the year draws to a close, TGJ is reflecting on 31 moments that rocked – and to some degree maybe even reshaped – the Urban and Pop musical landscape as we know it.

Next, we’ll look back on how the monstrous success of Mother Monster’s ‘Shallow’ not only penciled her name in history books, but reaffirmed her position as one of Pop culture’s leading forces.

Details inside:

There’s no way to spin the seemingly sudden, yet very real demise of Lady Gaga‘s popularity following the unexpectedly (and comparatively) poor performance of her third studio album, 2013’s ‘ArtPop.’  Albeit a chart-topping effort, much like the Tony Bennett-assisted Jazz effort that followed, the decline in sales and influence suggested a progressive wane.

2016’s ‘Joanne’ may not have been the blockbuster force needed to push the Pop diva back to the stratosphere, but it was certainly a precursor to “the new Gaga” – an artist opting to abandon eccentricity and gimmick (to degree) in place of letting the art speak for itself.  The interest in content from the LP, skyrocketed by her 2017 Super Bowl performance, undoubtedly laid the groundwork for the success of the ‘A Star is Born’ film and accompanying soundtrack.

Peppered with Oscar buzz ahead of its official premiere, the 2018 revamp of the classic ‘Star is Born’ tale zoomed to the top of box office charts.  Mirroring the performance of its soundtrack on the Billboard 200, the enduring success of the album’s content – thanks to an aggressive promo schedule by Gaga and co. – kept the music atop iTunes sales tallies for weeks after its release.

As if that wasn’t rewarding enough, ‘Shallow’ – the first single from the ‘Born’ soundtrack – dominated radio, streaming, and sales listings well into the next year.  Renewing public interest after every live showing (see:  Grammys, Academy Awards, etc.), the song’s buoyancy on Billboard charts was only rivaled by its sweep of nearly every major award show that season.

Lady Gaga Makes History With First Oscar Win as ‘Shallow’ Nabs Best Original Song at Academy Awards [Video]

The result of it all? ‘Shallow’ sits in history books as the most awarded song ever.  Unseating Beyonce‘s ‘Formation’ to nab the title, look below to see a list of just a few of the many trophies it collected along the way:

We can’t wait to see what LG works up for 2020.  The pressure is on.

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  1. HavanaONana December 10, 2019

    Congrats Lady Gaga
    I love your singles “PokerFace, Just Dance, Bad Romance and Born This Way”. You set the new trend among these pop stars

    • Fancy BISH December 10, 2019

      All the songs you listed are certified and nostalgic bops, but Bad Romance is next level…I still can’t believe how good that song is…she DID THAT ? The intro alone is pure ? ?

      • HavanaONana December 11, 2019

        Yes Bad Romance is her most iconic song and video ever!

      • Will_xo December 11, 2019

        Finally someone speaking my mind

  2. Fancy BISH December 10, 2019

    They hate to see it ? Clarksdaughter, I’m just joking witchu

  3. POPS MOTHA December 10, 2019

    PERIODT. It’s really crazy how her career took a big fall and she managed to turn that upside down. Not many people can do that. Many artist try to revive the dead but it just doesn’t work. I’m sure Gaga will have many years of success in music. Her Vegas residency selling like crazy and I’m sure she will be back to doing movies. She has a bright future. I truly do feel bad for slamming Katy who can’t seem to recover from this fall.

    • only facts December 11, 2019

      Katy’s issue is she slammed other pop stars and relied on one produce (dr. luke) for all of her hits. Britney, GaGa, Beyoncé, etc all work with MULTIPLE producers. I mean, if Beyoncé relied on The Dream to produce her albums, she wouldn’t have made a hit past 2008.

      I don’t feel bad for Katy. She’s never apologized for the sh*t she’s said about Britney

  4. Clarks0oñ December 10, 2019

    Shallow is a feature, so are we going to discredit all the achievements of this song?

    Keep the same energy u guys use for Camila when talking about senorita.

    I’m just saying.

    • Doll Domination December 11, 2019

      Please jump off!!! Ur toxic AF

    • You Tried December 11, 2019

      Don’t compare Gaga and Camila. She wrote this song with a Bradley also Camila won’t be seeing a multitude of awards for one song

      • Clarks0oñ December 11, 2019

        But Camila wrote senorita also.
        Shes the second credited writer of the song.
        And senorita is already receiving multiple awards.

        Keep the same energy, that’s all I ask.

  5. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie December 11, 2019

    One of the last talented writers and singers of this generation. ???? I always feel joy when talent is rewarded. ??? Love you Stefanie.

  6. The Truth December 11, 2019

    I actually don’t even like this song. It sounds so desperate to me. Ugh.

  7. only facts December 11, 2019

    Sorry, I’m over this b*tch. Once Perez Hilton revealed that she purposely told her producers they couldn’t work with other pop girls, I was done. And the only reason RedOne could work with JLO was if GaGa received writing credit on the album (see: Hypnotico). Perez also said that GaGa has a nasty attitude, is a narcissit, and thinks everyone copies her ( yet she has literally spent most of her career trying to be Madonna).

    When will everyone cancel this b*tch? Who is the real GaGa? Everytime we see you, you’re a different person with another face. I hate a nasty attitude more than anything…and cannot stand someone who thinks they are above others.

    • NotoriousTruthTeller December 11, 2019

      Hello Only facts, The Notorious truth teller here!

      You blame Gaga for copying her entire career. Yet you are here copying and pasting the same comment you make in every Gaga related thread.

      She might have had something to do with the Christina backlash in 2009/2010 but they clearly have moved on from that ——> DWUW performance ft Christina.

      Second: About the JLo thing..puhleaseee! Hypnotico has severeal writers and on some parts it sounds like a Gaga lyric so whatever.

      + Cancel Gaga? Impossible at this point. She recoverd from ALL the backlash!

      As for myself, I can’t wait to find out what this new decade brings us. I need some new bops by Gaga en tons of acting.

  8. Lanafan1 December 11, 2019

    I do not like her or this song. She’s a Madonna wannabe. She’s a p******** sympathizer. She was caught at a art show where they had black people tied up and called it “art.” And the only reason why she got any success from this movie was because Beyonce got pregnant

    • FagHagdonna December 12, 2019

      Hagdonna is a hasbeen LOSER.

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