British Rapper J Hus Accused Of Homophobia After Condemning Gay Rights Movement For Ignoring Black Issues

Published: Tuesday 24th Dec 2019 by David

Thanks to a string of genre-defying British hits, J Hus now stands tall as one of the world’s most impactful musicians…gliding to global glory on the wings of one Gold album and several multi-Platinum tunes.

Today, he finds himself in the middle of an intense debate about the white gay community, its supposed “agenda” and use and abuse of black culture and suffering for social gain.

His controversial thoughts below…

In a series of tweets, the African superstar condemned leaders in the LGBTQ community for imposing their beliefs on those who may be against and for ignoring issues faced by members of the black community.

His remarks were met with praise by some and criticism from others.

He issued this statement in response….


He isn’t the first public figure to argue that the gay community has a problematic relationship with black people.

Remember this?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Diabetes Unbothered December 24, 2019

    There’s nothing wrong with being homophobic anymore than there’s something wrong with not liking Rats. Literally ALL Heterosexuals are Homophobic, homophobia is Harmless. F*** are just subhuman which is why they are so offended by it. It’s 100% Harmless

    • Del December 26, 2019

      Don’t racist class blacks as subhuman well at least us f*** create things for society and not collect food stamps and kill on the daily sometimes white cops killing you types of n****** is a good thing hope you die of diabetes there’s no Jesus you will just be eaten by insects and rot

  2. Lanafan1 December 24, 2019

    Who is he?

  3. Diabetes Unbothered December 24, 2019

    Comment deleted.

  4. Ratedxxx December 24, 2019

    So it’s a crime now not to like gay people….
    Get the heck out of here…
    You people want to be treated like equal…but as soon as somebody say they dont like yall azzes
    Yall want to cry homophobia

    • spiralx December 24, 2019

      Because it usually is. Some sort of a fear, prejudice, or lack of inclusiveness. And unchecked, it could well lead to a hate crime. So its worth being called on it, IMO.

    • Del December 26, 2019

      Just like its a crime to hate blacks or is that different if so please explain as the last time I checked hate is hate no matter how hard you try distance it but then then thats part of the three things in straight black world.

      1 be homophic listen to homophic trash

      2 play the race card

      3 smoke weed

      4 one parent family or have a father gallivant

      5 use slavery as an excuse to be homophobic but not mention about black babies being r**** pictured in the moths of alligators or women r**** no its just on this toxic masculinity bile.

  5. spiralx December 24, 2019

    He does like displaying his ignorance, doesn’t he. As well as his cultural bias.

    • Del December 26, 2019

      Thats being a typical black man you see dinosaurs still roam the planet, black White arab and Indian.

  6. Gworl Bye December 24, 2019

    Sorry but he’s right.

  7. Miss salt gawl December 24, 2019

    So there aren’t African American LGBT members ???‍♂️

  8. Okurrr December 25, 2019

    Then don’t push your fake black London struggles on us, you live in the UK there is no real black struggles but in the USA there is. Jhus is just another fake wannabe gangster.

    • Del December 26, 2019

      The blacks over here stabb each other on a daily bases but then these are Somali Ethiopian Nigerians

  9. Del December 26, 2019

    I suffer ignorance and homophia from black People and Indians more than anything especially hearing words like how gays should be treated like how they treat them in the middle East, very unchristian like or how one man said I move seats when they sit next to me but had no issues with lesbians funny how my dad mentioned to me about Black hypocrisy a man who in his 70s has no issues with a gay son and a man that suffered ignorance from family members for having a Black gay son, his response UNWED CHRISTIANS MOCKING ME AND YET LIVE IN SIN THEMSELVES WITH THERE WHITE SAVIOUR HUNG UP ON THERE WALLS lol my dad is one in a million just like Gabrielle unions husband’s a few straight Black men to be proud of

  10. 2bad2bme December 26, 2019

    If there is a such thing as Homophobia then there is also a such thing as Heterophobia. Some gay people don’t like straight men just because they don’t stand a chance with them. I also know gay men who don’t like straight women because of the way their own mothers and sisters treated them growing up.

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