Pussycat Dolls Hit The Studio Together For Comeback Project

Published: Thursday 19th Dec 2019 by Sam

The Pussycat Dolls are charging on full steam with their comeback campaign.

As reported, the Pop outfit (who are a member down after Melody Thornton passed on the reunion), are set to tour and conjure up new music for an EP.

Recording is underway for the latter, which will feature ‘React’ – an unheard track they teased during their potent performance on ‘The X Factor.’

With member Carmit Bachar confirming that “the plan” is for shared vocals this go-round, it looks as though the ladies are indeed following through with the publicized promise.

Details after the jump…

Taking to social media, PCD shared shots of themselves in the studio. Together.

It featured the caption:

“We’re comin’ for ya 2020 😽 #PCDReunion

The collective presence of Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, Kimberley Wyatt, and Carmit in the lab is notable given the past configuration of the group. One which saw Scherzinger sing…everything.

We’ve long been of the belief that switching things up is the exact injection of fresh that will render this reunion more than just momentary nostalgia. For, it gives fans and critics alike something new to digest. And, if pulled off properly, could gift the group renewed relevance in the contemporary Pop landscape.

Your thoughts?

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  1. StarXavi December 19, 2019

    im ready

  2. 2bad2bme December 19, 2019


    • Lanafan1 December 19, 2019

      We who?

    • Meme December 19, 2019

      No we don’t actually. She’s the weakness doll imo. Can’t move, can’t dance, short asf, voice always sounds over the top. No thanks.

    • Around the way filet December 20, 2019

      That screeching, poor mans Xtina isn’t missed.

    • C**-ila December 20, 2019

      I don’t want her. the reunion it’s good as it is.

    • Normani. December 20, 2019

      of course the usual haters above me. yes we do want her but she dont want pcd though lol

      • Just Sayin’ December 20, 2019

        Melody does not want to come back though.

  3. POPS MOTHA December 19, 2019

    Where’s Clarksoon?

    • C**-ila December 20, 2019

      He’s been suspended and he’s locked in his basement with Jaffar!

      • POPS MUVA December 20, 2019

        ugh this site is no fun with clarksoon

  4. C****** Cebolla December 20, 2019

    They’re all pushing or already are in their 40‘s.
    Good luck with that comeback.

    • Kurtz December 20, 2019

      What has age got to do with anything FFS
      Mariah is 48 and just scored a number one billboard song
      Cher believe
      Barbra Streisand still sells and people sell sold out tours over 40
      You will also be 40 one day it’s not old

      • Poisonous December 20, 2019

        True. And it’s not like they’ve slowed down. Their performance was lit AF on the X Factor. They are basically doing it better than these youngsters..

      • Cûûmila Cebolla December 20, 2019

        It’s not my personal opinion but facts.
        Most radio stations won’t play female acts who are 30+. Sexism and ageism at its finest 🤷‍♂️

      • Moti25 December 20, 2019

        Idk. Jlo had a massive hit at 40. So each case is different

  5. C****** Cebolla December 20, 2019

    P.S. Nicole ruined her face with all the botox and fillers

  6. Johny5 December 20, 2019

    I miss s*** charismatic stars lol them, not like FLOPmila and her stiff cardboard box appropriated twerking.

  7. I love big black c** December 20, 2019

    We need some s-e-x-u-a-L vibe dancey song or slow jam. So I can get my “s-l-u-t-ness” on

  8. Belcalis December 20, 2019

    Nicole sat all the girls down and said listen “I will sing all of the songs, and you will dance behind me”

    • I love big black c** December 20, 2019

      Exactly, the other girls will keep doing the their background vocal thang, singing ha ha ha ha, la la la la la.

  9. Ain’t nobody here for PUSSYCATS W No MELODIES December 20, 2019

    ::translation:: nicole went into the recording booth while the pack of back upstairs sat on the couch next to the producer

  10. PinotNoir December 24, 2019

    The water spill on their laps that ushered in the React dance break was 🔥!

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