Pussycat Dolls Rock ‘X Factor’ With Reunion Performance / Debut New Song ‘React’

Published: Saturday 30th Nov 2019 by Sam

The Pussycat Dolls are back!

After much ado, Pop’s fiercest felines gave their big reunion performance moments ago on ‘The X Factor: Celebrity’ live final.

While anchored by Nicole Scherzinger, the spectacle saw fellow members Ashley Roberts, Carmit Bachar, Jessica Sutta, and Kimberly Wyatt show up and show out. 

Together, the ensemble (who won’t be joined by Melody Thornton for this reunion) rocked the stage with hits such as ‘Buttons’ and ‘Don’t Cha.’ They also seized the moment to close out the performance with brand new bop ‘React.’

With a 2020 arena tour to sell, PCD show and prove why their trek is already one of next year’s hottest tickets.

Watch ’em werk below!

They came, they slayed, they conquered!

We won’t be fully satisfied until we see (and hear) some of the much needed vocal distribution between members. BUT, in the here and now, the reality is that the Dolls have the classic material they have and slayed it tonight – all things considered.

Looking forward, ‘React’ sounds like fire. So it seems there’s exciting times ahead.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bravo!! November 30, 2019

    Deep down inside every act really want to be Beyoncé! I don’t give a f*** how you h*** feel about my opinion

    • Fanciest BISH November 30, 2019

      I can’t stand the thieving fraud or its fans but I agree..

    • biancacook November 30, 2019

      U do know that beyonce’s choreographer has been working with pcd forever and u do know that they are burlesque and has always been and u do know that pcd is a rotating group and has been for quite some time. beyonce didn’t invent anything she built a stage persona after something that was already being done. she has been literally biting her whole career

      • Bravo!! November 30, 2019

        Baby gurl Destiny child been around before P**** cat dolls.. stfu!! Girl groups either want to be the next Destiny child or the next Beyoncé! Please have several seats and regather your thoughts..

    • Theelusive1 November 30, 2019

      THIS WAS cute and old school and good song selection but Nicole wasn’t even singing fully live. Seems like a money grab moment wasn’t ?

      • Dc December 1, 2019

        Bet u heard her hit that live note mention that ??

    • Jeans November 30, 2019

      Deep deep down, they rather be janet!

    • No Glory December 1, 2019

      But you’re not lying. Everyone NON black benefits off of black culture except for black people. That’s just how america is setup. And it’s sad. PCD is trash and always have been..

  2. Only facts November 30, 2019


  3. Meme November 30, 2019

    Oh these ho3$ look great. I was not exactly all of them to still be snatched like this. Great come back.

    FYI: Melonie was not missed. She was the worst dancer of the group and the shortest so to be she never stood out apart from her 3 seconds of horrible solo vocals. This is completely her loss. She also tried to rush out that single because she wanted to capitalize from PCD comeback. It’s lame.

    • You Tried December 1, 2019

      Her vocals aren’t that bad y’all need to stop

      • Bam December 1, 2019

        And she had the best solo material of all the girls. Her mixtape was everything.

    • Normani. December 2, 2019

      *melody. she was much needed and missed. it was dry im sorry. Nicole same ole, same ole…. just a 50 yr old lady trying to make fetch happen again.

  4. Kim,Keisha&Pam November 30, 2019

    Where is Melody?

    • Beyonce November 30, 2019

      Her single motivation flopt

    • Charli Cheer Up November 30, 2019

      She didn’t want to comeback. Apparently because she’s really not as good as the other members when it comes to dancing and prefers being a singer.

      • You Tried December 1, 2019

        Lol that isn’t why. She wanted equal vocal distribution

  5. Lanafan1 November 30, 2019

    I’m here for it!

  6. Clarksooon November 30, 2019

    It’s still the nicole scherzinger show.

    This would have been hot back in 2009 but today, I dont think so. Nobody is really into this high octane, sèxy choreography , skimpy outfits kinda gig.

    Nobody dances like this anymore.
    Nobody dresses like this anymore .

    There still have it tho.
    They look old but they still have it. That part were the water falls on them was pretty cool.

    They have a great catalogue of music
    I think the tour will sell based on nostalgia.
    Their fans have all grown up,

    • Juju November 30, 2019

      Nobody dances anymore! These women are your mothers age, looking young as you, moving harder than you ever did in your teens and still bald from birth from witnessing this reunion. It’s too early to tell what is set to come. They are more “covered” up than most artist nowadays. Girl you are invalid. Come back again. You know my girl Kelly Clarkson is here for it too!

      • Lanafan1 December 1, 2019

        Mother’s age? They’re in their early 40s. They look older cause they’re f****** with their face. They’ll look good once it settles.

      • Clarksooon December 1, 2019

        Ur mother a rat who swallow c*** for free.
        Who hasn’t fùcked ur mama in ur neighbourhood?
        Even the garbage man posses in ur mother’s cùnt.

  7. Drinkmybussyjuice November 30, 2019

    I not here for it. They looked good but i was expecting the girls to get more shine. Its still Nicole and Backup.

    • Normani. December 2, 2019


  8. Christopher Gomes November 30, 2019

    Why they do Melody like that lol!!

    • CardiIsQueen November 30, 2019

      Well Melody chose not to come back

  9. Fanciest BISH November 30, 2019

    Hot mess, if you call this a come back then go back b******…

    • Normani. December 2, 2019

      lmao i love this. they lost me with those slow ass bungy pop ups from under the stage.

  10. Beyonce November 30, 2019

    In parallel universe:

    This is like Camila Cabello singing all the vocals featuring backup from the fifth Harmony girls where Normani is missing. FYI: Normani was not missed. She was the worst vocalist of the group and never really stood out apart from her 5 seconds of horrible solo vocals in motivation. This is completely her loss. She also tried to rush out that single because she wanted to capitalize from Fifth Harmony comeback. It’s lame

    • Lanafan1 December 1, 2019

      Camila can’t sing either. But you said parallel universe. So…

  11. Just Sayin’ November 30, 2019

    And yet we are still seeing Nicole and her backup dancers. These old ladies need to hang it up.

    • Beyonce November 30, 2019

      Just like Camila Cabello featuring Fifth Harmony performing “Work at Home” and “Worth it”

  12. Xtina4life November 30, 2019

    Anyone see the interviews they gave. Nicole looks like she doesn’t even wanna be around these girls lol. The look on her face. She is lucky to be back cause that’s the only way people will talk about her and actually have a career in the pcd.

  13. FAF November 30, 2019

    I mean this makes sense if they land a Vegas stint I doubt Nicole cares to be an artist she’s over 40

    • Moti25 November 30, 2019

      All of them are knocking on 40, and Karmit is 45…. your point?

  14. Glazba November 30, 2019

    Not a PCD fan (besides WHEN I GROW UP and I DON’T NEED A MAN songs – due to production) but this was pretty EPIC! Good job Nicole and background dancers!

  15. CoCoMaurice November 30, 2019

    No ma’am ?

  16. Gee November 30, 2019

    This will once again be The Nicole show featuring her supporting acts, but honestly being apart of PCD’s is her way to find success musically. Because we all know no one was checking for Nicole as a solo artist. Hopefully the other ladies have a chance to display their talent this time around.

    • Xtina4life November 30, 2019

      Exactly what I said. She comes off at better than anyone in the group. The interviews she looks like she isn’t happy.

      • Lanafan1 December 1, 2019

        It’s the surgery. Her face is stiff.

    • Moti25 November 30, 2019

      If they had talent other than dancing, we would know by now. Not all groups can pass the mic.

    • Lanafan1 December 1, 2019

      I actually liked two of her singles. Still play them lol

  17. Sam November 30, 2019

    its crazy how these particular girls really bring out a certain energy of nicole, it helps her in ways no one else has. These ladies still very much got it its crazy… the energy and dancing is still high.

    • Moti25 November 30, 2019

      That’s what I’m saying!! They may not all sing. But each of them bring collective energy that makes them. PCD.

  18. #TheTruth November 30, 2019

    You can tell this was put together very quickly and not well thought out.

    It’s the same old BS, no growth.
    It’s like « ok we’re older but we’re still hot and we still got it ».
    All I can think is them other girls really needed the coins to pretend they are singing when all they are is back up dancers.
    And Nicole needed the attention since her solo career titled PCD seems to be more successful than her actual solo career, when PCD is pretty much a solo career anyway…

    She’s a very good looking woman but her outfit screamed too much « I’m still hot 10 years later ». It doesn’t need to be overly explicit, suggesting is much sexier…

    That comeback medley was too short, full of mimed vocals. They should have added one midtempo where she actually sings like Sitckwitu or I Hate This Part. And perform more of the new song.

  19. Tyty November 30, 2019

    They have no self respect or dignity and couldn’t negotiate a better deal? Nicole is again using them as a vehicle to be the star she wishes she was… I could never.

  20. You Tried November 30, 2019

    Nicole is glad melody wasn’t there too so all the extra ad libs lol. I really hope they distribute the vocals

  21. Moti25 November 30, 2019

    Every group has a brand. Pcd is Nicole out front. Why change a formula that sold millions, with several top 10 hits? Girl bye

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. November 30, 2019

      @moti….- Because no one likes them the way they were. They want change (growth).

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate December 1, 2019

        If no one liked them why were they so successful? The formula worked – what happens this era now that interviews with the girls have happened over the years and scandal ensued is what will be the real tea because now the GP know everything.

  22. Tezeno November 30, 2019

    First off where’s the black girl in the group. I’m so confused

    • Educated December 1, 2019

      She didn’t wanna come back. She thought she was too good.

  23. K November 30, 2019

    Honestly I am amazed they slayed this I now want to be a P**** Cat Doll again I was at work working the moves yesssss

  24. Led December 1, 2019

    So they going to reunite without the best singer in the group?

    • Educated December 1, 2019

      Lol, you’re funny. Nicole WAS there.

      • Normani. December 2, 2019

        Clearly Led meant Melody

      • Educated December 2, 2019

        Well then Led shouldn’t have said the best singer. Melody is not a bad singer but to say the best… that’s extremely debatable.

  25. mb December 1, 2019

    Nah they need a new act! This felt uninspiring!

  26. BadgyalD December 1, 2019

    Everyone is so negative
    I’m sure carmeet wouldn’t have come back under past circumstances
    For such short time to rehearse etc this was nostalgic and epic
    And it was the label who made rifts between these women not Nicole
    Melody isn’t needed, everyone is making out she had awesome vocals but come on be realistic a whole song with just melody would hurt my ears
    I’m glad she isn’t there because she held the group back, she wasn’t a dancer
    I’m her for carmeet and Ashley their energy kills the stage
    Nicole get some cardio because ur vocals will crumble with all them dance moves

    • Normani. December 2, 2019

      maybe if she wasnt limited to 3 adlibs per song she would sing better. its hard to grow and devlope as an artist with no parts. this still doesnt take a way the fact that she is missing. Nicoles voice is very versitile but there are certain things that she cant do. Melody has a very strong voice and can run the other girl back into her chair on these xfactor shows.

  27. Joe December 1, 2019

    The pussycats dolls are the hottest group there ever was and they make the hottest music .no other group does it better . I cant wait for the new single react ?

  28. Nicole Scherzinger December 1, 2019

    Well done, great performance, people need to calm the heck down and stop being ageists, they conquered the charts then and now can be rediscovered by a new younger audience, no one should have a shelf life. It’s not all about singers who can’t sing like Billie, mumbling a few words. PCD have a catalogue of hits and will continue to do so, stop being salty.

    • Geri Halliwel December 1, 2019

      Who are they?

  29. Doll Domination December 1, 2019

    Most of yall need to shut up and say thanks you for the epicness!!!

    Remember they got tickets to sell too

    Everything need to look tip top to do that

    We all know nicole Can sang and dance at the same time…

    How to sell ticket if they let other sing and they somehow screw it up?

    I think they did a fantastic job!!!

    I miss & love PCD!!!

  30. non ya biz December 1, 2019

    Nicole is already out of breath doing a 5 minute medley how is she going to carry a tour, should of had Melody return that way she could have at least helped carry some of the weight of the performances. It will all be in play back surely. Whats the point of 4 other girls that don’t sing on stage, even here their vocals were in playback, hire back up dancers and save money, they were dancing with microphones in their hands like we’re stupid. #MESSY

  31. i ain’t even LYING bOO December 1, 2019

    lol @ this. nicole still trying to jam her solo career down everyone’s throat. don’t nobody want it boo, not then or now… especially without melody to drown out those notes that keep reachin beyond their limits LMAO

    • Sinds December 1, 2019

      And whathave you got to offer ……… I’ll wait …….yawn !!!
      Some of you don’t have a pot to p*** in when it comes to talent and you sit here in the dark making raggedy ass comments. Stand you on a stage and you would appropriately p*** your pants so stfu and take several seats.

    • Normani. December 2, 2019

      lol did u hear that extra ass note that was off key and flat? ooooooooiiiiuuuhhhhhhhhh! lmao

  32. No Glory December 1, 2019

    Link me to the soul train awards.

  33. Sindy December 1, 2019

    They were fierce! There is not a female ensemble that can match what Nicole and the girls gave us a taste of yesterday. I wish I had the funds to go see them. Nicole S. is like a stick of dynamite!! Pure star power in tha house.

  34. Sinds December 1, 2019

    They were fierce! There is not a female ensemble that can match what Nicole and the girls gave us a taste of yesterday. I wish I had the funds to go see them. Nicole S. is like a stick of dynamite!! Pure star power in tha house.

  35. Geri Halliwel December 1, 2019

    They are the best female group next to Spice Girls

    Nicole is the Geri Halliwel and Beyonce of the group

  36. Joann L Gaudioso December 1, 2019

    Absolutely the best I miss them glad they are back

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