Listen: Meghan Trainor Teases New Song With Nicki Minaj

Published: Wednesday 29th Jan 2020 by Rashad

Fans of ‘Blink’ singer Meghan Trainor probably did just that and missed reports of the multiple singles (official and buzz) the Grammy winner’s released in the last few months in support of her forthcoming album, ‘Treat Myself’ (due January 31), as only one of them has charted on the Hot 100 (as of time of this report).

In a bid to ensure the next offering from the project doesn’t suffer the same fate, Trainor’s tapped serial hitmaker Nicki Minaj to assist.  Minaj – who announced her retirement in late 2019 (click here to read more) – is one of many guest stars slated to line the ‘All About That Bass’ singer’s new LP and joins the likes of Pussycat Dolls, AJ Mitchell, Sasha Sloan, and many more.

Ahead of the release of the Harajuku Barbie-enlisted single, the 26-year-old took to Instagram to announce the union by teasing a snippet.

Get (somewhat) acquainted with their new song ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ inside:


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The rumors are true ? #NiceToMeetYa featuring my QUEEN @nickiminaj …out on Friday!

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Keep it locked to That Grape Juice for your first listen to ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ when it arrives Friday (January 31).


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  1. Johny5 January 29, 2020

    Will Cameltoe be releasing another flop single? Will she break the record for most flops from one album? How many performances and promo can you do just to flop. It’s insane!

  2. Only Facts January 29, 2020

    This will flop. I cannot believe epic records is going to let Meghan flop like this. She was the star in epic records 5 years ago…now they’re just throwing her away. Sad.

    Get ready, Canola Cawho. This will be you next.

    • Ugghh January 30, 2020

      It might be the Grammy’s Best New Artist of the Year curse. Many who win the award somehow don’t continue to excel. I also think labels push an artist to get everything they need out of them in a year and then move on to a new artist and do the same roll out. These record companies aren’t trying to build longevity in signing artist these days rather than how much can I milk out of you until we find something new.

      However, she isn’t giving up and that’s all the matters.

      • Tori January 30, 2020

        I mean…it’s Epic Records! The same label that mis-handled “CIARA”, Ciaras first time getting everything rights since “The Evolution” AND gave a green light to “Jackie. The same label that pushed Tamar as their new “it” girl but pulled the budget 3 months after “Love & War”. The same label who said “Let’s release “NO” and “Me Too” as the lead and second single.” The same label who REFUSED to promote “11:11 Reset” after signing Keyshia Cole to the label. The same label that has using people’s Spotify accounts to boost “Montana” streams. The same label that let Camila think she could go solo and PURPOSELY let FH last album fail and now the group AND Camila are all failing…yeah I can definitely believe it. I’ve lived to see it too many times. You might as well take a deal with eOne, than to sign with Epic Records.

      • Paulo January 30, 2020

        Wow @ Tori. Crazy how many times they fumbled.

      • only facts January 30, 2020

        @Tori FACTS!! And lets not forget they released French Montana the same day they released Canola’s album, and they’re releasing Yo Gotti’s album the same day as Meghan Trainor’s. Why release two of your artists albums on the same day? And BOTH with little to no promo. Just a mess. But this will end up being Canola’s ultimate karma when Epic Records throws her away and she remains locked in her contract. Watch. If they did it to their STAR (Meghan Trainor – who gave them their first #1 album in 5 years with Title AND won a Grammy), you know they’ll toss Canola.

    • Clarks0oñ January 30, 2020

      “Get ready, Canola Cawho. This will be you next.”

      U said this in 2018, she scored a hit with havana and never be the same

      U said this in 2019, she scored a hit with seniorita

      Now ur still saying it in 2020, Camila about to score another hit with my oh my

      Camila is still here today, slaying ur faves.
      Female acts with the most Spotify monthly listeners:

      #1. Camila Cabello (59.5M)
      #2. Billie Eilish (55.4M)
      #3. Nicki Minaj (47.7M)
      #4. Tones And I (47.6M)
      #5. Selena Gomez (47.6M)
      #6. Dua Lipa (47.4M)
      #7. Ariana Grande (46.9M)
      #8. Halsey (42.7M)
      #9. Taylor Swift (35.5M)

      2 number 1’s

      ‘Señorita’ has now over 1.2 billion streams on Spotify. This is @Camila_Cabello’s 2nd song to do so.

      ‘Señorita’ has now over 900 million views on YouTube. This is @Camila_Cabello’s 2nd video to do so.

      Cry about it RATS
      Where us normani? Nobody wanna answer this question. Why? Lol

      • Gurlbye January 30, 2020

        Normani is a flop and has been and so her 2 fans ooppss lol

      • only facts January 30, 2020

        I said that in 2018? I didn’t even discover this blog until last fall. Try again you nerd.

  3. Ugghh January 30, 2020

    I wish 2020 would be the year that people pray or cheer for someone to succeed rather than immediately canceling or announcing a single or album a flop before they have even heard the song.

    Her last songs didn’t do well, fine. I have never really got in Meghan music but I hope her and whom ever else release something this year succeed in their endeavors. However, once the full song is heard and it’s not good, feel free to express how you feel, but damn give the song a chance.

  4. Adonis January 30, 2020

    Mhmm ya it’s gonna flop.

  5. Clarks0oñ January 30, 2020

    She is a dated, limited song writer.
    Her song writing skills didnt evolve.

    This will flop.
    Nicki over saturating herself. Doing 100 features every month. Smh

    I’m surprised tusa is climbing up the chart.
    This may finally be nicki first number one.
    I hope it doesnt happen. The barbs are the worst fan base ever after those rats who hype normani

    • January 30, 2020

      All fan base is the same when it comes to there fav, none of them is worse than the other. so you hoping she fails because you think he fans are bad, you are making no sense.

  6. Tori January 30, 2020

    Considering where both of their “popularity” and musical careers stand, this is definitely a dumb ass idea. The general public don’t remember Meghan and her music shows growth in the wrong way, she’s growing towards being even more dated and corny (at least on her up-tempo and mid-tempo songs, her ballads are always good). Epic is not going to spend the time trying to reintroduce you on your 3rd album in 5 years. And Nicki is probably in her driest she’s ever been in. Literally, no one outside of the Barbs give a damn about Nicki-Anything. Having no competition or other females on the scene worked to her advantage because she was the only option. Now, especially in the streaming era, you have more female rappers than you need and OGs are trying to connect with younger crowds as well. Nicki will probably get lost in the shuffle (“Queen”, “Megatron”). Even her visuals took a huge slip after (even during) “The Pinkprint” era.

  7. Cûûmila Cebolla January 30, 2020

    2 flops don’t equal a hit. ?‍♂️

  8. G-bby January 30, 2020

    Megan Trainor? Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. I’m looking forward to the single bombing.

    • Just Sayin’ January 30, 2020

      You mean bubbling under the Hot 100. Nicki’s L streak continues in 2020

  9. Paulo January 30, 2020

    Can’t believe how messy this rollout has been. Just put it out and move straight to album 4 sweetie. Meghan is talented and kind so this is very unfortunate. Hopefully someone on her team starts using their brains and she can rebuild herself.

  10. Xtina4ever January 30, 2020

    Just heard the song it sucks lol. Minaj fails again. She has a song with Pussycat dolls it’s a fail also.

    • January 30, 2020

      so it’s a fail because you don’t like it, you are so sad.

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