New Video: Tyga & Megan Thee Stallion – ‘FREAK’

Published: Friday 13th Mar 2020 by Sam

Tyga teams with Megan Thee Stallion for raunchy new single ‘FREAK.’

The hyper hot cut sees the rappers trade verses and making no apologies for their raunchy agenda.

‘FREAK,’ which arrives in tandem with its music video, has been unleashed on the heels of the global success of Tyga’s ‘Ayy Macarena’ and a week after Meg dropped EP ‘SUGA.’

The track is also the latest fruit of the MC’s new partnership with Columbia Records – after an undeniable winning streak on the indie circuit.

Check out the visual for ‘FREAK’ after the jump…

The song and video will no doubt polarize; but for those it’s intended for, this is a bop.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Susan March 13, 2020

    L oh L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • POPS MUVA March 13, 2020

      you’re acting as if Camila and Gaga are dropping out of the hot 100 unlike some of these chicks out here which I’m not gonna name. These girls be dropping songs that barely go into bubbling under or drop out the nexr week. gaga and Camila stay on the hot 100. anyways

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2020

        They are dumb as hell

        My oh my has been oh the chart for 13 weeks.
        Surving album drops from rappers, lil baby, bad bunny, lil wayne, eminem, boogie, pop smoke, juice wrld, mac Miller etc.

        When last did normani appear on the billboard hot 100 or itunes 100 or spotify 100?
        Watch they’re gonna pretend they didnt see it question


      • POPS MUVA March 13, 2020

        @ Clarkson who is normani??? lmao

  2. Nicky March 13, 2020

    Where’s the creativity

  3. Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2020

    The last time w******** appeared on the billboard hot 100 was in November 2019

    It’s been 4 whole months since slutmani saw the inside of the billboard hot 100.

    And you guys said 2020 was gonna be normani’s year.
    We love to see it. Always taking L’s, her new name is
    L- mani

  4. Jasmine The Goat ? of The GrapeJuice.Net March 13, 2020

    So glad CardiB stopped making music

    • Dc March 13, 2020

      She’s in the studio dummy

  5. what would whitney houston say March 13, 2020

    sooooooo now tyga wants some black and brown ass cuz of meggie

  6. POPS MUVA March 13, 2020

    My main issue with Megan Thee Stallion is she throws out a million songs to see what sticks and nothing has been sticking. I give her so much props for trying. Nobody can deny Megan isn’t trying to make a career and name for herself but the public is not interested. they love her on Instagram and Twitter. Megan doesn’t have a top 10 on billboard with all the hype she had in the summer and I find that shocking. She was the most talked about new artist and once summer ended people moved on. She’s been struggling releasing quick Mcdonald’s fast food music that drop out of hot 100 the next week. The song with MoneyBaggyo, B.I.T.C.H, Diamonds, Captain Hook might enter hot 100 but it will drop next week. I don’t see it for her. I’m sorry.

    • what would whitney houston say March 13, 2020

      sorry 4 u…megan would not be the reason the song flop. tyga has not been on his game cuz he chases… he cld put lil wayne on it and it would still flop. megan dont have sht to do with that..her part is right

  7. POPS MUVA March 13, 2020

    I’m not comparing but Doja Cat is an example of an organic artist that rose up from out of niwhere and the public loves her. People like Doja and she’s been making headlines without being controversial or doing the most. Sometimes you let your work speak for itself and let people decide. but when you focus too much on Instagram and Twitter clout and you career is based on being naked and showing off your twerking skills.. you can only get so far.

    • No Glory March 13, 2020

      Doja is of lighter complexion. That’s why

    • Emma frost March 13, 2020

      Doja cat had been around as a internet artist for almost 10 years now

  8. Bebo p. March 13, 2020

    People are not interested on her

  9. Naïme March 13, 2020

    She is just another h**-trash-looking black woman.

    Another disgrace for beautiful and classy women. Nothing new.

  10. PinotNoir March 13, 2020

    I kid you NOT —- my phone won’t lemme play the vid. Look atchu phone, discerning talent from naught. ?

  11. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. March 15, 2020

    Tyga’s rap on this song is terrible. It’s funny because Megan out rapped him. With all that said, I definitely DO NOT like this song. I’m not ghetto or trashy enough I suppose.

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