Victoria Monét Heats Up Kimmel With Mesmerizing ‘Moment’ Performance

Published: Wednesday 4th Mar 2020 by Sam

Victoria Monét sent pulses racing tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

There, the gifted singer-songwriter took centre-stage with the first televised performance of new single ‘Moment.’

In a highly choreographed showing, Monét and renowned dancer Randall Watson delivered a scintillating offering that wowed.

Watch below…


Beyond the fluidity of the moves, we’re applauding the fact she sung live throughout.

Currently Apple Music’s Up Next act, Monét is strutting towards the release of new project ‘Jaguar,’ which arrives later this year.

Watch her talk to That Grape Juice about the song and set at the 2020 GRAMMYs below…

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  1. Bluebird March 4, 2020

    These girls seem boring, talentless when compared to the GREATS: Whitney, Anita, Mariah, Janet and even Madonna. They just seem………….average

    • Around the way filet March 4, 2020

      B**** your ugly ass is average.

      • BLUEBIRD March 4, 2020

        @Around the way filet S_k a D_ick APE

  2. Around the way filet March 4, 2020

    I’m stanning! Looks, check; stage presence; check; VOCALS, check! Camilla could never.

  3. The f*** would whitney say March 4, 2020

    Her stomach is flabby.. She pretty though

  4. Clarks0o0ñ March 4, 2020


    Even arianna couldn’t help her career. Remember that collaboration she did with Arianna? Yeah That’s right nobody does

    Arainna always promote this girl on her twitter and Instagram.

    Victoria wanted those Arianna fans but what she didn’t realize is Arianna fans dont give a f**** about anybody but arianna.

    Normani also trying to get Arianna fans to support her. Lol
    Gurl Arianna fans sont care about u, they only care about solo Arianna songs.
    That’s why bad to u flopped.

  5. Liam March 4, 2020

    This is actually dope and nice vocal control while moving around like that…she has potential

  6. Mark Jones March 4, 2020

    She is underrated. This was a dope performance and anyone who says otherwise let me see you do it and with such ease.

    • Around the way filet March 4, 2020

      Camilla CabeHO can’t even sing standing in one place. Clarkson is botheredT!

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 4, 2020

        Normani has been exposed as a racist also and a hypocrite. Lol
        The video is circulating of normani mocking Asian people

        She hates Asian people. Mocking Asians
        They are dragging her

        That didnt take long did it.
        Madame goody two shoes exposed

  7. Haterz Gon‘ Hate March 4, 2020

    WELL ALRIGHT NOW ??????????

  8. Susan March 4, 2020

    ATTN: Britney Spears’ son did a Instagram live yesterday and pretty much confirmed that free Britney movement is legit and needs to move forward! He said that Britney’s father is a d*ck!! THIS IS BIG NEWS! FREE BRITNEY!

  9. A&R March 4, 2020

    Damn it team Normani,

    The competition is getting thick. No pressure but Mani will have to stay focused and work like Beyoncé did to separate herself from her peers.

    Then all the rap singing hybrids.. Dolja being the biggest competition
    …. who will be the next TOP ACT?

    Fun times to say the least.

    • RAli March 4, 2020

      Now I saw Tinashe in Shanghai. The girl can dance and can perform. I think she has a stronger voice than Normani, SZA, and Victoria. When she gets to the bridge, I am not disappointed.
      -SZA can be pitchy, and I think because she tries to fit her vocal styling into traditional music form – when it should not.
      -Camila is just fine. She’s getting it, but I don’t think she’s that girl. I’m indifferent
      -Doja Cat is not a singer. The performance she gave on Jimmy Fallon was great, like BAM! However, that live mic feed shows she needed support. She’s two semi tones over Ciara, stronger vocal ability and commercial/affable tone. She’s creative and she’ll find ways to give a performance and give VOCALS.
      -Ariana is limiting herself.
      -Normani – I like and I am rooting for. She just is not consistent and she doesn’t blow me away vocally.
      I think the girls don’t have creativity. There are many ways to hit a money note or adlib after the bridge: vocal distortion, trills, falsetto/head voice (Not Normani & Victoria), crescendos/decrescendos and more.

  10. ummmm… yeah, no. March 4, 2020

    victoria looks and sounds amazing. I cant wait to see more.

  11. RAli March 4, 2020

    Listen I never comment, but I was with her until she got to the bridge. I like the fact that she sung live. Background singers could have helped the performance. I agree with some of you. The girls these days DO NOT BLOW. Ariana doesn’t do half the amazing things, she could do! I think she does herself a disservice by not hitting whistle notes, in fear of drawing comparisons to Mariah. When in fact, they are no where NEAR ALIKE. There a subtle similarities, like neither can dance. The girls just aren’t blowing like the used to and they don’t have to. The music today, doesn’t allow for them to do that. They really don’t know how to adlib or sign off on a song. For instance, when this girl got to the bridge – her after-bridge note like NORMANI was very weak. I am not sure why they choose the keys they sing in. They need vocal training to strengthen their head voices. She, like Normani has great performances and showmanship.

    The last scene should have have been the man’s back to the audience and her face towards them.

  12. Bebo p. March 4, 2020

    Waoo that was amazing she is good ??? I didn’t know lol

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