#Verzuz: Diddy Teases Battle With Dre Dre

Published: Sunday 26th Apr 2020 by David

Diddy vs Dr. Dre?

Learn more below…

Diddy may be interested in getting in on the Versuz action after watching a number of musical titans do fun-filled battle on Instagram live.

The entertainer revealed that he in talks to battle Dr. Dre during a conversation with Fat Joe.

He shared….

We’re definitely talking about it. You heard it here. You heard it here on the show.



Swizz Beatz is ready to make it happen.

We need Dr. Dre versus P. Diddy Pay-per-view for the culture. Let’s bring the two kings in and give back to the people. This is a give back to the people.



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  1. Only Facts April 26, 2020

    Can karma come for diddy already? Damn. He’s been dirty to every artist he’s had. I will never forgive him for what he did to Danity Kane …he didn’t even PAY them! F*ck him. I hope the reboot of making the band gets scrapped. Aspiring artists should know to stay away from diddy by now.

  2. Ugghh April 26, 2020

    These celebrities are acting so desperate and in need for attention. Hahaha

    Then when this shît goes back to normal they are going to be so shocked when no one wants to give them their privacy.

    • Tyty April 26, 2020

      It’s the age of social media you can’t really be that private, unless you’ve always practiced privacy as part of your brand like Beyoncé, Jay-Z and more recently Rihanna. Most of these other celebrities need to be constantly visible to their fans.

  3. Lol April 26, 2020

    Dre Dre???

  4. Bogus April 26, 2020

    Why did they choose Dr. Dre..battle should’ve been between him and Jermaine Dupri smh

  5. 1988 April 27, 2020

    TWO KINGS INDEED!! Dr. Dre and Puff Daddy. Need I say more???

  6. #Formulation April 27, 2020

    Pay per view??? Nahhh… why we gotta pay and give more money to these rich folks…

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