Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Producer: Taylor Swift Is ‘Too Sensitive’ About Song’s Lyrics

Published: Monday 27th Apr 2020 by Rashad

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that b*tch famous (God damn) / I made that b*tch famous” is the line from Kanye West‘s 2016 ‘Life of Pablo’ hit that’s made its way back atop headlines thanks to reheated beef between West and Taylor Swift (click here to read more).

As the singer’s fans, affectionately called #Swifties, continue to defend their fave, one of the song’s listed producers – Havoc (of Mobb Deep) – comes to the aid of his friend Kanye.

Taking to our friends at the Daily Beast recently, Havoc asserts Swift’s response to the line is ‘too serious’ and suggests she is ‘too sensitive’ considering Yeezy spat the line as a compliment.

Read what else he had to say inside:


“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b***h famous line?” the 45-year-old rapper-producer told The Daily Beast. “I think artists are artists, and she should really chill out. It’s not that serious.”

He continued stating:

“She has an awesome career, and she don’t need to be fighting with another awesome artist,” he said. “Freedom of speech is alive and well — or should be — and she shouldn’t be going out there complaining about not clearing this.”

He concluded by saying:

Your thoughts?

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  1. K’’man April 27, 2020

    Why are we still talking about this from 2016! Move on it’s 2020!

  2. Only Facts April 27, 2020

    Both Taylor and Kanye need to let this go. And their teams need to shut up too. Like DAMN! We’ve got other things to worry about, like staying alive and not catching the c**********.

  3. Perfection is so…mhph ?? April 27, 2020

    “Too sensitive” -aka she won’t let us disrespect her and that’s not cool man!!

  4. Only Facts April 27, 2020

    I can confirm Nicki Minaj is doing a remix for Doja Cat’s “say so”. I just heard the verse and it’s absolutely terrible. A pathetic attempt to get nicki her first #1. It’s going to backfire, watch ?

    • Urg April 27, 2020

      So let me get this straight….u hate both Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj…..u claim ‘Say So’ is a Katy Perry rejected song…..but u took the time out from studying for ur PhD to listen to a snippet of a song from two women u hate? #undercoverfan

      • Only Facts April 27, 2020

        Since you know so much about me, I live in LA, remember? I hear lots of songs before they’re released, doll. One of the perks of living here and having friends in high places. Most of your friends are probably just….high ?

      • Urg April 27, 2020

        Again Only Fraud if you don’t like them why the hell would you even bother listening to anything they put out? #undercoverfan

  5. My Oh My April 27, 2020

    They need to leave Taylor Swift alone. Shes winning her game. Kanye and his producer needs to stop this crap seriously.

    According to the ever reliable @chartdata
    ‘s “My Oh My” has reached #1 on this week’s building US Pop radio chart (Mediabase)

    Congrats Queen

    • Tyty April 27, 2020

      You’re back under a different username clarkson is your life really that sad and pathetic? ??

  6. Tyty April 27, 2020

    Im convinced both Taylor and Kanye are in cahoots to keep this pathetic beef going…

  7. ERIC April 27, 2020

    It’s not giving props if the other person needs tough skin to accept it.

  8. Section8DaGreat April 27, 2020

    If it was Beyoncé that would not have been said.

    • Justme April 27, 2020

      Here we go using beyonce as an example.. smh.. she has nothing to do with this.. also kanye dogged her out on stage too.. he just regretted saying it

  9. #TheTruth April 27, 2020

    This producer is hypocrite.
    I don’t know if he has a daughter or a sister. But if some rapper said such things about one of his family members, I’m not sure his point of view would be the very same.

    I don’t care about Taylor but clearly she has every right to be sensitive about this.

  10. J April 27, 2020


  11. Theman April 27, 2020

    This producer sounds stupid. Kanye tried to use Taylor for publicity. Taylor is highly intelligent. Those lines were disrespectful to her. Use something else. These people are clowns.

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