Katy Perry Appears To Confirm Las Vegas Residency

Published: Monday 13th Apr 2020 by Sam

Exactly a year after murmurs of a Katy Perry Las Vegas residency first the hit newswire, the singer herself has seemingly confirmed it.

Full story below…

The moment took place during an Easter Instagram Live with fans.

When a loyalist named Patrick quizzed her in the comments about whether or not she’d be heading to Sin City, the pregnant star gave a purposefully suggestive wink:

Venturing to Vegas makes all sorts of sense given the fact that stability will be a top priority upon welcoming her daughter with Orlando Bloom. 

Also, in keeping it 100, it also pretty much aligns with her present place in the Pop landscape. Sure, there’s an appetite in some corners for new music and she’s still technically in a position where she could conjure up new hits. Yet, she also has a bed of known material that she can easily cash in on.

If anything, of the Vegas girls, she actually may be one of the most well-positioned to reignite interest in her catalogue while leveraging said buzz towards the push of new music.

Surely, it has to be called ‘Katy Perry: Waking Up In Vegas’? Like, has to.

In anything, what are…

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  1. Only Facts April 13, 2020

    But nobody cares. Katy Perry is canceled. Shading Britney hey copying everything Britney does? Shaving the head, blue jean VMA outfit, now Vegas residency? Maybe she shaded Britney so much because she wants to BE Britney.

    • Only Facts April 13, 2020

      *Shading Britney but copying everything she does

      • Urg April 13, 2020

        Yet still Katy getting her bag and all your hyprocritial a$$ is getting is dragged all over this blog by that but case Clarks0on

      • Only Facts April 13, 2020

        Who? And who? ?

  2. IKNOWTHETRUTH April 13, 2020


  3. Clarks0o0ñ April 13, 2020

    It’s an end of an era.


    • POPS Muva April 13, 2020

      remove Gaga from here she’s still getting hits

  4. Chained to The Rhythm April 13, 2020

    Sam, you are on point on this article!!! ?
    I love the title : Katy Perry: Waking Up in Vegas

  5. Chained to The Rhythm April 13, 2020

    A lot of negative people here making comments but Katy has many catalogue under her belt. Katy is wealthy already and I’m definitely watching her Vegas

    Did anyone get about Britney’s Doll Domination? I want to watch her too

  6. Chained to The Rhythm April 13, 2020

    Katy Perry Prism World Tour is a blockbuster success with $204 million total gross surpassing Rihanna’s Diamond World Tour of $153 million.

    • Datred23 April 13, 2020

      But who is more relevant now hun? Who’s a billionaire and who isn’t ! ? Rihanna’s 5 words on Believe It was more impactful then Katy’s last 5 songs combined ? also how many shows did she have to do to get that tour gross like 200 shows right ? Rihs diamond tour had like half that amount hun and Katy only outgrossed her by 50 mill that’s horrible and pathetic hun! A self drag !

      • Chained to The Rhythm April 13, 2020

        lol I don’t think so

        Rihanna’s business profit is shared with Jay Z, Blue Ivy and Beyoncé ?????☺️
        Rihanna is no billionaire

        Her latest single is flop and easily forgettable

        Never Really Over is more iconic and charged higher

      • Datred23 April 13, 2020

        A hater would say her businesses are shared ! Lol no other female artist In This game has ever done what she has done in business! Everyone knows Rihanna is a mogul hun. Jay-Z has no impact on her career anymore AT ALL you know this I know this everyone knows this!!. I mean Rihanna even owns her own label and her masters. Beyonce Taylor and especially Katy don’t come close! Rihanna’s companies are approaching 10 billion in total revenue I’m sure she’s a billionaire hun like stop playing lol! She doesn’t announce everything like everyone else and she already did an interview saying it was weird for her to be called the richest female musician so I’m sure she’s not to eager to claim that billionaire title yet. Believe it is gaining In traction hun her charity single for Party is actually getting played on radio and is rising everyday ! Katy doesn’t come close to Rihanna ! in every aspect Rihanna has destroyed her! Grammies, hits, networth, awards, relevance, respect and so forth and so forth there is no comparison Rihs star power is just on a completely higher level stop playing !

    • Chained to The Rhythm April 13, 2020

      I’m sorry Rihanna’s Diamond World Tour is only $141.1 million
      Katy Prism World Tour of $205.6 million

  7. Chained to The Rhythm April 13, 2020

    Katy Perry Witness World Tour $83.1 million
    Rihanna Anti World Tour $40.6 million

    • Datred23 April 13, 2020

      Katy plays way more shows Per tour hun are you delusional? Lol overall Rihanna is still higher in total career tour revenue!

  8. Datred23 April 13, 2020

    How is Katy doing on Spotify hun or streaming In general? ? Rihanna is still the highest steamed female artist of all time and gaining more listens every day thanks to Believe It ! Where is Katy ? ? she just released 6 songs in the last year and a half where are they now ! Like Katy is a joke hun and is completely washed up ! Rihana will or could never be a low as A Katy Perry ?

      • Datred23 April 13, 2020

        As you should ! I mean if it isn’t music lingerie makeup or clothing from Rih you can keep it ! Everyone is invested into her products like the demand is crazy ! She’s the Madonna of this generation. She appeals to the masses ! Yess Katy player over 200 shows that year and slaved to be the highest paid for THAT year but with no touring or shows until 2021 I would say her net worth will flatline or remain the same unlike Queen Rihs who has businesses and remarkable royalties still coming in from being highly streamed

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