6ix9ine Says Fans Should ‘Cancel Doja Cat’ For Her Alleged Racism

Published: Tuesday 26th May 2020 by Rashad

Despite being a convicted sex offender and panned cultural appropriator,  Tekashi 6ix9ine is promoting the cancellation of fellow chart-topping rapper Doja Cat for allegedly committing similar crimes.

As the ‘Say So’ hitmaker finds herself embroiled in controversy stemming from her frequent appearances in a virtual chat room many have said promoted racism and homophobia, she took to Instagram to defend herself via video statement (as we reported here). However, during her speech she made a comment that rubbed 6ix9ine the wrong way.

Look inside to see just what she said and how he responded:

Two weeks ago, Doja (born Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini) celebrated her first #1 single when the Nicki Minaj-assisted version of ‘Say So’ topped the Billboard Hot 100 (as we reported here).

Its success, however, was deemed controversial by some for the practice of single bundling – pairing physical and digital singles to count separately toward a week’s sales tally.  To add further incentive, Dlamini promised to expose her breasts online to fans if they pushed the song to #1.  However, after they did so she failed to perform the act.

In a video uploaded to Instagram recently, she explained why she did not keep her end of the bargain.


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#dojacat addresses not fulfilling her promise of showing her titties after she obtained a #1

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In the clip, she’s also quoted saying:

“Your favorite artist — and there’s no judgment — if they care about [going #1], wonderful, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong about wanting a #1 and working hard to get to that #1,” said Cat. “For me, I don’t give a shit. I just wanna fucking make music. I just don’t get it. I still don’t understand fully what a #1 means.”

6ix9ine – who in the last two weeks has managed to piss off Billboard, Scooter Braun, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber (as we reported here) for his rants about artists cheating for #1s – took the comment personally.

In response, he encouraged fans to “cancel her.”



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  1. Urg May 26, 2020

    Image a convicted p*** and snitch call for someone else to be cancelled. Not say Doja is right for the shït she did but if this Mexican can get a pass for being a p*** and using the N-word y’all might as well give Doja another chance.

    • Clarks0o0ñ May 26, 2020

      U didnt keep this energy for Camila

      Unlike doja and 6ix9ine and post malone, and dua lipa who were all adults when they acted racist and did racist stuff, Camila was a teenager (15 years old)

      • Urg May 26, 2020

        Did I mentioned Camilla? I was talking about rat9. Keep this energy for Only Frauds

      • NawNaw May 26, 2020

        STFU. Nobody cares about Camila!

  2. tyty May 26, 2020

    A blackListed Mexican troll who literally plays dress up as a caricature of what he thinks is urban culture? If pot calling the kettle black was a person. He is another one who uses black culture for his gain but when it comes to facing the consequences of his actions what does he do abandon his “brothers” and the street code that he so confidently rapped about and wore like a costume. Discarded it when it was convenient, picked it back up when he was a free man. Both of em disgusting.

    • Re May 27, 2020

      in my book she is canceled. I’m not giving any money to this b**** for her to get rich and talk s*** to us. Bloop, bloopwow, true story

  3. Clarks0o0ñ May 26, 2020

    Both are trash
    Cancel both.

    There’s a video of doja calling beyonce a m*****.

    It keeps getting worse for this chic.

    • Bogus May 26, 2020

      No there isn’t

  4. Only Facts May 26, 2020

    You need to be canceled too, taste of the rainbow b*tchass

  5. PinotNoir May 26, 2020

    Lil Hitler be doin’ too much. 🤐

  6. NawNaw May 26, 2020

    But she is canceled 🤣 He needs to be cancelled too

    • Bogus May 26, 2020

      Y’all grasping at straws now

  7. eric May 26, 2020

    I like “Say So”, but Doja sounds really ignorant in her Instagram videos. And you have to be one of those blackface party types to like 6ix9ine. They can both go away.

  8. Yolanda May 26, 2020

    You don’t need a call-to-action. Your conscience and your principles should call you to act.

  9. Ropeburn May 27, 2020

    Hold up! Y’all thought she was serious? And are we really bout to let this clout chasin snitch p*** act like he shouldn’t be cancelled himself?!

  10. Charli+Cheer+Up May 27, 2020

    Well Doja is half black. You’re full Latin so take a seat Rainbow Brite.

  11. Re May 27, 2020

    in my book she is canceled. I’m not giving any money to this b**** for her to get rich and talk s*** to us. Bloop, bloop

  12. Dear Black People May 27, 2020

    I don’t like him but did he lie?

  13. Detruth May 27, 2020

    Yall keep calling him Mexican when I dont think he is even a full breed. Look at his dad he is clearly half white yet he says the N word like its going out of style.

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