‘Say So’: 10 Ways Nicki Minaj Made History With Her First Hot 100 #1 Hit

Published: Wednesday 13th May 2020 by Rashad

Over 10 years after her first Billboard chart appearance as a solo act, Nicki Minaj has earned her first Hot 100 chart-topper courtesy of Rap sensation Doja Cat‘s Disco-inspired ‘Say So.’

As we reported here, the Dr. Luke-produced cut outpaced Megan Thee Stallion‘s megahit, ‘Savage,’ to #1 after a heated race thanks to boosts in radio airplay, sales, and streaming.

Although the win comes as Cat’s inaugural climb to the tally’s top as well, Minaj’s ride to Hot 100 reign is one for the record books.

Now, as her fans – affectionately called #Barbz – continue to celebrate the Rap Queen’s ascension to the chart’s throne, look inside to see 10 of many history-making highlights that will give them cause to keep that praise party going:

1. “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number”

  • At the ripe age of 37-years-young, Minaj is the oldest female rapper to lay claim to a #1 hit.  She snatches the title from Lizzo, who – at 31-years-old – nabbed the 2019 Hot 100 chart-topper, ‘Truth Hurts.’

2. “Another one” *DJ Khaled voice*

  • With ‘Say So,’ Minaj extends her record as the most placed female in the Hot 100’s 61-year history.  Its entry brings her career total to 109.

3. “Lucky number 18”

  • Becoming the 18th top 10 hit of her career, ‘Say So’ extends her record for “most Hot 100 top 10 hits among female rappers.”

4. “First Ladies”

  • ‘Say So’ is 2020’s first female-helmed #1 hit.  Yes, Mariah Carey‘s 1994 Christmas classic, ‘All I Want For Christmas,’ kicked the year off at the Hot 100’s perch, but it was a chart re-entry (not new song).

5. “Second To None…Technically”

  • In 2011, Rihanna made history when her ‘Loud’ hit, ‘S&M,’ was remixed by Pop Princess Britney Spears – a union that sent the song to #1 on the Hot 100.  Although ‘Say So’ is the second song in history to see a female act assist its launch to #1 with a remix, it’s the first time a female rapper was credited as the assistant.

6. “Winning Women”

  • Only six songs by solo women teaming up have topped the Hot 100: “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX, “S&M” by Rihanna & Britney Spears, “Lady Marmalade” by Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya & P!nk, “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy & Monica, and “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)” by Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer.  “Say So” is the first chart-topper featuring two female Rap leading acts.
            • Note: ‘Say So’ is the first #1 duet this century, second of all time to feature two Black women.

7. “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”

  • As ‘Say So’ is Minaj’s 109th hit, it sets the record for the most amount of tries a Hot 100-topping artist has had before landing his or her inaugural #1.  Her ‘Beauty and a Beat’ co-star Justin Bieber is the previous record-holder as he tried 46 times before landing his first #1 hit – 2015’s ‘What Do You Mean?’

8. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

  • Nicki Minaj has not stopped appearing in the Hot 100’s top 20 since her official debut year (2010).  In fact, she is the first and only female rapper to nab a Hot 100 top 20 hit every year in an entire decade (2010-2019).  ‘Say So’ extends that record to 11 years.
            • Note:  From 2010-2019, last year was the only she missed the top 10 as her biggest hit of the year, Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Hot Girl Summer,’ stalled at #11.

9. “I Got 5 on It”

  • ‘Say So’s ascent to #1 makes Minaj the first female rapper in history to have Top 5 Hot 100 hits in three separate decades.

    • ‘Bedrock’ (2009)
    • ‘Super Bass’ (2011), ‘Anaconda’ (2014), etc.
    • ‘Say So’ (2020)
            • Note: Though her feature on the 2009 hit ‘Bedrock’ is a personal stat, Billboard credits the song to the group Young Money and not its individual contributors.

10. “Black Girl Magic”

  • Minaj is one-fourth of a Hot 100 history-making quartet (which also includes Doja Cat, Beyoncé, and Megan Thee Stallion) thanks to this week’s chart battle.  With ‘Say So’ at #1 and Meg & Bey’s ‘Savage’ at #2, it is the first time in the chart’s existence four Black women occupied its top two spots simultaneously.

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ May 13, 2020

    Ever since nicki got a number one, barbs have been showing themselves on Twitter.

    Yall need to calm down.

    It’s been a long time coming.
    Congratulations nicki

    • RhinoASs minaj May 13, 2020

      if rhinoAss nicki was on featuring from the beginning, this song could never gets an airplay…

    • POPS+Muva May 13, 2020

      lmao they need to cling to something

  2. NawNaw May 13, 2020

    Don’t try to spin it. The fact it took ONE HUNDRED AND NINE (109) songs for her to get to #1 (on another persons song) is tragic. Absolutely embarrassing.

    • HipHop Analyst May 13, 2020

      Exactly the songs quality is much worse than the original.
      Don’t be fooled because a stupid fan base called barbs purchased thousands of copies to alter the chart.

    • POPS+Muva May 13, 2020


  3. HipHop Analyst May 13, 2020

    This is a joke..the songs quality went down with Nicki’s feature. Her fans inflated the sales. They knew it was their only chance at a number 1

    Doja got the song to chart on billboard and got it to #5. Nicki’s fans just bought a bunch of copies to get it to 1. Not organic or a reflection of the general public at all!

    It is also very very obvious Nicki has this site on payroll. Don’t be brain washed use your own mind.

    • Section8DaGreat May 13, 2020

      Sure did. The song was fun and catchy but she just changed the mood for me and it all of a sudden seemed like a dis record yet again. The content didn’t even mix well.

    • Bogus May 13, 2020

      “Nicki has the site on payroll” lmao but when she said that she was black balled etc from Grammys she’s just sour..now you’re sour that she was able to achieve a number 1 on every chart

      • HipHop Analyst May 13, 2020

        Ariana won a Grammy and she claimed she was blackballed as well?

        Guys, the fact of the matter is that Nicki doesn’t have sites on payroll. From a business stand point makes sense. It just so obvious with this site and others to the point that it’s not effective whatsoever

  4. my+name May 13, 2020

    Nikki Minaj makes history by being the first female rapper to rap left handed on a right handed song.
    that’s how ridiculous these historical moments in 2020 sound. but hey, congratulations, right?

    • PinotNoir May 13, 2020

      3 decades?!? Bish been out for 2!!

    • Bogus May 13, 2020

      She has a number 1 sing in every chart…if it was any other female rapper y’all would be happy. Y’all just mad that she didn’t let anyone stop her from achieving her dreams

      • Freaky garbaj May 14, 2020

        F** her dreams & her p*** family u reptile barb

  5. HipHop Analyst May 13, 2020

    Nicki is a big fat bully and her fan base is a reflection of the way that she is.

    She plays the victim. Everyone is against her, attacks others and hides her hand.

    I am glad the general public does not support her. She doesn’t not deserve even half the success she has.

    • Bogus May 13, 2020

      You’re mad..go out and chase your dreams like she did. Then you won’t be miserable online leaving comments 🤭

      • HipHop Analyst May 13, 2020

        She is a cancer to the music industry and the world. She has a horrible attitude and is extremely negative and fake.

        Lil Kim was right she is a manipulative creature.

    • Section8DaGreat May 13, 2020

      The crazy thing is, most in the industry sees this that is why they disassociated themselves with her or what she calls it “black balled”

      • Bogus May 13, 2020

        The crazy thing is that y’all claim she has so much power over the industry 🤭

      • ME+YOU+US May 13, 2020

        If the industry see’s she is just like all of the people in hiphop dummy name one rapper who isnt bold confident and in your face? Your whine without cheese is code for–>I hate this bish and I’m mad she got an accolade that makes her a industry living legend no matter how many comments or nasty evil fraudulent things you have to say about her..get a life and gone happy dummy..

  6. CardiB+is+a+Virus+🦠 May 13, 2020

    Nicki Minaj is The Queen 👑

    • HipHop Analyst May 13, 2020

      Queen of supporting predators

      • ME+YOU+US May 13, 2020

        Cardioke B is actually a self admitted predator dummy…her husband & brother deny it and the evidence is subpar at best, not to mention retractions…Cardioke B cant retract it cause she is already admitted own her own without anyone forcing her stupid ass to do it..so you need to refocus your hate dummy..

  7. Bogus May 13, 2020

    She’s also has had a number 1 on every billboard chart now …everyone always said she doesn’t have a number one but she actually did on her genre chart which is hip hop

    • Clarks0o0ñ May 13, 2020

      Idiot, it’s only the billboard hot 100 that matters

      Ur such a dullard
      Sewage rat

      • Nicky May 13, 2020

        Who are you calling idiot 😂😂😂

        If Billboard #1 is only that matters, stop going around chanting about Camickys Pop radio payola #1 which doesn’t match up to the streams


        Camicky and Her Fans continue to take Ls

      • Only Facts May 13, 2020

        Nicky just dragged ClarksNUT

      • Bogus May 13, 2020

        Thank you Nicky!
        This stupid SCUM BUCKET keeps taking one Camila is number 1 on pop charts but now it doesn’t matter lmao SCUM ON THE BOTTOM OF A ROACH’s belly that’s what you are

    • HipHop Analyst May 13, 2020

      The quality of her music sucks let’s be honest. She’s known for microwaveable music. Quality is definitely lacking. That’s why she won’t be remembered in the long run
      She’ll be known as a bully.

    • Pu$$yPopstress May 14, 2020

      She does not Have A #1 on every chart. She has never had a country or jazz hit.

  8. Only Facts May 13, 2020

    If Lil Kim pulled the tricks Nicki and Doha did, y’all would drag her to the depths of hell. The double standards are disgusting. Congrats on your number 1 Hit Doja! Doja is the one performing the song and pushing it. Nicki is taking all the credit for Dojas work. For shame.

    • Bogus May 13, 2020

      Is this Freddy Beezy? Cause he hates uo and down twitter on nicki minaj

  9. Only Facts May 13, 2020

    Okay so nicki finally got her #1 (everyone else’s #1 reigns for more than one week…say so will not). So now what? Her next album won’t get a #1. The GP is still over Nicki and her nasty attitude. So what now? Lol.

    • Bogus May 13, 2020

      Only Fans honest question, why do you care so much? Like Clarkson cares about Normani..I just don’t get it

    • ME+YOU+US May 13, 2020

      Meanwhile she breaking records that are more impactful then a random #1 dummy…I know your a burn in the sun Becky, brad, or hating ass c000n cause nasty attitude is aka the angry blk woman rethoteric..you tries it tho hater…be happy for othersbut does wonders for your psyche dummy..

  10. Jigglypuff May 13, 2020

    Cat cheated Billboard… if rhinoAss nicky feat. Had made from the beginning this song never gets airplay..

  11. 4U2SEE May 13, 2020

    Ya’ll obsession is CRAZY!!! This is psychotic till the point that I don’t even like songs today no more. Jay Z is trying to calm Megan and beyanka down…pacing around saying “think, think, think” pounding both fist together. Ya’ll Sick azzes need to be sprayed and vaccinated.

  12. Mean Celine May 13, 2020

    Who cares? In the end – the original track will be remembered. So many before Nicki have topped the charts without being added as a last minute feature on an already chart-topping hit. The smoke and mirrors when it comes to Nicki is f****** nauseating I swear. Congrats Doja! YOU did it girl!!!

    • Bogus May 13, 2020

      Haha mad and have to deal..what are you gonna do with yourself?

    • ME+YOU+US May 13, 2020

      Clearly you care cause j wouldnt be in here whining up a storm…ughhh u haters..cant help yourselves..

  13. Tori May 13, 2020

    Its ironic to see the barbz and everyone praising Nicki for what they dragged Kim for. How are yall praising Nicki for being featured on a number one song but drag Kim for being on a number one song? And the fact that the barnz were bashing Doja till it was announced that Nicki would be on the remix, 🤦🏾‍♂️!

    • my+name May 13, 2020

      you can’t figure out the mentally i’ll. They barely understand themselves

      • Bogus May 13, 2020

        The drag care from y’all hollering that Kim has a number 1 and Nicki doesn’t now that she has one y’all still mad that it was feature…Don’t act like you support Kim when 9 was panned lmao

  14. POPS+Muva May 13, 2020

    are we forgetting that this is also Doja’s song???????????

    • Bogus May 13, 2020

      Nope nobody forgot just y’all mad that Nicki is on it and it went number one before the solo song did 🤭

    • ME+YOU+US May 13, 2020

      What your forgetting is that what ever u say is irrelevant…Billboard makes the rules for THIER CHART DUMMY..U DONT OWB S*** BT A IGNORANT ASS TRAIN OF THO..

  15. Justmeeeee May 13, 2020

    Y’all are just Maaaaad
    Deal with it
    #Team Nicki

  16. Xtina4ever May 13, 2020

    I’m dying at 10 ways about Nicki made history. Um it took her 109 entries and had to collaborate to get a number cause she can’t do it alone. Only reason she jumped on cause she I new Doja would get that number with or without her. 109 songs later 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • Bogus May 13, 2020

      She went number one on hip hop charts but yall only give credit when you want to..YALL ARE MAD AND HAVE TO DEAL IM SO HAPLY THAT ALM YALL ARE SEETHING RIGHT NOW LMAO …if you didn’t care about her so much you wouldn’t even comment or pay any Nicki headlines any attention.. stream Itty Bitty Piggy from her mixtape days it’s for you

      • ME+YOU+US May 13, 2020

        I’m with this person⬆️

  17. Latinissima May 13, 2020

    I don’t understand all the hate on this website. It’s really annoying. Even if Nicki has a r***** brother or a convicted husband, SHE IS the current QUEEN OF RAP. Her relevance as an artist is not over yet and this hit proves that. Other than that, Doja Cat is such a powerful new force and she deserves 95% of the credit for this #1 (the remix climbed the song from #6). Congrats to Beyoncé and Megan The Stallion too, hope they get the same position any moment!

  18. Justafan May 14, 2020

    5000th desperate attempt later but ok…

  19. The Gag iz… May 17, 2020

    I ain’t gon hate on the bish…Congrats “Chopsticks!”…Doja waiting on her gift too!!…Because you atleast owe her that. That Top 5 was already set, this was easy peasy for ya…Congrats again!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  20. Misty+Knight May 19, 2020

    Nicki sucka dicky. It’s not her song and she had nothing to do with its success. She’s the type of hag who is not on the guest list, but hides under her hot friend’s trenchcoat in order to get into the club. But, the doorman smells cheese and poop just a minute to late, and she’s in.

    If you’re not the lead artist, it’s not your song. If you can’t perform it on YOUR TOUR, it ain’t YOUR SONG.

    I actually like Nicki, but a hooker is a hooker.

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