Britney Spears Soars To #1 on iTunes With 2016 Album ‘Glory’

Published: Sunday 3rd May 2020 by Rashad

Though listed among Britney Spears‘ most critically acclaimed projects, her 9th LP – 2016’s ‘Glory’ – is her worst selling and only studio album to date to lack a certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

However, renewed interest in the ‘Make Me’-led set may be making a change to its criminally underrated story.

Details inside:

Much like her idols Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Mariah Carey (as we previously reported here), the Pop diva is seeing a prized member of her catalog get some modern day glory – even earning mention alongside today’s top sellers years beyond its original release.

After Carey and Madge both topped real-time sales tallies with their ‘E=MC2’ and ‘Bedtime Stories’ albums respectively, consumer interest has been reawakened in Britney’s 2016 set.

So much so, the project is found at #1 on the iTunes Pop chart and #4 on the overall iTunes chart (as of time reported).  Unlike Jackson, Carey, and Madonna, Spears’ opus is not benefiting from a $4.99 sale.

Real-Time iTunes Charts (All)


Real-Time iTunes Pop Charts


If sustained, the upped sales could see ‘Glory’ enter the upper half of the Billboard 200 next week.

Bonus:  After learning of the unexpected boost, Brit took to Instagram to thank her fans – affectionately called the #BritneyArmy.  See the footage below (courtesy of our friends at DailyMail):


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  1. Susan May 3, 2020

    Queen!! And it’s being sold at FULL retail price! Not discounted!!! Justice for glory!!

    • only facts = Susan May 4, 2020

      Stop trolling and pick a handle. You’ve already been exposed. Ugh

    • JOHNVIDAL May 5, 2020

      And unlike Mariah and Madonna´s albums it is not #1 on the global chart, only on the pop chart.

  2. Only Facts May 3, 2020

    This album deserves to be #1 and deserved several singles! An absolute masterpiece! Justice for Glory!!! Now get back in the studio Britney, get out of the c-ship, and come back rejuvenated! The undeniable princess of pop!

  3. BeyRihCi May 3, 2020

    Britney is the sweetest pop star there is, and aside from her breakdown, she is the most unproblematic pop star. She deserves continued success and respect, and this album deserves the be platinum.

  4. BeyRihCi May 3, 2020

    Poor JoJo. I’m scared for her first week album sales to come out…#5 on iTunes means not in the top 10 on billboard. That’d be respectable is JoJo was independent…but she’s on a major label 😭 I want JoJo tj won but the new music isn’t cutting it

    But justice for Glory!

    • XYZ May 4, 2020

      Love Jojo and her voice. But that album is kinda meh

  5. Lana Del Slay May 3, 2020

    TGJ, don’t be shady about the album not being certified. It will be soon I’m sure. “Make Me” is certified platinum…that could’ve been noted in this article. Stream this pop gem so we can get Britney on the billboard charts too!

  6. XYZ May 4, 2020

    This Album is a great body of work and one of her best albums

  7. Erica May 4, 2020

    The fact that it’s doing that without a discount shows just how powerful Britney is. Everybody had a big discount & here sis go selling at regular price. Set the bar b****!!

    Beyonce you got 24 hours to enter the top 10 with an album.


    All enter the top 10

    • Bogus May 4, 2020

      No she doesn’t Christina Aguilera you mean

  8. King+Usher+👑 May 4, 2020


  9. J May 4, 2020

    People really aren’t buying music these days

  10. AJ May 4, 2020

    Rightfully so, one of Britney’s weaker efforts. Make Me was a bop, but the album cover and the rest of the album weren’t that great.

  11. Gworl Bye May 4, 2020

    Lol. Cute for her, but it’s not going to re-enter the Billboard 200 or anything like that. You would think folks would get that by now, Itunes means nothing in the long run.

    • Erica May 4, 2020

      Umm it definitely can probably just the lower end of the charts

  12. Beylover May 4, 2020

    Justice for “Glory Hole” 😂😂😂

    • Wendy Williams May 4, 2020

      Justice for “4closure” lol. I think not

  13. Neil May 4, 2020

    What about Christina Aguilera Bionic album that’s an underrated album and should join this list with the others.

    • Omarosa May 4, 2020

      Bionic is a good album but underrated.

  14. My Oh My May 4, 2020

    Congrats Queen Camila.
    Camila Cabello’’s “Romance” is now certified as PLATINUM for selling over 1,000,000 units in the USA. All albums released by
    are certified platinum in the United States.

    • Omarosa May 4, 2020

      Wow congrats Camila. Haters or not, shes winning and continue to succeed. Her formula is right and she making bops. The GP definitely likes her.

  15. Charli+Cheer+Up May 4, 2020

    This should’ve been nominated for a Grammy if Spears’ label had promoted her more rather than relying on the Vegas residency

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