From The Vault: Destiny’s Child – ‘Survivor’

Published: Sunday 3rd May 2020 by Joe

Two decades ago, the world had no idea just how much fire the ladies of Destiny’s Child had under their flashy sleeves with their soon-to-be-released third studio album.

As we celebrate this week its 19th anniversary, its title track ‘Survivor’ is today’s From The Vault pick.

As a way of reclaiming the narrative that had been making the rounds in the media after a total of three members had left or been fired from the group, its lead vocalist Beyonce decided to write a song that would let the naysayers know that neither nasty words nor petty insults could ever prevent them from chasing their destiny.

The Anthony Dent-produced track marked the start of the divas sharing the vocal load in a fairer way compared to what could be heard on their first two projects. Michelle Williams in particular shines during her intense bridge.

‘Survivor’ was a monumental chart success for the band, peaking at #2 for 7 consecutive weeks in the US and in the Top 10 of many European countries – including a #1 in the UK.

Darren Grant directed the song’s video. Presenting Kelly, Michelle and Bey as three survivors living on an uninhabited island, it was a not-so-subtle reference to the comparisons the press had been making between the group and the reality series of the same name – where contestants in isolated locations are pitted against each other and are voted off every week.

This visual houses some of the most iconic DC3 looks, from the cut-out castaway dresses, their fur two pieces and of course their military dance sequence outfits. Oh how we adore the early 2000’s!

And that, dear friends, is how you turn the tables around and successfully bring it back to the music. After this release, the girls were finally able to move on from the unfortunate ending of DC4 and focus on turning the definitive incarnation of Destiny’s Child into a blueprint for every aspiring band out there.

Today, thanks to their blazing solo endeavours, the children of destiny are as seasoned as ever – as seen with their “Beychella” segment.

It would be a lie if we said we haven’t been dreaming about some sort of more robust reunion; whether for a tour, an EP or all of the above. Stranger things have happened right?
Anyhow, in the meantime we’ll be blasting ‘Survivor’ and its parent album with our fist up in the air.

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  1. Susan May 3, 2020


    • PinotNoir May 3, 2020

      Burning home gyms sells. 😊

  2. Clarks0o0ñ May 3, 2020

    Former group members LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson filed a lawsuit against Knowles, Rowland, and former manager Mathew Knowles; they claimed some of the lyrics in “Survivor”, such as “You thought I wouldn’t sell without you/sold nine million”, violated a previous agreement that prevented either party from insulting the other

    Why did beyonce reconcile with letoya and Farrah?

    • Section8DaGreat May 3, 2020

      She never reconciled with Farrah. She doesn’t even know who that is. It was Letoya and Latavia.

      • Lizzo Good as Hell May 3, 2020

        Its like Lil Mix don’t know who Normani is😂🤣😂

  3. Pat May 3, 2020

    Come on original noses

    • PinotNoir May 3, 2020

      “I like my negro nose with Jackson 5 nah-strawls” 😉

  4. #Formulation May 3, 2020

    What a briliant video and an amazing song

    • PinotNoir May 3, 2020

      Really? Always thought it was “too busy”, shouty of poor Michelle, and growly of B. Thank God for Kelly’s vocal blending skills evening out the bony banshee and natural-blonde lioness.

  5. Zion May 3, 2020

    This album was full of cheesy bubblegum pop, a huge step backwards artistically 👎👎👎

    • Bogus May 3, 2020

      Yep and they sold millions songs from that album are still played in clubs everyone knows their songs..what else you got

    • PinotNoir May 3, 2020

      Bey said she wanted to be like Xtina and JT. What did you expect?

  6. Cody+s May 3, 2020

    I’m here for a a Destiny’s Child VS TLC . And DC3 would annihilate lil ol tlc

    • Zion May 4, 2020

      Waterfalls shiits on DC discography

  7. PinotNoir May 3, 2020

    Ah. That album hosts my only favorite Bey song – the cheesy “My Heart Still Beats”. Cute ad-lib at the end, too. 😊

  8. Nippian May 3, 2020

    The only Destiny’s Child reunion I want to see is all 4 original members + Michelle. We can pretend Farrah never happened because all she did was lipsync in a couple videos and she was gone.

  9. Riri45Seconds May 3, 2020

    Thiefyonce “Love on Top” music video is inspired by Xtina’s “Candyman” iconic video lmfaoooo

  10. SewWhat May 4, 2020

    No shade it was by far my least favorite album. Too much pop and generic sounding music. Such a fall from the writings on the wall. It also took me some time to adjust to the originals being gone and Michelle’s tone.

  11. Card i May 4, 2020

    Queen thief in da house

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