Jay-Z Called Minnesota Governor Demanding Justice For #GeorgeFloyd

Published: Sunday 31st May 2020 by Sam

JAY-Z has long been at the forefront of the drive for social justice, a trajectory that continues in the wake of George Floyd saga.

Full story below…

As reported, Floyd – an unarmed Black man – lost his life in Minnesota after police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for seven minutes.

The incident has caused an international outpouring of emotion – which has manifested in the form of protests and looting by the frustrated and disenfranchised.

Aiming to bring about change, Jay is confirmed to have personally phoned Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.

Speaking to press, Walz said of the call:

“It was so incredibly human. It was a dad—and I think quite honestly a black man whose visceral pain of this that he knew. His words summarized that justice needs to be served here.

He said he feels the compassion and the humanity of these folks who are speaking. He knows the world is watching, and how Minnesota handles this is going to have an impact across the country. It’s a positive sign that someone of a stature, that has a presence like that, is focused in the moment of what Minnesotas are focused on.”

Kudos to Jay for doing his part.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ May 31, 2020

    “looting by the frustrated and disenfranchised.”

    Just because u are frustrated or disenfranchised that doesn’t mean you should loot or destroy people’s properties and businesses.

    TGJ stop making excuses for bad behaviour.

    U can demand justice without destroying people’s businesses.

    The media is one of many problems destroying human society.

    • ICANT’T May 31, 2020

      Most of these looting happen also with whites.

      There have been bricks laying out randomly in front of building.

      Kindly advise to why that is? You sound like Ben Shapiro

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 31, 2020

        “Most of these looting happen also with whites.”

        Fault statement
        Yes white people are stealing, but majority of people stealing and destroying are black people.

        U hate to hear it

        If only u can keep this energy for the 49 shoot outs that happened on labour day weekend in Chicago.

      • Yup May 31, 2020

        I don’t understand why yall pay that marble minded idiot clarkCOon any kind of attention.

    • Hmmm… May 31, 2020

      There ARE excuses for bad behavior though. And if there was ever one for burning a society down, being subject to hundreds upon hundreds of years Slavery, Black codes, Jim Crow, Segregation, Imprisonment, Police Brutality, etc. is one HELL OF AN EXCUSE. Racism in this country is a problem that white people created and then refused to fix. How much patience does this country expect it’s black citizens to have?? How much graciousness and composure?? To take it in stride and turn the other cheek? How long did everybody expect people to sit back and watch black people be hunted and killed before they would be angry beyond consolation??? Beyond the point where regurgitated MLK quotes wouldn’t be enough anymore??? How did this country expect to murder black people with no consequence, and at the same time, demand that black people care about your property/business? Basically saying, WE will engage in and/or ignore the legal genocide of your people, but YOU need to be respectful of our material belongings. Why are they being held to a different standard? There’s no consequences right? No consequences for white people who hunt black people like animals but we want them to uphold a certain level of consideration when it comes to your businesses? Why should they? This country sends a clear message to them that their children are disposable and their dead is insignificant. Why should they care about your stores?? Do not try and hold people to certain standards of behavior—when they are not given the same respect in return. Not even if they’re 12 years old. Not even if they’re 14. Not even if they’re in the comfort of their own homes.

      • Dear Black People June 1, 2020

        America is not killing just black people but you don’t care about that because of the nasty scum you are so you deserve what you get with no sympathy.
        Here is a easy solution if you are that unhappy in America then go to another county where you will be happy and feel safe.
        I take it you are unemployed and love the free welfare checks and food stamps that you properly won’t get in other countries thats why you stay in America. Should I be calling you the welfare queen lol

    • African queen June 3, 2020

      Can he call for a stop in looting and thuging. Vandalism and gang banging. Is it too much to ask for.

  2. eric May 31, 2020

    No, Clarks0o0ñ is right. It is NEVER acceptable to loot and destroy property. I know of some businesses run by some very kind and hard working black, white and Latino people who do not deserve the reality of turning on the TV and watching their livelihood crumble to the ground. People who are willing to set fire to cars and buildings and steal merchandise will do it regardless of the circumstances. They do it because they can get away with it, not because they’re frustrated and disenfranchised. People from every race have been at home because of the pandemic, and now some of them have no job or business to go back to. NO excuse for that!!

    • Hmmm… May 31, 2020

      “It is NEVER acceptable to loot and destroy property”. Are you sure? Because the police do it all the time. The military does it all the time. And sometimes they even do it to human beings. They do it to their own citizens who they’ve sworn to protect. Looting, destroying, and discarding their bodies. On camera. And they get away with it. And even better, they get paid for it. And shouldn’t the police be the example of citizenship and community that we all can feel confident following? These people are following an example. A bad one. I actually wouldn’t recommend the looting, I just see the hypocrisy of it all. As long as this country allows its police to break its laws, it is inadvertently communicating the same message to everyone else. You can’t be selective. You can’t cover up murders for officers and then punish citizens for shooting firecrackers into five guys. It’s either acceptable for everyone or no one. The law either applies to everyone or no one. Should’ve chosen the latter. All they had to do was hold everyone accountable. It wasn’t complicated. Instead they sacrificed the integrity of the entire system just to keep racists on the force. Nice one, Murica. You played yourself. 👍🏾Society as a whole pays the price for your mistakes.

      • Clarks0o0ñ June 1, 2020

        All this trash u wrote with ur whole chest and u thought u made sense.

        The killer cop has been arrested, so why are they still destroying people’s businesses and properties

        They are beating white people up.

        Look, the tables will soon turn.
        White people will soon start retaliating.
        Trust me , they are looking for an excuse to gun down black people.

      • Hmmm… June 1, 2020

        You are actually stupid. Though, I didn’t really expect for you to be anything otherwise, I just needed to get it out. Justice is 4 cops being arrested, charged, and sentenced. Not one. And this is not an isolated incident. This is the result of years of injustice. And I have no doubt that white people will retaliate, to a war they started, instead of fixing the problem. Violence and atrocity is a part of their culture after all.

  3. Olney Williams May 31, 2020

    How much more must we endure?Enough is enough an I am sick and tired of it.

  4. Tori May 31, 2020

    There are plenty of videos online from the last couple of days where WHITE PEOPLE are dressed up, looting and destroying business while only black people are taking all of the blame for it. They know exactly what they’re doing and they’re taking advantage of the media putting all the focus on the black protesters and looters. These are not false, or fault, statements when there’s video footage of it.

  5. Detruth June 1, 2020

    Arguing with a racist is a waste of time. They will always have hate for black people in their hearts no matter what you say. The only acceptable response to them is to take the genocide and shut up. Let them talk about the protesting, looting, burning, etc arguing with a punk on tgj wont stop it. When they post ignorant things about how we should handle this or that ignore them. Arguing with a racist is what they want when we are done with talking. Opinions no longer matter here. Any person with intellect can see its WHITE ppl breaking in and looting businesses look at the video’s!

  6. #Formulation June 1, 2020

    “I used to cut up their buddies and now they saying they love me”

  7. Yo June 1, 2020


  8. K.B. June 1, 2020

    Good for him but I’m more than sure he wasn’t the only one called n demanded justice.

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