‘Say So’: Nicki Minaj & Doja Cat Eye Hot 100 Top Spot

Published: Monday 4th May 2020 by David

Nicki Minaj has high hopes for her first collaboration with Doja Cat. Though she has released dozens of record-breaking singles, Minaj has never seen the top of the Billboard Hot 100 despite going on to outsell a number of tracks which did.

Now, after learning that her remix of Doja’s ‘Say So’ is expected to soar straight into the UK Singles Chart’s Top 3, the rapper has encouraged her American fans to push the single to number one in her domestic market!

A number one for the ‘Beautiful Sinner’ would see her bolster a discography powered by an army of zeitgeist shaping multi-Platinum hits and extend her lead as the highest-selling female rapper of all time.

This, as Megan thee Stallion’s success with the scorching ‘Savage’ soars globally and narrows the space between her releases and those launched by Cardi B on Spotify.

As it stands, the Stallion is just three million monthly listeners away from claiming Cardi’s spot on a list fronted by Minaj and Doja who sit at numbers one and two respectively.

Hit this link to learn more.

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH May 4, 2020


    • Justme May 4, 2020

      Funny how yall say that when lil Kim #1 hit isn’t a solo hit and more like a feature on the track

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH May 4, 2020


      • Yep May 4, 2020

        Funny how #1s didn’t matter when it came to Cardi but now y’all are using b0ts and scrambling to try and get one. Stream Savage Remix.

  2. Fuc Nicki Minaj May 4, 2020

    Nicki Minaj will never have a number 1 record 😩

    • HavanaONana May 4, 2020

      Never say never

  3. Clarks0o0ñ May 4, 2020

    “Get say so remix to number 1 and I’ill think about it”

    Gurl u are indirectly begging ur fans to stream and buy that song so u can get a number 1


    Nicki u are too proud to directly beg ur fans to push the song to number one, so ur indirectly doing it. Lol
    Desperate much

  4. Likebutdon’tLove May 4, 2020

    I think Nicki is bored drained and over the industry at this point and I hate that! Listening to her old stuff reminds me of how much fun she used to have in the booth. Now it literally sounds like a business transaction and sounds like she’s bored lol. Either bow out gracefully and live ur life sis or give us something that you actually put time energy and effort into Nicki damn lmao

    • PinotNoir May 4, 2020

      That’s her bio clock telling her she’d better pop a baby or two before her eggs get the ‘Rona lockdown treatment.

  5. Nicki love child m******* May 4, 2020

    In November 2017, NICKI MINAJ BROTHER was found guilty of predatory sexual assault after being charged with repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl at his Long Island, New York, home.

    During the trial, the victim testified that she was assaulted numerous times over eight months in 2015 at Maraj’s home. He was arrested in December 2015.

  6. Lol May 4, 2020

    Y’all have been saying this for years lol. At this point Megan will get hers before nicki. As she should. Please stop hyping nicki up lol it’s over

    • Fancy BISH May 4, 2020

      Chile lmao 🤣

  7. Tamar+Her May 4, 2020

    Nicki is over lmao begging for A #1 while Cardi has 3 #1s mdkdksks chile I be laughing

    • E. May 4, 2020

      Don’t act like Cardi wasn’t telling her fans to stream “Press” which got no where near #1.

      • Tasha+K May 4, 2020

        But Cardi’s first official single went #1 with no features, so you’re comparing apples to oranges clown!!! Nicki has had well over 100 attempts in over a decade, and is yet to do so… So stfu!!!

      • Yep May 4, 2020

        Now tell me about the THREE that did. You’re so bothered lmao

  8. High+Price May 4, 2020

    So much negativity in the comment per usual ugh! Disgusting. Anyways, this is such a good look for women in HIP HOP! 2 NEW artist!?!? 2 Female rap artist in the top 10 at once???!!????? Can’t remember the last time that happened. Kudos to them either way. Congratulations meg and doja for having BANGING joints in the top 10 on the HOT 100s! I’ll definitely be perched to see who’s comes in #1 in the next week or 2 though 😂. Either way, it’s a victory for both new artist!

  9. Artemis__ May 4, 2020

    So basically this whole post is build hype on Say So Remix Cuz it’s flopping everywhere. Nice try. The witch ain’t getting a #1 single. Y’all are sick tryna use Doja as a vessel to build Nicki up! 🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪

    • High Price May 4, 2020

      Well…. it is #6 on the hot 100s as we type…. 😏 And the joint was bubbling LIT before Nicki even hopped on so ..

      • Artemis__ May 4, 2020

        That’s the point, Doja had a fun, upbeat record till Nicki the witch hopped on it and ruined it. Now Savage Remix stole the attention. Maybe this will teach Doja a lesson. If she wanna survives she needs to disassociate herself from Onika. 😂

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 4, 2020

        Nicki brought too much negativity on say so

        Say so is such a cool, fun, happy, bubbly song, nicki jumped on this song and poured alot of negative energy on the song

        Attacking people, throwing shade and shots, and jabs on such a happy feel good song.

        Say so remix is falling on spotify.

      • Yolanda May 5, 2020

        “Nicki the Witch” – I couldn’t have said it better. She is no good for female rap. She’s disrespectful. She only looks out for herself and her own stats. She treats each feature as if she owns the dang song. She did not even consider how causing disruption on the song could affect Doja. Truthfully, after Cardi had Nicki pinned in the corner (behind security guards mind you) street cussing her out (I’ll eff your a** up, I’ll eff your a** up), I was done with the BIG BAD BULLY. Nicki, go hide in your corner.

  10. Doja Cat SaySo May 4, 2020

    I love the remix woth Nicki Minaj. Its ways better than Meg/Yawnce collab. I just purchased it on itunes. Go Doja/ Nicki🥳🥳

    • MmmmHmmmm May 4, 2020

      Savage remix took the original from #14 to #4, meanwhile Say So remix made the original drop on the charts! Kikikikikiki! We love to see it! Say So remix keeps freefalling meanwhile Savage Remix poised to debut in top 5 next week. I know you’re seething!
      Pedo Minaj is straight up begging for number 1s now. No Grammys, No #1s, No Babies. Just an illiterate p******** and a pressed “Garb.” WELP!!

  11. Clarks0o0ñ May 4, 2020

    Nicki really wants that number one song even if shes a featured artist on the song. Damn the desperation .

    And u guys laugh at Camila for having 2 number 1’s with features .

    U see how desperate big established acts like nicki desperately want a number one , they dont even care if they a featured artist on a song. A number one song is a number one song

    Atleast Camila is a lead artist on both her number 1’s. 💅
    She didnt hop on a song that was bound to go number 1

    She worked hard for her number 1’s
    Havana debuted at number 99

    Seniorita debuted at number 2 and stayed in the top 10 for several weeks before hitting number one.

    • High Price May 4, 2020

      Camilla is not even in this conversation…. Can’t even compare. … PLEASE you and “2 left foot” stepping exit this post. This is REAL sh!t.

  12. Pat May 4, 2020

    These aging girls are so desperate. Jumping on young trash remixes to be seen. Rih would never

    • TinaTurner May 4, 2020

      I really don’t get people who mock women for ageing. What, you don’t plan to age? You wanna die at 25 or something?

  13. Hated4myopinion May 4, 2020

    It’ll go number 1 if they go on live together and perform it on ig live

  14. Only Facts May 4, 2020

    This is absolutely pathetic. And watch, Nicki will rush to release her album and say this is the lead single from it 🙄 the desperation. At least when cardi got her first #1 it was solo and not out of desperation. This is so tacky. And also, f*cl Dr. Luke. You’re still cancelled. Katy still won’t work with you and neither will other major pop stars.

  15. Only Facts May 4, 2020


    • Only Facts May 4, 2020


  16. PinotNoir May 4, 2020

    Say it ain’t So!

  17. Onika+The+R*****+Whisperer May 5, 2020

    No one cares for the Pedonika Remix.
    The original is thousand times better anyway.

  18. uu May 5, 2020

    F*** Doha cat.. That is a muan in drag she look just like a transsexual….
    Nicki Minaj stop cosigning people…. That is a man

    • uu May 5, 2020

      Do.ja the tranny… No way y’all think she looks alllll female…

    • Onika+The+R*****+Whisperer May 5, 2020

      Nicki looks more tranny than any other rapper.
      She’s also a pedö enabler.

  19. MessyBoots May 5, 2020

    Is Nicki Minaj is the highest selling DIGITAL SINGLES female rapper of all time?


    But Missy Elliot has scanned more ALBUM sales in the US and worldwide than ANY female rapper in history. #Facts

  20. menudi May 5, 2020

    Lets go Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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