Alicia Keys Reveals That She Almost Joined 3LW

Published: Friday 19th Jun 2020 by David

Alicia Keys has surprised fans by revealing that she was an original member of the group which would become 3LW.

Full story below…

In a candid conversation with fans the ‘Dragon Days’ maestra shared that she was once employed to kickstart a girl group.

Her run in the act was short-lived as she would go on to launch a career as a solo artist.

As for the group she left behind?


Watch Ms. Keys break it down below….



Keys isn’t the only musician with one or more ties to another act.

Here are a few examples.

  •  Tinashe once performed in a band named The Stunners which was founded and produced by Vitamin C.
  •  Heidi Range of the Sugababes was an original member of Atomic Kitten.

There’s more.

  •  Lisa Fischer (formerly known as Xena) launched a solo career following an electric run as a backing vocalist for The Rolling Stones, Luther Vandross and Billy Ocean.
  •  A teenage Trey Songz can be heard on B2K’s earlier material.


Any we missed?

Your thoughts?

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH June 19, 2020


    • Doja minaje thee stallion June 19, 2020

      Michelle Williams was a background vocalist to Monica than to Beyoncé.

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH June 19, 2020


      • walker June 19, 2020

        Beyonce is a entertainer who can carry a tune, but she no Whitney or Mariah; her talent is in her over the top show. However, with a mic and no background props, we would not know Beyonce. So let Michele have her shine.

  2. Meme June 19, 2020

    Lord lol. This is info she could have kept. What a tragedy that would have been.

    • Liam June 19, 2020

      Not necessarily…just remember she may not be the artist she is now and actually be a performer instead of an actual artist

  3. Charli+Cheer+Up June 19, 2020

    Kehlani was in a band called PopLyfe that competed on AGT. She was also slated to join Nick Canon’s gg School Gyrls but it didn’t work out.

  4. I+love+big+black+c** June 19, 2020

    Fergie was Beyoncé in that cheesy wild orchid group 100 years ago and then join black eyed peas. She such a groupie person until she did that infamous national anthem solo😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  5. Kabza De Small Why Ngikufela June 19, 2020

    Love this song,

    Bet Nominated Zimbabwean was featured in this new song

  6. Ajm265 June 19, 2020

    I believe like Wyatt was in the original destiny’s child

    • Ajm265 June 19, 2020


    • Pat June 19, 2020

      She was in a version of girls tyme

  7. kiki June 19, 2020

    3LW was the s*** my fav young girl group!

    love Adrienne and Naturi

  8. K’’man June 19, 2020

    Alicia would’ve been the butch lesbian one in the group.

  9. Hated for my opinion June 19, 2020

    Letoya and Latavia sung lead vocals on many tracks from the Survivor album. The producer and engineer had to make changes to the sound to highlight Beyonce and Kelly’s voices as the other two had been dropped from the group. There is an alternate version of the album that leaked that has original vocals.

    • Paulo June 19, 2020

      Girl I been a LeToya stan for over a decade ane never ever heard of this. You just made this up lol

      • E+Jai June 19, 2020

        Lol right because they were kicked out before Say My Name dropped! Lol

      • Jay+Jay June 19, 2020

        Idk if they sang lead but there vocals were on say my name Track and the rest of the album.

      • Paulo June 19, 2020

        Hmm Say My Name is on The Writings On The Wall. They were talking about Survivor

  10. Only Facts June 19, 2020

    Alicia has her guardian angel protecting her because chiiiiile 🤣

  11. Section8DaGreat June 19, 2020

    Why y’all in these comments just making up lies. Keke Wyatt was never in Destiny’s Child and Letoya and Latavia was not on the Survivor album at all. You trolls are too much.

  12. Ceasar June 19, 2020

    She way older than 3lw how was that gonna happen

    • Bey unique June 19, 2020

      I think they’re the around the same age. She’s only two years older than Adrienne. She seems older because she was more mature musically.

  13. Hmmm kay June 22, 2020

    😂 she said “I think they came out, they name was little women” .. Chile you know who 3LW was ..

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