Report: Beyonce’s Adidas x IVY PARK Eyes Fall 2020 For New Collection

Published: Friday 19th Jun 2020 by Sam

Beyonce began this year with a bang after the successful launch of her Adidas x IVY PARK collection.

And it appears Queen Bey and the sportswear giant are planning to end the year on a similar high.

Full story below…

According to Kicks On Fire, Fall is being earmarked as the window to expect the next Adidas x IVY PARK drop.

The first collection, which was comprised of athleisure clothing, accessories, and sneakers, sold out within its first day on sale worldwide.

Much like Adidas’ Yeezy roll-outs with Kanye West, the IVY PARK drops are limited edition – effectively heightening the must-have factor and the line’s post-purchase value.


Bey’s boss status is undeniable; something the IVY PARK re-launch re-affirmed in earnest this year. As such, we’re all sorts of ready for what’s to come.

We’d love to see it paired with new music too, but anticipate a potent premiere either way.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ June 19, 2020

    It did not sell out, stop spreading lies

    Tidal is under investigation for faking streaming numbers

    Jay z and The tidal team are doing damage control , they are blaming the fake streaming numbers on a glitch, system error. 😭😭
    Can u imagine

    • Tori June 19, 2020

      Beyoncé and Adidas are gearing up to release a fall line collection…what the f*** does that have to do with Tidal? And its no secret that the winter line sold out! Why hate?

    • biancacook June 19, 2020

      lol right a glitch that happen to falsify specific artist #s.

  2. Re June 19, 2020

    Beyonce has to be a billionaire. All the money she makes. She just signed a deal with Disney for 100 million. Folks we have the wrong jobs.

    • biancacook June 19, 2020

      a disney employee debunked that after that petition.

      • Lanafan1 June 19, 2020

        That was pertaining to Black Panther 2!

  3. Ratedxxx June 19, 2020

    Where the heck it sold out at..? I don’t see not one real celebrity rocking her ish…
    I saw that ish at Marshall’s

  4. Ratedxxx June 19, 2020

    Trust the camel’s are not billionaires…..they stay getting sued and losing..most of their money is spent on paying off people to keep their mouth shut…

    All smoke and mirrors

    • You’ll Gag June 20, 2020

      Lmaaaaoooo you’re the dumbest jealous Bey FAN!!! Imagine someone broke like you saying a billionaire couple don’t have money. She has one of the biggest mansions in LA. Also being worth a billion dollars doesnt mean you have that much cash’s called assets and businesses..smh FAN

      • CalicoKidd June 20, 2020

        @You’ll… Actually the original poster is correct. Celebrities “buy” such homes and what not for image. The home has a mortgage. They did NOT pay cash for it because they can’t afford it. It IS for image purposes and NO they are NOT billionaires. The poster is correct. Get over it already!

  5. Karter June 19, 2020

    She just dropped a new song! “Black Parade” ❤❤

  6. DT June 20, 2020

    You all going to walk around looking orange, looking like you work in Sainsbury’s supermarket.

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