Ciara Shares Pregnancy Glow With British Vogue

Published: Friday 3rd Jul 2020 by Sam

Ciara is about to become a mother of three!

Ahead of the birth of her second baby boy, the singer celebrates the beauty of pregnancy in the new issue of British Vogue.

Lensed by husband Russell Wilson, the spread also features the couple’s children Future Zahir and Sienna. 

Within the feature, CiCi opens up about overcoming hardships, her humble beginnings, the success of ‘Level Up,’ and the important role Wilson is playing as a man in the life of their kids.

Pics and quotes await after the jump…

On Her Unique Pregnancy Experience:

“[Carrying has always been the easy part] It’s why I keep getting pregnant!

[But the deliveries are there…] My body goes through this process where it shakes and I have to throw up.It’s a traumatic thing, but then I see the baby and forget all about it.”

On Social Distancing Affecting Hospital Visits:

“When the image of the baby came on the screen, I FaceTimed Russ [who was] in the car so that he could see. We women carry the baby, but for my husband, being in the room and listening to the heartbeat in real time is one of his ways of connecting. For him not to be part of that was a symbol of this time that we’re living through.”

On Overcoming Previous Heartbreak:

“I know there’s nothing I can’t get through. I’ve had some very hard days, but they’ve always prepared me for what is to come.”

On The Impact Of Russell As A Male Figure On Their Family:

“The simplest things in a child’s life can have the biggest impact on who they become, and we take a lot of pride in that. Future has a chore checklist and has been sweeping up around the house. Russ is all about structure – for boys especially.

The male presence is very important for both boys and girls. Your son gets to see how his dad treats a woman, and your daughter gets to see how you are loved. I’m a daddy’s girl, and my dad’s love is what saved me in situations in my life when I could have taken a left turn. I would think, ‘My dad wouldn’t love like this.’ I think about my dad’s love, and that’s how my husband loves me.”

On Her Early Life & Now:

“We didn’t have a lot and I’ll never forget that. I know that my lifestyle now isn’t normal, so I go back in my mind to the experience that I had with my parents.”

On Frontline Workers Going Viral To ‘Level Up’:

 “Oh, my God, watching them has brought me so much joy. I’m hormonal so I just cry. I always wanted it to be an uplifting song, so to see doctors and nurses having a moment of joy in the midst of the storm is so beautiful.”


Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: British Vogue / Russell Wilson]

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  1. Only Facts July 3, 2020

    Stunning. Something tells me this is her last, she looks like it’s been a rough pregnancy (when compared to her previous pregnancy pics). That bottom lip is swollen – poor thing. And all know as soon as she delivers, she be snatched within days. Congrats to Ci! I’m happy that she’s found her happy ever after

  2. Jay+Jay July 3, 2020

    I’m so happy for her. She’s a beautiful person inside and out

  3. Justme July 3, 2020

    People are so fake. Blu ivy hair was considered nappy and when beyonce lip had swollen due to pregnancy they said she got lip injections. The double standard. Congrats cici

    • Ugghh July 3, 2020

      Gurl, it’s 2020. Beyonce gave birth years ago and is unbothered.

      How you mad for her? Take a nap

      • King July 3, 2020

        ikr. It’s like people don’t have anything to do with h their lives lol. Blu is almost a woman now and sis still upset.

    • Justme July 3, 2020

      Oh the instead of recognizing and seeing the problem you just say get over it crowd is here. Blu was a child when it happened and everyone more like yall dirty self was talking about her too. She is a child and still is. She is not grown. Bey shrugged it off cuz she knew y’all would never be her. You’ll still be dusty and unattractive. But it still is an issue and a problem.

      • King July 3, 2020

        I wasn’t going to comment again, but it’s clear that you have a problem. People get criticized everyday. If you were here defending those people I would totally understand. However, you choose to defend Beyonce in a post that has nothing to do with her. If you choose to live in the past then so be it. But the world has moved on.

  4. marilyn monh-O-E July 3, 2020

    U pregnant again? Her cookie jar is overloaded 😂🤣😂🤣

    • G-bby July 3, 2020

      Uhhh that’s what people do, you know… be fruitful, and multiply? Especially married people.

  5. XYZ July 3, 2020

    She is pregnant again?

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