Billboard 200: Beyonce’s ‘The Gift’ Blazes Back Into Top 10 After ‘Black Is King’

Published: Sunday 9th Aug 2020 by Sam

Beyonce has roared back into the top ten of the Billboard 200 with ‘The Lion King: The Gift.’

Full story below…

Powered by Queen Bey’s Disney+ blockbuster ‘Black Is King’ (a visual album based on music from the 2019 compilation), the rockets 1,462% to land at #10 on this week’s tally.

A freshly unleashed deluxe edition, featuring new number ‘Black Parade,’ helped amass the impressive 27,000 equivalent units sold.

The critically acclaimed project paired the superstar singer with a who’s who of the African music scene – including Wizkid, Shatta Wale, Tiwa Savage, and Yemi Alade. It also featured frequent collaborators JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Pharrell Williams.


For us, ‘The Gift’ houses some of the most impressive music of Beyonce’s illustrious career. And semantically, serves as such an important and applaudably ambitious effort. As such, its renewed success is oh so deserved!

Check out the video for ‘Already’ featuring Shatta Wale below…

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  1. Nicky August 9, 2020

    Remember Camicky was on stage and Blue Ivy laughed.

    Camicky The Clown. A Joke.

    She’s so woke now with BLM 🤣 she needs any fan at this point.

    • #WAP August 9, 2020

      And Blue stopped them from clapping for Camila too. How embarrassing. Even the next generation knows Camila ain’t 💩. Just a c_um rag with the voice of a helium tank

  2. FLOP IS KING August 9, 2020

    lmaoooo are yall REALLY gonna try to spin this 6k pure sales FLOP into a success? lmfaooooooooo i have to laugh at the struggle lmfaooooo

  3. FLOP IS KING August 9, 2020

    lmaooooo 27k streams and pure sales. screaming lmfaoooo. thats 4 flop albums in a row.

    -more than ciara
    -more than xtina
    -more than britney

    she is officially the biggest flop in the industry, right next to camiltoe flopbello lmfaooooooo

    • #WAP August 9, 2020

      Britney could flop with everything here on out and Beyoncé would never top Britney’s sales.

      • FLOP IS KING August 9, 2020

        Lmaooo or xtinas lmaooo 😂

  4. Gee August 9, 2020

    It rocked back to the top 10, and will drop back down next week. Beyoncé fans would rather listen to her trap singing, and her ratchet pop your ass songs. When she releases music with meaning and substance her fans ignore it which is why the gift has not performed on Beyoncé standards.

  5. Shawn August 9, 2020

    Hmm…. not bad, love Beyonce. Brandy debuted at NO. 11 with 26k, just missed the Top 10. These are still good numbers.

    • John+L.+Anderson+V August 10, 2020

      Yeah actually I’m not too mad about Brandy’s numbers. Considering Brandy is not as relevant in the music industry as a Beyoncé (no shade lol), she’s also on in indie label and has had minimal promo.

  6. AJ August 9, 2020

    How come B shifts 27k and its impressive but when people like.Ciara do its a flop?

    • Gworl Bye August 9, 2020

      My thoughts exactly. 27k total sales & streams included is not a success by ANY standards, even if it does manage to climb to #10 on Billboard. These numbers are tragic, especially with the amount of hype this thing was given.

    • Bey is FLOP August 9, 2020

      They find all the excuses in the world for Beyonce but laugh at everyone else’s sales. Flop

    • Clayne August 9, 2020

      Bc the album has been out for like a year…

      • Jhene August 9, 2020

        It flopped last year too don’t try to deflect now sis

      • AJ August 9, 2020

        Sis… the hype just don’t live up to the reality. Its attached to a film, its not like the original edition of the album sold massively more…

  7. Bey is FLOP August 9, 2020

    27k is a HUGE flop considering the Lion King and Black is King connection. It flopped the first time around too. Black Is King numbers weren’t impressive either. She only sold 1.5K more than Brandy FLOP!!!! 😂😂😂

  8. Shayla Queen 👑 August 9, 2020

    Why don’t you report on the backlash she’s been getting? Mostly by Africans?

    • You’re gagging August 9, 2020

      Because just like you fans on this site there also many Africans applauding can read the damn comments in the YouTube video for Already and see that too…y’all just love to hate your life had to be miserable.. Guess what Beyoncé will never stop dominating

      • Shayla Queen 👑 August 10, 2020

        Dominating what? As it sure isn’t the charts, boo 😘

  9. Jhene August 9, 2020

    I tried to tell y’all the younger generation doesn’t give af about Beyonce. They laugh at her efforts trying to remain young lol. These sales are dismal. She won’t see a return in her investment at all.

  10. Quan August 9, 2020


  11. #WAP August 9, 2020

    So basically, her next album should be expected to sell 27k first week. With the film on Disney+ these numbers should’ve been hire. A flop if I’ve seen one. Beys time is up. She’s too old and motherly just like Nicki. Stream WAP.

    • #WAP August 9, 2020

      Higher ^

    • Gworl Bye August 9, 2020

      Yeah she’s gonna have to do a ticket bundle or something with her next album, that’s the only way she MIGHT do halfway decent numbers.

  12. M August 9, 2020

    Congrats to Brandy NO.11 with 26k. These numbers for the gift aren’t that bad for the Gift wasn’t expecting it to do 50k but either way still love the album and Beyonce.

  13. MAJOR August 9, 2020

    These are indie artist numbers 🥴

    You mean to tell me Beyonce with her huge budget and larger than life, God-like complex could barely outsell an artist like Brandy? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Why didn’t the Hive support?

    • FLOP IS KING August 9, 2020

      lmaoooo brandy sold MORE in pure sales, more than half, thats the gag lmfaooooo

  14. Normani Love Lies August 9, 2020

    The top ten is courtesy of tidal high number of streams lmfaoooooooooo. Brandy And Alanis debuted higher in physical sales

  15. Pat August 9, 2020

    The hive now celebrates Ciara numbers. I cant

  16. Wendy Williams August 9, 2020

    7-9k pure album sales!?!
    Dang that’s crazy Bey is so low, Beyhive is sleeping on her, where are her fans? 😂

  17. Fenty August 9, 2020

    Bey needs to get back to the basics. No one wants afrobeats or collab albums w/Jay Z. The world awaits a solo effort from her. Until then enjoy those K Michelle sales Mrs Carter.

  18. You’re gagging August 9, 2020

    This comment section has to be the same people posting over and over pretending to be different people..the way this album and film are celebrated outside of this party a site pale in comparison to the negative trolls sloppy opinions. Beyoncé is stuck in these b****** heads

    • Clarksson August 10, 2020

      Your pressed and bey a flop

  19. Misty Knight August 10, 2020

    We were told that Black is King was huge for Disney+, and then the ACTUAL figures were released and it wasn’t true.

    Look what happened with Hamilton. It hits Disney+ on July 4th and the cast album SOARS back into the top 5, where it still is.

    Yawnce can’t even get to the top 5 with ALL THIS PUBLICITY. She probably planted all the negative press about her worshiping satan just to create a conversation, since NO ONE likes her shapeless album.

  20. Divab August 11, 2020

    You know it’s sad 😢 that Beyoncé has so many haters that want her failures to be loud that I feel she should just back away for several years so people can truly miss her talents and realize she should be getting out rages numbers like Swift with her little voice talent. Beyoncé spends so much of her own money to present great body of work for any project she puts out and to be deemed as a artist 👩‍🎤 not supported by masses is tragic . This last project outdid her lemonade and still it’s sad to see she’s getting no 💕 no one I mean no one is even a eight %1/8 close to her artistry and still so much hate being throw towards her

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