Hot 100: Ariana Grande Makes History As ‘Positions’ Debuts at #1

Published: Monday 2nd Nov 2020 by Rashad

Thanks to the impressive debut of Ariana Grande‘s latest single, ‘Positions,’ the GRAMMY winner finds herself in a familiar position:  Hot 100 history books.

See what we mean inside:

Released October 23, ‘Positions’ – the first single from Grande’s sixth album of the same name – entered the Hot 100 at #1 this week.

Here the numbers that supported its premiere placement:

  • Streaming: 35.3 million
  • Digital Downloads: 31,000 sold
  • Radio Airplay: 19.9 million

With its debut at the chart’s summit, Ari – already in history books for being the only artist to see every one of her LPs’ lead singles arrive in the Hot 100’s top 10 – extends that record as well as her record for most Hot 100 #1 debuts among all artists (5 total).

Similarly, Grande rocked record books on the U.K. side of the pond.


“Grande’s “Positions,” the title track from her sixth and latest album, blasts to the top of the Official U.K. Singles Chart with 61,000 chart sales, including 7.6 million streams, according to the OCC.

With her latest crown, the U.S. pop star extends her own, unique record. She’s seen seven singles debut at No. 1 extending her career mark for best-selling single debuts by a female artist, blowing past the five logged by Madonna, Britney Spears, Rihanna and Cheryl.”


As if that’s not enough to celebrate, the tune’s parent album is pacing to rule the Billboard 200 next week. Click here to see just how many units it’s predicted to shift its first week.

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  1. truthtea November 2, 2020

    And it’ll register another large drop down the charts within a month.

    • UHoesFunny November 2, 2020

      Lmfao y’all hate to see it!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Meme November 2, 2020

    Payola and sympathy. While I love this song, the general public don’t know it and most ppl who are music lovers ain’t messing with this single. So I don’t know how it debut at #1

    • UHoesFunny November 2, 2020

      Doesn’t matter, it’s in the books babe, she’s got that #1!!!

    • musixxman96 November 2, 2020

      Whose the general public who doesnt know it? Its the most streamed song right now and its number 1 in so many countries, who you foolin’?

      • Whoops 💅🏾 November 2, 2020

        That’s not indicative of the general public. Being streamed the most, and thus the number 1 song, just means that there’s a lot of people who are playing the song. What we are saying, is that there’s a LOT more, that aren’t. There could be twice as many people who hate the song than there is that love the song and it could still be number 1. You’re delusional If you think most people or even half of the people in general pop would pick positions as their favorite song. 😂😂😂 Nobody’s tryna hate. Y’all can celebrate the number 1, but you aren’t convincing anybody that this song is as popular as you think it is.

      • Danny+Bey November 2, 2020

        Nothing of what you said made any sense. It’s the most streamed, played and downloaded song collectively this last week hence #1. You tried dancing around circles with that logic to make up an excuse for why it doesn’t deserve but you just ended up sounding dumb and ill informed. I don’t stan Ari but GO AWF MS GRANDE

      • Whoops 💅🏾 November 2, 2020

        Oh lord, Zoom university is an epic flop. Send these kids back to real school. 😂😂😭😭 You and the other one seem to think that the song being number 1 is proof that Meme is wrong to say most of the general public doesn’t know it, and you’re big wrong sis. Say we’re taking a poll of 100 people for their favorite song. 50 of them dont vote (or all have different answers – it doesn’t rlly matter). 30 of them pick positions. And the other 20 all pick… some other song. “Positions” will have the single most votes, thus winning the poll, but isn’t chosen by most of the respondents and isn’t recognized by enough people to necessarily state that the “general population” likes it, or has even heard of it for that matter. And theoretically, it’s also true that there could be more people who dislike the song, than those who do, even though it won the “number 1 song” tally. Just because something doesn’t make sense to you, doesn’t mean mean it doesn’t make sense. Lmao, if you didn’t get it, that’s all you had to say. 😂

      • musixxman96 November 2, 2020

        @Whoops most people dont know it because its been out 10 days and its an R&B song probably not spammed by pop radio 😂
        You can keep finding round about ways to be discrediting stuff but that doesnt mean you’re correct. Give it at least a month to be out before you start polling the public jeez, not everyone is like us on music blogs and up to date daily with new music, in fact were probably the minority.

        Do i need to direct you to thank u, next and 7 rings as songs the GP know by her which also debuted at #1? Sure this isnt as huge but no ones arguing this is thank u next 2.0, but it IS a success, IS an achievement and IS the most streamed, played and popular/talked about song this week as well as being number one worldwide, not just in the US.

        No need to be mad she has another number one, her 5th one in 2 years might i add

  3. #WAP November 2, 2020

    This will be the final #1 hit of her career. This album and single proved she will never grow musically, or artistically. Fans and critics have panned the album. It will fall next week

    • Jake November 2, 2020

      She’ll get an another one with the Mariah & JHud feature.

      • #WAP November 2, 2020

        Nah. It leaked that the JH and AG initials were someone else’s. This is it for ms grande the donut lint licker

      • musixxman96 November 2, 2020

        Its Ari and J Hud her makeup artist already confirmed its a holiday related so it wone come out til late this month/Dec.

  4. Hmmm… November 2, 2020

    This was purchased. Her stans are bopping to this song like Jay Z in that gif. 😭😭 Pure hype. Ask anybody you pass on the street what the best song in the country is right now, nobody is mention this song.

  5. 1988 (Celebrating the return of the 88′ L.A. Dodgers!) November 2, 2020

    Call her what you want but what you can’t call her is a flop unless you need mental assistance. 🙂 All No. 1 debuts in the USA (FIVE No. 1 debuts) and the UK (SEVEN No. 1 debuts). She can make a compilation EP album already called The No. 1 Debuts…. 🙂

    Do it GURL 🙂

  6. Robin November 2, 2020

    Was not expecting this song to make no1. This is why no one trust billboard.

  7. Ropeburn November 2, 2020

    Congratulations, I guess. I truly don’t know what people see in her basic microwave tunes and her pornstar aesthetic.

  8. Billyjean November 2, 2020

    One word. Payola………
    The songs so forgettable and medicore

    • Lmfao_Hoe November 2, 2020

      Exactly at least when Rihanna was getting those 1#s there was creditably behind them and they were actual genuine HITS til this day. Aris smell like payola out the ass. Shid Breathin should’ve been a hit if anything along with Problem or perhaps The Way. Everything now is like “really? “

      • Billyjean November 2, 2020

        Yesss !! Rihs number ones are organic and genuine, Everyone knew them WW. I simply Cannot and will not say the same for these other girls.

  9. Naïme November 2, 2020

    She looks so weird, disturbed and unbalanced in the photo. I can tell this girl is ill

  10. TRENCHES November 2, 2020

    I’m not impressed

  11. Lmfao_Hoe November 2, 2020

    The thing is her so far 1s aren’t nothing to be impressed by either. Ariana has yet to WOW me. She can sing but can’t SANG. Her music has always and still feels soulless and now she’s becoming vulgar as well lyrically content

  12. #TheTruth November 2, 2020

    No hater and good for her.
    But she’s so boring, basic and predictable.
    Her music lacks soul, there’s zero evolution… what a snore fest year after year. Aryawna Grande.

  13. UHoesFunny November 2, 2020

    Lol love the haters, mad at everything lol. Eat it and weep girls, Ms. Grande did it again, and there’s nothing none of you can do about it. I mean I guess you can blog about it, enjoy lmfaoooo!!!!

  14. Theman November 3, 2020

    Without streaming she wouldn’t be getting these number ones.

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