Jay-Z Invests In Fitness Startup CLMBR

Published: Thursday 19th Nov 2020 by Ryan

Jay-Z is now getting into the fitness equipment market.

Full story below…

According to TMZ, the mogul has invested in a new fitness startup called CLMBER, which is about to launch  a pair of vertical climbing machines.

The news of Hova’s latest business venture comes after his wife, Beyoncé, partnered with Peloton in a huge partnership (as we reported here) and she released her Adidas x Ivy Park “Drip 2.”

While CLMBR sounds familiar to Peloton, the latter focuses on riding a bike and CLMBR simulates virtual climbing.

Novak Djokovic, the world’s top male tennis player, and Jay and Bey’s longtime fitness consultant, Marco Borgesare also investors.

Needless to say with both Bey and Jay now in the fitness machine market, could there be some friendly competition at home? What are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Last Days November 19, 2020

    After their PR team adding to the Media threw some people under the bus throughout time, it makes them look marketable. They did it to make themselves look good to become the face of these yt startup companies. They have no recent news or crisis, just Jay sold drugs and cheated. They took it to their advantage. Yt people only need YO blackazz to help themselves when you sell yourself lto be used, like slavery. Carnal minded people don’t understand what I’m even talking about until judgement day from this c*******. When You should let what’s obviously in your face today, to let God use you, not humans which is not promised tommorow. Being used for wisdom I can tell Jay z got well over something.

    • The More You Know November 19, 2020

      Ummmm is everything ok at home?

  2. LaTavia Roberson November 19, 2020

    His investments always fail

    • tyty November 19, 2020

      His billion dollar investment portfolio says otherwise. The things y’all say to comfort yourselves.

      • LaTavia Roberson November 19, 2020

        I’m glad to know ur an insider with true tea. Shut your dusty bum ass up.

      • tyty November 19, 2020

        As opposed to dusty ass bum who wishes he was a failure in order to comfort themselves as to why your life ain’t s***? You’re a walking talking cliche.

      • Lovly November 19, 2020

        Clock these dumb broke trolls ty ty

  3. Bardi Gangster November 20, 2020

    I’m sure peloton would have chose not to work with Bey if they knew this was coming. The difference is Jay is investing and Bey is being endorsed. You wouldn’t want someone to be the ‘face’ of your product if the public doesn’t actually believe they use your product and why would anyone believe they use both? It’s a slap in the face to the company and Bey is a snake because I’m sure she withheld that information from Peloton when she was signing her deal with them. Smh. If I were them I would sue. She’s a con-artist just like she conned Coachella out of $3 million dollars that year she ‘unexpectedly’ got implanted with her genetically engineered twins

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