Shawn Mendes Reveals ‘Wonder’ Album Tracklist

Published: Saturday 14th Nov 2020 by Ryan

Shawn Mendes has unveiled the trackless for his upcoming studio album ‘Wonder.’

Set for a December 4 release, the record features a mysterious collaboration the Pop singer has yet to reveal.

See which songs made the cut below…

Taking to Twitter, the 22-year-old shared a songlist – which includes a mystery guest on the track ‘Monster’:

The forthcoming album follows his self-titled project released back in 2018, which topped the Billboard 200 chart with 182,000 units.

After the stadium-anthem that is ‘Wonder,’ we’re intrigued. Will you be streaming ‘Wonder’ – the album?

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Twitter]

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  1. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) November 14, 2020

    Monster probably featuring Normani! I heard he went black & he never came back 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿

    • DojaCat Say So November 14, 2020

      Whomani who? 🥱🙄😱😂🤣

  2. Late November 14, 2020

    It’s interesting how his album is coming out pretty much around the same time Camilla’s “Romance” album came out last year. We all know that she’s the “special guest”, since most of this album is probably about her. I’m not hearing a lot of buzz about this album, unlike his previous albums, so let’s hope things go well for Shawn. As a fellow Canadian, I’m rooting for him.

    • #WAP November 14, 2020

      The sleciyguest is Justin Bieber

  3. Ugghh November 14, 2020

    Can’t nobody ready that or care enough to try

  4. Reid November 14, 2020

    Monster is ft Justin Bieber

  5. Clarks0o0ñ November 14, 2020

    Who is gonna strain their eyes to read that awful handwriting? Definitely not me

    Camila really gave this dude his first and only number one song.

    • Billy was here November 14, 2020

      Camilas a flop can’t even give herself a hit stfu ya clown, do t make me drag you up and down this post, U BETTER STFU AND NOT REPLY IM NOT LIKE THE OTHERZ HOOOOO

  6. #WAP November 14, 2020

    I hear the deluxe version will be titled “Woman” and will be him announcing his alleged transition 😂

    • Clarks0o0ñ November 14, 2020

      Omg ur so funny
      You got the whole squad laughing

      A deranged mentally unstable clown

      Where is normani album? The year is almost over

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) November 14, 2020

      😂🤣😂 shawnna plz came out!!! Taco salad is nasty for him. I need him to c******** my dark chocolate 🍩 .

      • DojaCat Say So November 14, 2020

        Sorry he only like white and Asian guys lmfao

  7. non+ya+biz November 14, 2020

    ain’t nobody taking the time to decipher this chicken scratch……..

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