Ariana Grande Reveals Release Dates For ‘Positions’ Deluxe Album & ’34+35′ Remix Video

Published: Tuesday 9th Feb 2021 by Sam

It’s set to be a busy month for Ariana Grande. 

Find out why below…

Moments ago, the songbird hatched the news that the deluxe edition of her sixth album ‘Positions’ will be arriving on February 19. As reported, the set will feature four new tracks.

Before then, Ari will be unwrapping the video for the ’34+35′ remix featuring Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat this Friday (February 12).

february 12th: 34+35 remix video feat @dojacat & @theestallion
february 19th: positions deluxe


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‘Positions’ hasn’t wowed us in the way some of Ari’s other projects have, but we’ll always commend commitment to a campaign. And committed is exactly what Ms. Grande is serving.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I can’t February 9, 2021

    There’s no other singles on this album which is why she’s still trying to make this x rated cheetah girl song happen. I won’t be surprised if she drops another half-thought album 4-5 months from now.

    • Xavier February 9, 2021

      I don’t know why she wants this song to happen. The general public aren’t interested in this song anymore.

      POV has single potential, but they’d rather f*** around like they did with Into You and Breathin. And on whether she’ll release another album this year, I don’t think so.

      She is currently working on a soundtrack for the movie she’s staring in. Ariana has such a great voice, I just don’t know why she keeps f****** around.

      • I can’t February 9, 2021

        This song was relevant for one day, when she released the album, then the day when she dropped the video, then when she dropped the remix, and now it will be when she drops the remix video. It’s like she has to keep reminding about the song and trying to convince us that it’s good. But it’s not taking off in any meaningful way. I’m not joking. It truly sounds like a kids bop parody version of someone else’s song. I just don’t think she’ll be satisfied with the performance of this album as a whole, and will find some way to bother us with more music sooner than she planned. She does have a great voice, but I question her ability to be thoughtful and creative. She needs some better song writers.

      • A February 19, 2021

        Dude she’s not messing around lol this song is still in the top 10 of the Hot 100 so obviously it’s not fading. Plus it went number two that’s like a mega hit bro

    • A February 19, 2021

      The song is number two on the billboard that’s why she’s still rollin with it and still in the top ten on the O 100. It’s a hit and yes audiences are still messing with it. Face it people like it.
      And there are plenty of more single worthy songs from this album, Nasty, Safety Net, Off the Table which is already a top 40 hit and so is Motive with Doja Cat. But dude this is her album lol she can do whatever she wants with it or not. That’s up to her. And half cooked album? Yeah right Thank U, Next wasn’t half cooked it was her biggest era yet.

  2. Shayla Queen 👑 February 9, 2021

    Her best work to date 💯

    • Xavier February 9, 2021

      I don’t understand your taste in music, but I still respect your opinion.

  3. Xavier February 9, 2021

    She actually looks hot in that picture, I’ll give her that.

    Ariana really needs to take a long break. She’s very lucky this era didn’t flop.
    She needs an extended 5yr break

    • Shayla Queen 👑 February 9, 2021

      And not come back until she’s 32/33? She needs to rinse as much as she can out of the years she has before she hits 30.

      • UHoesFunny February 9, 2021

        Lol and go by a construct that society built? Being in your 30’s is not the end of the world, nor a career. She’ll be fine with taking a break.

    • A February 19, 2021

      No she doesn’t need an extended nothing. And lick he nothing to do with it this album is purely amazing. It has several hot songs and two hit singles from it. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it is bad.

  4. Susan February 9, 2021

    Nobody cares! Everyone is talking about #FreeBritney! Britney’s boyfriend just spoke out on Instagram and called her dad a d_ick. Britney’s mother just asked the judge to allow a new lawyer who specializes in financial crimes allegedly to join the hearing Thursday. This is the strongest the #FreeBritney movement has been and you all have said nothing. WTF!

  5. Shayla Queen 👑 February 9, 2021

    You can only be impeached ONCE! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Honeymoon Avenue February 9, 2021

    Love Ari, but I feel like she’s being so lazy. This album has some gems, “POV” “Just Like Magic” “Off the Table” and I love “Obvious.” And I wish she would invest in those over “34+35.”

    • A February 19, 2021

      Well She can do what she wants and maybe we will get at least one new single but the deluxe edition doesn’t have any that say single. Honestly Safety Net is boss and so is Nasty.

  7. Steve February 9, 2021

    The album kind of sucks. More sub par songs and so so vocals won’t fix it. It’s her worst album so far which is depressing considering how good dangerous woman and thank u next were.

    • A February 19, 2021

      Well that’s just in your opinion

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