DaBaby Sued for Allegedly Assaulting Property Owner

Published: Wednesday 24th Feb 2021 by Rashad

At the rate assault allegations are being hurled at DaBaby, the 29-year-old is becoming known for his hits off the Billboard charts as much as on them.

Over the last year, the rapper (born Jonathan Kirk) has topped and denied multiple headlines for reports of assault including slapping a woman in a Florida nightclub, assaulting a Miami club promoter, and attacking a hotel worker (click here to read more).

Now, the owner of a California rental property joins the list of reported victims.

In a lawsuit filed Monday (February 22), Gary Pagar, 64, says he rented Kirk one of his Runyon Canyon properties with the understanding no more than 12 people would occupy the site at one time.  Despite allegedly agreeing to the term put in place as a safety measure in response to the global health crisis, Pagar claims he discovered DaBaby tried to shoot a music video and had nearly 40 people at the site.

According to Pagar, he confronted the party only to be attacked by an unknown assailant and later chased around the house by Kirk (who later punched him in the mouth).  The attack allegedly left him bloody and missing a tooth.  He also says Kirk fled the scene before the arrival of the police.

Pagar – who is also suing DaBaby’s manager – says the rapper and his crew left thousands of dollars in damages to the property, including a security camera that would’ve corroborated the 64-year-old’s claims of occupancy violation.

As of the time of this report, the sum attached to Gary’s lawsuit has not been disclosed.  At writing, DaBaby has not responded to the allegations.

[photo source:  Getty Images/AP Images]

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  1. Shayla Queen 👑 February 24, 2021

    So violent. Constantly and unnecessarily. Disgusting.

  2. I am the Mf’kn Clout!!! February 24, 2021

    At this point, he’s more known for his shenanigans than his music!! FOH!!👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼

  3. Gurlbye February 24, 2021

    When is this toxic trash bag gonna get cancelled and deplatformed by blogs like That Hate Juice?🤔

  4. eric February 24, 2021

    I don’t doubt something happened, but why is he monitoring an expensive rental with a system that can’t record to a cloud or some other storage.

  5. Roberta FlackSabbath February 24, 2021

    Throw the baby OUT with the bathwater.

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